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    I had to go to an urgent care today and as usual had on some cute sheer cheeky black panties. I also had on women’s jeans and a women’s polo. I somehow developed pleurisy and it was very painful and couldn’t get a primary care appointment. The visit was going good and then the PA said I’m going to give you a steroid injection. The nurse came in and said drop your pants. So I lowered them while holding on to my panties. She reached and pulled them down a little more and my jeans slipped below my panties. She made the comment “those are cute”. She made the injection and said you can pull up everything up now. She didn’t act like it was strange or unusual. I didn’t expect to get a shot in my butt, but I have zero guy underwear, I have to wear panties so if they get seen then they get seen.

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      J J
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      I wear panties daily, so I don’t think or worry about it. I went in for my colonoscopy, undressed and put on a hospital gown as usual. When I woke up afterwards I was fully dressed, but have no recollection of getting dressed. Apparently with the sedation they used not remembering things is common. I have no idea if I dressed myself or the nurse helped me into my panties. People say and do many things while recovering, so they call the sedation, truth serum. My daughter the anesthetist says what happens or is said in the OR stays in the OR.

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      Jin Crocker
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      A nurse once told me that when she started working she had been surprised how many males were in panrties, now she is surprised how many wear panties that do not fit properly!

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      Katie Delvatine
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      Knowing a few consultants and other medical professionals, I can tell you now, that wearing panties and other women’s items is probably at the mild end of the behaviour they encounter.

      I have heard numerous tales at dinner parties, some true and some probably apocryphal, about the things people present with.

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      Eddy Ames
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      At P T I always wore jog pants and long sleeve T shirt . One day they needed to work on the knee cap so they gave me a pair of large paper shorts to change into. Nothing was said but I know my black silk panties were visible up the large pant leg. After they were done I was in so munch pain I didn’t care who saw what.

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      Brenda Maidenform
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      I only wear panties all the time! My doctors know and don’t care. I wear female clothes to the hospital for surgeries and procedures! My nails are done and sometimes they have to clean one off for the pulse-ox sensor. I just don’t care who knows. My wife is a RN and has seen it all so it doesn’t matter to her either. Life is too short to worry about that! Wear them proudly!

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      Registered On: November 20, 2020
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      I have had many close calls on my panties being seen by medical professionals. I am positive that a time or two when I had been in for a routine wellness appointment, while I had to rais my top for the stethoscope part of the exam my panties had been seen.
      I don’t mind any longer. I have a various pretty panties.
      I hope the women see them as cute. Maybe give them an insensitive to wear sexy panties, if they don’t already.
      And the males a thought of how it would be for them to try, if not already wearing panties

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      Lisa Leigh
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      I’m going to the doctors this morning to have my leg looked at. I made sure I put on the last pair of my tidy whites!

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      Cece X
      Registered On: April 8, 2020
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      Thanks for sharing that funny story. It could have happened to any of us, and undoubtedly many of us will eventually have a similar experience.

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      Registered On: August 1, 2018
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      Hello Sandy, I have been to the Doctors before & had to pull done my trousers & show my knickers, no respond from him either. As they say most Doctors, Nurses have seen it all before & just ignore it, which is good for us CD as they except us for what we are, normal.

      love Helenmarie

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      Roberta Broussard
      Registered On: July 20, 2020
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      I can only imagine the smile that you had after her compliment on your panties. Women are so often so tender to each other.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Sandy hope things work out on your sickness and congrats on the courage to drop your pants he he  and feel comfortable about it then get a compliment on your cute panties  priceless girlfriend..


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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      Nothing new for doctors, nurses, med techs, first responders, etc.  They see it all the time.

      I recently went to urgent care for a foot injury.  When the doc saw my painted toenails he related that he had a trans daughter and she would love my color.

      Glad you had a good experience.


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      Cassie Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      Most healthcare workers don’t care or were trained to be respectful. I have been going to my doctor as Cassie for the last 4 months. Even when she ordered an EKG and I had to take off bra, forms and my top so they could attatch the sensors. The nurses were so nice to me.

      . Cassie

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      Frederica Woodbridge
      Registered On: October 25, 2018
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      Hilarious…….hope both of you enjoyed the experience. Not much to lose, when you think about it.

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      Vecca Senn
      Registered On: February 22, 2021
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      I hope you feel better, but I’m glad you got a complement on your panties!

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      Allysa Grant
      Registered On: November 1, 2022
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      I had the same experience. I was wearing some shear panties and went in for an injection thinking I would get it in the shoulder but instead received it in the butt. Nurse thought they were pretty and asked where I bought them so I told her at Macy’s.  She said she would have to buy some when she went shopping.

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