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      Which do you prefer? Or what’s your favorite ?

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      I tend more towards thongs than panties, but will wear both. I also have some gender bending g-strings for when I need a good fit.

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      Hi Brenda,

      High cut, or French cut  bikini panties, they’re simply the most comfortable and practical, plus they look so sexy!


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Panties and a one-piece. I have an epigastric hernia that needs support while I swim.

      As for Panty style I have a few flash pair and a thong for sexy fun but it’s usually just Comfort Choice nylon panties, preferably in purple.

      My favorite pair are purple satin with black lace trim. My SO gave them to me. My favorite swim suit is a kind of purple tiger print with a metal piece at the bosom and a ladder back.

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      Nylon full briefs for me, but I don’t have some of the traditional cotton floral print ones also and a couple of thongs. I am too fat to fit into bikini cut.

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      Panties for sure. I change my style based upon my mood. I love Katie and Laura’s fancy satin panties the most. En femme as well and fit4U. I like the mid rise to high rise fits. High legged or French cut are so comfortable. Cheeky designs are nice too. Between the string bikini and regular bikini, regular bikini.

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      Preference is cheeky. No granny panties. Everything else is doable.

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      hipster or bikini panties but do have some lace grannie panties – have some g-strings/thongs that go with my nighties


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      I wear hipsters most of the time, I have been buying Maidenform panty’s lately they feel so nice. But I do have some string bikini’s and love to wear a thong when I’m in a pair of leggings, have a several pairs of cheeky hipsters from Playtex, no matter what your wearing you know you have them on……  LOL

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      Love thongs occasionally but usually every day wear is string bikini panties which are so comfortable.

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      Thongs after a a nice shower and mellow day,  Cheeky or boy shorts for outdoor work or hiking.  and satin bikinis and lacy thongs for feeling sexy

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      Lacy g-strings, all day and everyday…with matching bra (and usually suspenders belt)! – it’s so great to be a crossdresser!

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      Almost anything except granny panties for me. I wear just about every type through out the week.

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      Well I have many different types of panties and love them all tbh. I’d have to say I wear thongs most of the time tho.

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      I’ll usually wear mostly thongs. Occasionally bikini panties and string bikinis with lots of lacey trim.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Bali full-cut nylon panties for me. Thongs are way too uncomfortable.

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      Wear panties or thong both very comfortable
      Prefer one piece swimsuit.

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      For me it is pretty much only thongs and has been for quite a while. I do have a couple pairs of boy-shorts that slip into the mix occasionally and I pair or two of bikini briefs but for the most part it is only thongs for me all day everyday. The bikini or string bikini question for me I prefer bikinis. I do have a few one piece swimsuits but I prefer bikinis when I have the chance to wear swimwear.

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      My preference is full cut briefs. I guess that I fall on the more modest side.

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      When it comes to panties, I really don’t have a preference; except boyshorts and baggy “grannie” panties. I have briefs that completely covers the tush to g-strings that can’t be seen between the cheeks. They’re all my favorite, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them. Whichever I wear depends on my mood, my outfit, and the place/event that I’m going to.

      Ever since this past Christmas shopping season, I’ve been finding string bikini panties in the stores I frequent. This is a style my panty drawer has been sorely missing.

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      I have become quite comfortable in hipster style panties. They seem to fit the best for me. I’ve tried the the whole range and have settled here. Thanks for the question!

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      Hi-cut nylon or satin panties for this girl. I love how they look especially if they have some added feminine details like bows and/or lace. I have never really gotten into wearing thongs. I have always preferred a full back on my panties.



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      I like boy shorts panties but sometimes I love the sexy feel of a thong

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      Oddly enough I wear boy short panties mostly.

      Just not into wearing thongs really.

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      I have liked thongs for many yeas, they are string so is that a thong or g string? I have been wearing them to work for some time. I was in the men’s room last week, sitting in a stall with my pants and the thong around my ankles when someone sat down on the next stall, and I realized that if he looked, he would probably see my pink thong in my pants. Lol.

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      It’s mostly hipster or bikinis for me, with the exception of thong gaffs. I did go through a thong panty phase at one point. But moved away from them for comfort.


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      Rayna Carlian

      Some panties, mostly thongs.

      My daily go to underwear is a thong made for men with “more fabric” to contain the bits.



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        Hi Rayna,

        I have the same problem with the “bits”. May I ask who makes the “more fabric” thongs. I luv thongs but the gussets are just too small.

        Thanks, your help would be appreciated,


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          Rayna Carlian

          These I got on Amazon and they are super comfy.

          I also just purchased some from Modern Undies. I find they run a little small if you choose based on the size chart, maybe go up a size from what you’d think.

          Also: has stuff made for men…sexy stuff!!

          You can also find undies on En Femme that are made with “more fabric” for us…

          Good luck sweetie!



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            eBay also has a wide selection of men’s panties (you can literally run a search for “panties” and filter through the “Men’s” category). They take forever to arrive, though. Anywhere between 3 weeks and 2 months most of the time. Still waiting on my shaping camisole!

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      Sarah Car

      Hi , thongs for me

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      panties, mostly high waist but i do have others. used to wear bikinis all the time. now bikini on ocassion need to get more
      i wear panties pretty much full time except to doctors or doctors where i dont have to pull down my pants or take off a shirt

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      I wear bikini panties black red pink satin feels so nice I have several regular satin female underwear only time i wear male underwear is a doctors appointment


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        Yeah, I learned that the hard way. I once underdressed with stockings and unexpectedly had to have electrodes of a monitor placed on my ankles. Ooops! Fortunately, the nurse left for me to undress my chest and came back a couple of minutes later. She never knew.

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          I know the feeling….doctors surgeries, airport security… two places that are daunting to secret underdressers. Lingerie and shaved legs, both bits of a give away. But the few times it’s happened to me, the people have been quite professional and not said anything. The most ‘acknowledgement’ I received is a knowing smile and eye contact.

          Maybe we should start a forum discussion on places we’ve been ‘caught’ underdressing.


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      Thongs all the way, I also have two pairs of boy shorts but no drab undergarments……

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      Panties, hipster style are my favorite.

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      Right now, I am learning to create my shape, so I use a few panties. Unfortunately, hip and butt padded undies are mostly granny-style.

      I have also used a sock-top gaff, but I am making my own gaff design this week. One lacy sort of bikini, but the material is like sandpaper on my bits.

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      Hi Brenda,  For years the only style panty that I’ve worn has been Warner’s Cloud  9 Seamless Hipster.  They have been good for both work and glam with no VPL.  They are very comfortable and long lasting.  I usually buy them on sale in groups of 5.  I hope this helps,  Marg

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      I’m Brazilian, so in honour of my heritage thongs are my go-to. Started with sexy lace thongs, but as underdressing becomes more frequent I’ve started buying comfy cotton ones as well. I’ve bought women’s a size larger to account for anatomical differences but I think I need to go two sizes larger instead. I’m tall and heavyset but have a very narrow waist, so whenever I find men’s panties in feminine styles (sometimes I find men’s panties too masculine?) I get them in medium.

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      J J

      My answer is, “Yes”. I enjoy them all. I have mostly things and bikini panties, bit many others as well.

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      Gotta love the way an ass feels in a thong.  It’s addictive.

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      While I like thongs, they usually don’t make it easy for tucking. My favorites are lace hipsters.

      Hugs, Liara

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        Tucking: Wouldn’t that depend on the gaff?

        I just made my own gaff and it will go on first, since it isn’t a full panty.

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      Cheeky is my favorite!

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