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    stephanie plumb
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    It was 07:30  last Sunday morning.  I pulled into the Cricket club car park. There were no other cars in sight. I breathed a sigh of relief , got out,  let my dog out of the back, slung my bag over my shoulder, and prepared to set off across the field towards the woods on the far side.

    I was wearing a blue just-below-the-knee tiered boho dress with a ruched bodice and thin shoulder straps.  The feel of the early morning cool air on my shoulders was exquisite.  Anyway, I digress.

    A car pulled in behind me and parked about 20 yards further on. A middle aged man got out. Low risk. Another dog walker.

    I  locked the car, stuffed the keys into my bag, and stepped off.  My dress felt a little strange. It needed some adjustment after being sat in the car.   I reached behind to tug my dress and spread out the skirt.

    What the ??????

    My fingers closed on thin air…..  or rather brushed against the mesh material of my panties.

    Oh no!!  No! No! ….   Oh yes!  My dress was bunched up at the back and tucked into my black panties.

    Panic. Looked back over my right shoulder.  The man was frozen in place and staring straight at my bottom!

    I quickly sorted my dress out and walked on, not daring to look back.  No harm done. I’d given him a bit of a thrill (I hoped).

    Do you have any ‘wardrobe malfunction’ stories?

    Stephanie P.

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      Joeanne Johnson
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      I overslept and was late for work. In a panic and half asleep I just grabbed and go from a pile of clothes next to overflowing clothes hamper. It was cold outside as was my work area. I jumped into a pair of jeans and grabbed a pull over hoodie and ran out the door… For some reason the neck of my top was uncomfortable and kept choking me. The whole first half of the shift I kept readjusting and pulling down the front of the top but the material would just keep on bunching up around my neck uncomfortable as all hell !!!!   One of those days with a hangover to boot…

      At lunch time I had to venture to the mall for some errand or another. I ate at the food court alone when this young boy about 9 or 10 comes up to me and says excuse me,,,, you have a boot in your hood… I say what??? You have a boot in your hood.  He had to repeat it numerous times and still did not have any idea what he said until he walked away and I had started to readjust again!!! Oh crap!!!! I had a boot stuck in the hood of my top!!! Four hours I had been going around with a boot tangled up in the material of my hoodie! What a moron!

      I admit I was newly single, divorced and new living on my own, staying up all night and partying alot. Around the same time I also had the joy of showing up at work wearing two different but in the dark similar looking  shoes!

      This was in guy mode, I certainly am much neater and more meticulous being a lady these days.


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      Dana “Jennifer” Banton
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      OMG Stephanie!!  That would be embarrassing!!  But things like that happen with dresses and it was just one man.  I am sure you will never see him again and he was probably just embarrassed for you.  I have not had any wardrobe malfunctions in public, but I have had a few experiences that got my heart pounding.

      Good on you for having the courage to go out like you did and to take the mishap in stride.

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      Linda Rose Nygaard
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      There have been a few times  in public when a sudden gust of wind has lifted my skirt and I had both hands full, and was therefore unable to push the hem back down.  So everybody got a free lingerie show.  That’s OK, since everybody likes to look at pretty panties, right?  Since I don’t embarrass easily, I’ll have to assume any embarrassment was on the part of the ‘spectators’.  The only time anybody said anything (other than wolf whistles) was when one woman (a stranger) complimented me on my pretty panties.  That really made my day.

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      Patty Phose
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      As I look back and recall my most embarrassing moments, they also turned out to be some of my most exciting ones too.

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      Alison Anderson
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      I was heading to a friend’s party after work.  I replaced my pants with a skirt in my car in the parking lot (the top was hidden beneath a coat).  I stopped into a Dress Barn to look around first.  As I was leaving one of the sales associates came by to tell me my skirt was stuck in my panties.

      My other incident wasn’t exactly an oops moment.  It would have been embarrassing but I decided to just own the moment.  My friend was having a fairy party.  I was wearing a short pink maid’s dress, petticoats, and sparkly pink high heeled shoes.  Using 2 hangers, some string and glue to hold them together, some sparkly tulle and elastic, I made a pair of fairy wings.  I also found a glow stick with a star top that would be my magic wand.  I parked up the street from my friend and put on the fairy wings.  As I’m getting out, I see a man up the street.  I felt a bit embarrassed and headed back to the car.  But about 30 seconds later, I just decided the hell with it.  I got out of the car, didn’t look in his direction, but headed straight for my friend’s house.  I didn’t care if he looked or stared at me.  Although I guess that he looked, I don’t know for certain as I never looked in his direction.  I just did what I wanted and didn’t care about a stranger’s opinion.

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      Celeste Starre
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      It was 20 years ago about and I was standing in line to use the rest room at the Provincetown court house. Finally got in (it was packed) and got in a stall,and did my business. I stood up and quickly realized my front hook bra had gotten unhooked and my small silicone breast forms were headed for the floor. I did manage to catch them in my skirt so luckily neither one hit the floor but it was a close call.  Put them in my purse and headed back to the hotel for repairs.

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      Mary Ann Summers
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      Not like that… I’ve only dropped my purse and had to chase it across the floor.

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