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      what online shopping places do you use?

      here are a few I know of, if you have others, please add them in comments.

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      I can’t believe that eBay isn’t on your list, especially for online purchases. I’ve had great success buying gently used designer clothing at fantastically reasonable prices (CK is my favorite!). Wigs and breast forms too (Hebron KY is apparently the silicone capitol of America). Pretty much anything you need, and aggressive competition between sellers helps (in most cases) to keep prices low. Just keep an eye on shipping fees (or limit your searches to free shipping only), and check out sellers’ feedback ratings to avoid the bad actors.

      My only advice/warning is that Asian sizes run SMALL (always check their size charts!) and since many items are shipped directly from factories in China, you will often want to order a size or two larger than you’re used to.

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        Managing Ambassador

        I knew I was going to miss some… thank you for mentioning more than I had in the original poll…


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      While I prefer to shop in person I do purchase from Ebay as well. I also found a fantastic lingerie site called Adore Me. I get shoes mostly from Payless. Excil breast forms, to me, are the best and reasonably priced. I am an Avon customer as well as Ulta, Sephora and department stores. I like tops from Rosewe and Lilygal. I could go on but you get the idea. There is so much out there and it is fun to explore.

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      Hi BillieJay,

      oneStopPlus absorbed Catherines for plus sized cross dressers so I enjoy that site (includes Roamans, Jessica London, Woman Within, and Catherines) but sadly the shipping isn’t free. is back and carries wide width shoes to size 13.


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      I shop at stores like Walmart, target, on line stores, salvation army, good dresses cheap, plus you can try on there with no trouble.  I just ask if I can try on first to make sure it will fit for my wife is the same size.

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      I do a lot of shopping on Ebay, Mecari and Poshmark. If you know your size and how specific brands fit you can get great deals on high end clothes without the guilt. There are even occasions when I’v seen someone wear something beautiful and then find it on these sites after narrowing my search parameters. I’m on them daily.

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      Nordstrom Rack, Ulta, Sephora. Gonna try Ebay!

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      Amazon for sure, it is so easy to add to cart and my total is usually over $35 so free shipping.  Most times amazon is fast with their shipping and I am not even a prime member.

      The other sites I shop on are :

      – le chateau, this is my fave as they have the latest styles and clearance section prices are really reasonable.  unfortunately, they are closing for good, a victim of covid.

      – aliexpress.  I’ve bought a small handful of clothing from them, and I’m on the fence on their clothing.  Pricing is excellent, but fit/finish/quality is somewhat questionable.  Bulk of my purchases from aliexpress are swimsuits.

      – sporting life.  I’ve only bought swimsuits from these guys, and they are pretty good.  Right now because it is off season, some of their suits have been discounted.

      – sport chek.  Again, only swimsuits.  Now that is it off season, selection isn’t great, but during regular season, good selection but prices can be high.



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      I buy my stockings, Hanes Silk Reflections Thigh-High Stockings, from Amazon as well as an occasional pair heels if I see something I like.

      I buy a lot of outfits from Shein.  They’ve got great prices, but the shipping is no where near as quick as Amazon.  Also, Shein doesn’t carry much in larger sizes, but I wear a size 8 or 10 dress so it’s not an issue for me.

      Janet’s Closet is another site I use too.

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        Shein has great range of PU skirts for big girls too. With coats I would go for Floryday. Same category of Chinese shop.


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      Cassie Jayson

      To date I’ve used Amazon once.  Twice used Thred up, very low prices on gently used clothes ( first time spent $80 on a couple of boxes of clothes), you need to know your sizes!  Shopped Marshall’s for panties and sleepwear.  shopped HSN and bought a nice jacket and a couple of bra and panty sets.


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      For clothing I’ve also gone to the local thrift stores where there is a surprising amount of women’s clothing in my size. For online lingerie, I’ve used curvy as ithey have a great selection of “big girl” undergarments and costumes at decent prices. I’ve also visited recently as they have some decent stuff at good prices for those of us on a budget.

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      For clothing I’ve also gone to the local thrift stores where there is a surprising amount of women’s clothing in my size. For online lingerie, I’ve used as they have a great selection of “big girl” undergarments and costumes at decent prices. I’ve also visited recently as they have some decent stuff at good prices for those of us on a budget.

