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    Stevie Steiner
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    It is all rather odd and more than a bit disconcerting when I see a topic dealing with life as a transgender or crossdresser – and the whole effort of bringing it in the open for (hopefully) better understanding – get bashed.  And yes, it was a very direct and blunt subject.  But the point could have been for Understanding & discussion, not demeaning judgement by some.  I was hoping too see some intellectually thoughtful responses, whether they were in agreement or not.  And I saw a few.  Thank you to those gals!  And I’ll say the topic originator responded positively to those comments.  It was actually thought provoking for those willing to think about it.

    I also saw some trolling the topic  being negative, insulting, and even threatening with responses.   Many who live by the adage  “not everyone may like it, so if you dont care for my topic scroll on”… did the opposite and did not move on from this topic…  Instead they berated the poster whenever they could.  Someone who had – believe if or not – positive responses on the subject  by some, was railroaded by others.

    So I guess that means if anyone takes offense for any reason to any posts…. be it on dog walking…. things you do besides crossdressing (kudos, the ultimate open topic to anything)…. what your dinner is…. or what you store on your fridge top…. price of tea in China…  everyone can get nasty?   Hope not!!

    “Sorry, If you dont like my topic, scroll on” seems to be a one way street 🙄.

    And if topics become insulting to you, chill the **** out, and report it to admin. They are the moderators, not you.  Dont throw crap around in forums please.

    Now I’ll have to apologize; but this bothered me and I had to say something.


    – who does love having fun.


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      It is strange I do say so. I like to live by the saying…. you better be like Jesus before you judge or better!!! Nothing in this world make any negative comment right. Infact it just show the immaturity and shows what the real inside of the person is like.

      People always make a judgement right away without using that interface connection between their shoulders. It is only human ignorance. We have enough B.S. in society to deal with that I do not see the reasoning why people have to git der nikkers in an uproar. Half that energy could have been used to make a good comment and probably or might have made some ladies day. But from what I have read and seen people like to crap in others cereal.



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      Clarissa Cross
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      This is supposed to be a safe heaven for crossdresser from all over the world and not Facebook ver.2.0

      Let us keep the good manners and do not shitstorm anybody in here, please.

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      I try and oversee the forum posts and have closed several in the last couple of weeks that are not up to our standards, and I know that the rest of the Admin team have been busy too.

      I enjoy discussions on a wide range of subjects and will alway review reported posts and discussions, and take any action I feel is required to adhere to the site standards.

      Sometimes I agree that the posts or discussions are not appropriate, other times I give people the benefit of the doubt,  However a phrase Stevie mentioned at the top -‘’if you dont like my topic ‘scroll on’’ is not a good statement for me as its almost acceptance of the other person’s point of view.

      So my preference would be to report the post to admin with as much info as why you dont like it and then we can make the judgement call.

      The old saying about ‘pleasing most of the people some of the time and not all the people all the time’ holds very true and we try to walk the thin line between.


      Dawn (Admin)

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      Managing Ambassador
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      I ask you all to remember that there is a real, breathing, fragile person on the other end of every reply you post in this place.

      think about it… would you face your neighbor lady that used to make cookies for you and/or your children with a response like that?

      honestly, some of the more serious posts here on real, honest to goodness, serious CD/TG topics end up being removed, not because the topic was too tender to touch, but because the responses become something we don’t want to represent our site.

      please remember, most of us found this from google searches or the like, and every forum post here is searchable from the internet.

      if there’s a topic you don’t like… just scroll to the next. it’s good for your health as well as ours.


      Managing Ambassador

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      Tina Que
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      I replied early on in the post in question. I offered my opinion. I chose to stay away from replying further.

      The person in question expressed her opinion. Others posted their opinions. A lot of the replies were different than the person’s original opinion. She did not appreciate others opinion and became somewhat combative with some. Some of those people did not appreciate the attack. Some chose to not respond. Others chose to respond. Then the piling on happened. The post should have been closed down a lot earlier than it did.

      When an opinion is posted, expect not everyone will agree. If you are not interested in others opinions, don’t ask for it.

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        Angela Booth
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        Thank you Tina, My sentiments exactly. It was hugs and good wishes to those that agreed and the comments by her reflected that. As I read the authors notes I saw the demeaning comments especially at the start when she stated that there was, in effect little free thinking on this site, right or wrong I could only read it one way.  I made my reply and bailed out. I could see where it was going and wanted no part of any further interaction. Although a thought provoking post and worthy of discussion, my main points were towards the author, her comments and in defense of the girls I feel were being maligned. I have received PM in support and no sanction from the moderators.

        I understand how you feel Stevie and hope my comments were not those that upset you and, if it were, was never my intention.

        Let normality continue and unity prevail.




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      Liara Wolfe
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      Unfortunately Stevie people will be people and as such get down right nasty at times. I try my hardest to just ignore any post that are hurtful. There are so many wonderful girls on this site with great responses and to me that is why I am here.

      Hugs, Liara

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        Stevie Steiner
        Managing Ambassador
        Registered On: June 11, 2020
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        Hi Liara, you are right, the gals here are great.  I really do love that part of this place, I just hate seeing fellow sisters argue and fight about things. 🙂

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      I saw this too Stevie, in fact I got a couple of semi hostile responses to a post I put up on this subject, like I was attacking there being and sexuality for using the words transgendered or transexual. I’ve learned in life my friend to not take it personally especially these days as people like to twist your words out of context to suit their own agendas. So scroll on you crazy diamond and when are we going for a beer. My oldest boy gave us another grandson on Saturday so we have something to cheers to.

      Take care, Heather.

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        Congratulations with the new Grandchild Heather !

        Love Sylvia.

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        Hi Heather,

        Congratulations on the birth of another grandchild, fantastic news, will have vodka to toast the new arrival.

        Lol Amanda xx

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      Abbie Normal
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      I agree Stevie,

      It could have been good. We’re definitely stronger as a group, even with internal factions, than when we’re fighting each other. I’m hoping to just keep my head down for a bit until the tension drops to more reasonable levels, at least when it comes to gender and sexuality threads.

      — Abbie 🥰

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      Thanks Rach,

      All I’m going to say, is let’s all respect the ambassadors here, they know far more than we do about what makes a forum work. The web is littered with examples of forums that don’t.

      Marti xxx

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