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    stephanie plumb
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    I just knew that If I put ‘panties’  into the title I would grab your attention.

    This post is not about panties…    Oh no!   It is about gravity. Yes you read it right … gravity.  Before you go let me encourage you to read on.  Hopefully I can entertain you and show you how gravity has surprising effect on us girls.  I will talk about PANTIES – a fine example of anti-gravity engineering –   a bit later.

    This is a lighthearted totally scientific thesis (I might send it to the New Scientist – maybe I will get an honorary doctorate. Dr Stephanie Plumb. I like the sound of that.) about the effect gravity has on us trying to pass as girls.    No really!

    First, the science.

    We are spinning round at 12,000 miles an hour, and gravity, that weak but extremely powerful force keeps us from flying off into space. It is so weak that you can overcome its effect with almost no effort. For example, you can pull your panties up over your silky legs.  You can throw one of your 5″ heels high into the air.  But gravity is so powerful it wins in the end. What goes up must always comes down…… UNLESS ….  you put enough energy into the equation to get beyond its pull.  I’m talking about rockets.

    Now – what it does.

    How does gravity affect us?  Although collagen plays it’s part, over time it is gravity’s relentless pull that makes our jowls head south. So do the corners of our mouths, and eyebags, and neck skin. The ‘natural’ females breasts also head south and her nipples migrate around to point at the floor. At least we don’t have to put up with that.  We have to contend with that paunch that creeps to hang down over our belt.   Gravity also causes one of our goolies to escape from our panties  and hang down towards the floor.

    We walk with shoulders slumped, head forward as though we have a weight attached to it. Our arms hang down, not resisting the pull.  We are being pulled to the ground, where we will eventually end up. Females generally weigh quite a bit less than we do, so the effects of gravity’s pull are less – or at least they require less energy to overcome its effects.

    So what can we do?  ENERGY is the key.  We put energy into the equation.

    Use those neck muscles. Stand straighter. Head up. Pull in that gut when you walk. Make the arms swing more, held loose, limp wristed.  Walk lighter, with faster but shorter steps.   And there is a bonus – using all this extra energy burns up some of the fat you have been accumulating for decades.

    Energy In =  walking like a girl.           ( More interesting than E = MC2)

    Try an instant facelift …… SMILE!  Yes you can do it if you try hard enough.  And maintain it. Put ENERGY into it and it will pull up your jowls and push up your rosy cheek apples. An added benefit is that it makes you more attractive!

    Women use engineering to support their sagging breasts. The bra is a wonderful thing. It can be made up of 40+  seperate components, constructed to halt the downturn. It is nothing less than a miracle of anti-gravity engineering!   So are breastforms.  They are gravity resistant in that they maintain their shape. If you want the breasts of a 20 year old you can have them!

    Now, at last, we come to your panties.  Interest piqued???  If it wasn’t for their construction, using modern materials to make them silky smooth and nice and tight, caressing and gripping your bum cheeks and endowed with an elastic waistband –  they would slither down your stocking legs and pool around your heels ,  another victim to gravity.  The elastic waistband – truly a masterpiece of anti-gravity engineering.

    I have run out of steam, or rather energy, penning this tripe.  Its nonsense.  Or is it?

    I am sure I have missed a lot.  Can you add to gravity’s effects? Both +ve and -ve?

    (Dr)  Stephanie P.



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      Gravity is my favorite song by John Mayer.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Well sometimes I HATE gravity….why don’t something’s just ,” float”???

      If I lean over the sink to look in the mirror to fit an earing….I drop it and gravity takes it straight down the plug hole….

      If I drop a false eyelash….it will glide gracefully across the bathroom and go down the toilet..

      Dropping a form in the bedroom, it will do a bouncing bomb under the bed to the far side against the wall….I could go on!!!!!

      ….and every time these events occur…..

      I can hear gravity giggling…..

      Oh….panties !!!!    GRRRRRace xx

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      Octavia Long
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      I have to say that my panties tend to stay up way better than any of my drab clothes. If my butt didn’t move south the drab jeans might fit better. I am not really sure that it moved south though. I think that it just left.