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      Hi Billie-Jay

      An interesting but American-centric poll. I do recognize many of the sites you post but only one of them raises my ire… Amazon! I just cannot stand Jeff Bezos and what he stands for! A multi Billionaire and he just can’t seem to part from his money! His ex-wife donates huge amounts to charity but him… NO!
      He even has been rumoured to want to buy Cyprus! Call it Amazonia! Idiot!
      In New Zealand thee is a great site called TradeMe… check it out!

      xx Polly

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      I checked “Other”.

      For the most part-like 95%, my shopping is in person and in fem. My preference by far and I want to know how the item fits and looks before buying.

      I do buy online though from the following places, Nordstrom’s, White House Black Market, Macy’s (maybe I should have checked this!), DSW Shoes and a few times from eBay.

      Typically when I buy online it’s because the store does not have my size in stock or a Said item is not sold in the store as many places have more products online (sadly now even more so). WHBM is a prime example of this and there is a plus to WHBM sizing-No other women’s clothing I’ve found has the consistency of fit as their products.

      I did not check Amazon because I don’t buy clothes there however I do purchase my fingernail blanks and adhesive tabs from them.

      I do my best to support brick and mortar stores local to me.


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      The dragqueen closet, EnFemme, Simmons, ChicMe, are a few I have used not on your list
      Cant do brick and mortar here for god knows how long, and a girl has to shop!!
      Hugs, Regi.

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      Nordstrom Rack


      Soft Surrounding

      Dress Barn

      Tommy Bahama



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      Besides VS I go to Bare Necessities Woman Within and Kate and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panties😊

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      I like to buy in person enfemme. But I have purchased a lot from Venus. Maybe it my style preference but I like a lot of their clothes.

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        Managing Ambassador

        me, too.
        Mrs Jay usually goes with me… including today.
        do you think this goes with…
        and I need…

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      Petra Sue

      I’ve ordered a few dresses from, they have larger sizes and you can do some customization (neck, sleeve length, skirt length) plus you can specify how tall you are, which helps to get the proportions right.

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      K Swim

      This poll…is it explicitly for where we buy our crossdressing items, or for anything?

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        Managing Ambassador

        it was intended for crossdressing, but it can be applied to anything, dear. I wasn’t specific…

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          K Swim

          In that case, I selected “other” in your poll because I use ebay and Aliexpress for all my crossdressing purchases. I do shop on Walmart (in store, not online) and Amazon, but I don’t buy my feminine clothes there.

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      like shopping locally if can like Dillard, Macy, Kohls, VS

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      Hello. Billiejay…hope you’re having a good day.

      Now we are coming out of lockdown, I will be using ” real ” stores in town to buy my clothes and shoes….I love the little independent shops, quirky and different.

      I will still use Amazon for my makeup and perfume. I always buy the same products so the quality hardly ever changes…..and the next day it’s on my doorstep.

      Huggs, grace x

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      In Germany I would try Bonprix or classic Baur for jeans or dresses. With a smaller budget I turn to the Chinese shops of Shein or Floryday for coats and boots, although finding correct measuring can be difficult and delivery takes its time.


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      I try to shop locally, but more and more stores are shutting down in my town.  That leaves me pretty much with Target, T J Maxx, or Ross.  When I am out of own, I often find myself at VS or Macy’s.  Online, I have found to be affordable and diverse.

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      I prefer shopping in person, but  living in A very small town I do shop online at woman within and rue 21 and forever 21, also I get great buys on ebay.

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      I use for bras, panties, tops, skirts and dresses.  Be careful.  The less expensive items aren’t worth it

      For shoes I use torrid.  They have great prices and go up to Womens 14.

      dont forget thrift stores.  Sometimes you can find wonderful clothes dirt cheap .

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      ebay mostly. best deals by far but coming from China take forever to arrive. also starting to check out aliexpress and etsy. tried asos once they are fast and cheap but the material was cheap too.

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        Managing Ambassador

        I avoid the chinese sites, their sizes are different, and never fit “right” for me.
        I usually get the quicker delivery stuff.

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      SHEIN Curve, Fashion Nova Curve, Hips & Curves, Curvy Sense, B2BODY, Fashion to Figure are a few of my others I frequent. I am really close to just hiring a personal shopper to shop for me lol.


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      I buy from Amazon, Ebay and Walmart for things not available locally. I also found Rainbow Shops online and they have killer clearance sales on clothes, boots and shoes. Most of my clothes come from Walmart but only when they are on clearance. I love a bargain and also use thrift stores and yard sales….. Stephanie

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        Stephanie you are so right the clearance racks at Walmart are great I have found some really cute things really cheap!!!

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      Shein is my go to for everything from bra and panty sets to elegant dresses and from make-up to synthetic wigs. Also i have gotten some fashion jewelry too.
      My other go to site when i want to splurge on myself, is Her Room. I truly LOVE Elomi bras and panties!!!!!! A bit pricey but the quality is exquisite.
      But now that I have finally said “world this me!!!”, I do most of my shopping in store, and I have been told there needs to be an intervention, cause I go so much.

      Big hugs

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      I like shopping at Venus, Parade, Shein and Draper James are a few I use. For me Amazon is either hit or miss  and would rather shop in person at Macy’s, Belk’s, Target and Kohls instead of on-line. I shop Torrid mostly on line since the closet store seems to rarely have what I’m looking for.


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      Amazon is my go to for online shopping. Target, Forever 21 and TJ Maxx are my favorites for in person shopping, which I prefer since I can try things on!

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Good Grief, why did you ask this question !

      I like Dillards, Macys, Belk (sometimes) Her Room, Bare Necessities Venus Felina Soft Surroundings, Chicos, Beachsissie and Ulta.

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      I used to use E Bay a lot, but not since they added their “Buy It Again” feature, which asks if you want to repeat previous purchases. cannot seem to delete it, makes my femme purchases to obvious if I leave my e Bay page up.

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      A combo of ebay, Amazon, VS, and dept stores always looking for new lingerie. I love beautiful bridal lingerie and dept stores have an incredible collection to pick from but I’m certainly choosy given I’m still on a budget.

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      Etsy for the over the top sissy stuff,
      Otherwise amazon mostly.

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      DAMART, Infashion, Victoria Hill and Millers Australia are the online shops that Requal uses.

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      Macys online and in person. I also buy from Bare Necessities, Secrets and Lace, and Katie and Laura’s for other lingerie items.



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      Target macys  Amazon

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      Absolutely I spend too much time browsing Victoria’s Secret, but Marie Jo and Lise Charmel I buy from domestic online shop.

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      I put Torrid and Lane Bryant, but i also shop at Maurices and adoree me. Online shopping is fun but i also love to go shopping in person just bought an 80 dollar sweater for 20 dollars at Torrid yesterday. I was going to pick up a dress i had ordered online and got lucky. I always shop a little en fem, but long for the day to go shopping fully dressed as Amanda

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      I shop Walmart a lot I’m always checking out the clearance racks and have found lots of cute tops, dress’s. I’m just a clothes whore on E bay.. LOL  But with E bay I always check US only button when shopping, and it has been getting a bit more cautious as some people are not very honest as I have been burned a time or two anymore. Another site I have been shopping a lot is Zulily but I have been checking reviews before making any purchase’s.  I need to start going through my closet and drawers and bag up stuff I just don’t wear and send to the local thrift store in town or Salvation Army………

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      Hi BillieJay I don’t do any online shopping, I’m married and my wife doesn’t know I’m a crossdresser and if i got any parcels from Amazon or any other online shop she would open them up and then my secret would be out, I do all my shopping in the shops, mostly thrift shops apart from my lingerie which i buy new X

      Hugs Rozalyn X

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      Some of my favs for which there are great deals when seasons change:

      Nordstrom Rack has shoes in size 12 and 13   Check their stores as I find they have great selections of shoes in store sizes 10-13.  Some stores are better than others in the volumes they carry.

      Nine West (has tremendous deals on shoes in size 12 and some 13 when they update lines – I’ve gotten leather shoes for less than $20 a pair that sold for $80.


      Nordstrom and Dillards are more expensive but you can get some great deals. Click on their sale or clearance tab then sort by lowest to highest price.  You’ll see the lowest price sale items.  You need to watch and get to those pages earlier vs later.  Your choices will be greater in both size and items.

      I know that many of us are on budgets or can’t spend a lot being in the closet.  Quality can make a difference in how it wears and fits.  One really good blouse might be better than three inexpensive ones.  If you watch Dillards and Nordstrom for their sales…sometimes you can get great quality clothing for the same price as an inexpensive piece.

      Note Dillards can be restrictive in returns.  Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom are tremendous.

      LastLy always look for discount codes (Torrid gives 10% for filling out surveys) and I’ll ask on CDHand someone will know the code.  Join their clubs and accumulate points.

      Love you all

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      BillieJay –

      I have used Woman Within (I love the name), Roamans, Dressbarn and Amazon.


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