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      Alison Anderson
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      Don’t knock gravity, as it does have a lot of positive affects too.  Because we have to constantly fight gravity, our muscles are stronger.  Long duration astronauts have to exercise several hours each day against elastic resistance to keep their muscles strong enough to be able to walk when they return to Earth.  Our cardiovascular system becomes stronger, and we probably live longer with a stronger cardiovascular system.

      If you need to stretch your back, you can bend at the waist and hang your arms and head down towards the Earth.  Gravity provides free traction to stretch the low back and hamstring muscles.

      Gravity provides a sense of down.  In space, people may be working at any of the four walls, the floor, or the ceiling.  They can be working with their heads towards or away from the walls, or turn around and look towards the opposite wall.  Why is this important?  Try wearing a skirt or dress if there is nothing to pull it down, and people may turn to you and be able to see up the skirt.

      You want to talk about engineering?  What about the engineering that goes into making a space toilet or a space shower?  And you can’t enjoy a bubble bath without gravity.

      Yes, my spine may be losing the fight with gravity (I have lost an inch from my height).  But things will also tend to stay where you put them (unless my gravity testing feline pushes them off to see if gravity still works) without the need of sticking everything where you want it.  While experiencing zero-G may be fun for a while, I think I’ll stick around in a gravity environment.

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        stephanie plumb
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        Alison dear,  I have no intention of going into space wearing forms and a dress.  I was only commenting on the comical effects of gravity in relation to crossdressing, not knocking it!  Lol.

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      Trevor Bryant
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      Wonder how women who travel into space handle things in zero g?  Do they still wear bras and sports bras on the ISS or just let things float?  I’m sure some have gone braless while in space.  They likely wear a sports bra on the rocket ride up since it looks like quite the rough ride.

      Probably don’t want to be a crossdresser wearing breastforms, or they might accidently start floating around.  That definitely would be embarrassing being on NASA TV then all of a sudden a breastform floats by.

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      Eva Kelly
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      I read an article about the history of sports bras. The very first one was constructed by sewing 2 jock straps together. I guess male sports equipment is anti gravity for the girls too.

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      One of my early discoveries about dressing full time was discussed in knicker drift 2. This was where I discovered that previously much loved and extremely pretty panties didn’t always behave as expected when out hiking. “She who must be obeyed” of course laughed at me and told me that this was a well known female problem when selecting underwear. In A few cases panties can overcome the effect of gravity in a static or reasonably static environment but activity in addition to gravity overcomes the weak restraining forces causing them to drift slowly earthward. Eg some panties are stable only under static but not dynamic loading a similar concept to static and dynamic friction which of course may also play apart in this tragic tale.

      Tragic I hear you ask amusing perhaps but where’s the tragedy. Well of course on returning home my direct action male brain took charge and the prettiest pair of Victoria secrets pink shortie knickers went to the bin. And that is tragic.

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        stephanie plumb
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        A tragic tale indeed.  But once slippage takes over there’s no going back.  I can just imagine me sashaying sexily (as much as I can manage)  along “white van man parade”  and my knickers fluttering down round my ankles. Whoops!

        Its why I wear size 14 skirts and size 10 or 12 panties.

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      stephanie plumb
      Baroness - Annual
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      Fit like?    Ha ha …  sorry…. I couldn’t resist digging this up!   I haven’t progressed much in the last two years … I still write nonsense – but I have acquired a N.E. Scottish voice since then!   Some of the old-timer responders are still around  on CDH!   Hello girls? Foos yer doos?

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      Jennifer Swanson
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      Whoa Stephanie,  pull back on those reins a little.  I love what you say about standing straighter and walking taller.  Do cds have more or less gravity issues than cis?  Gravity is also what keeps things from floating free.  I remember a line from a movie when one person was referring to a young woman and saying she had wear lead weights in her pantyhose otherwise the lightness of her breasts would allow her to float away.  Not sure where you’re going here but I do love your phrasing.  Hugs Jennifer

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      Definitely neither tripe nor nonsense!

      An interesting ramble through the effects of gravity.

      It is true that we don’t have to suffer some of the effects gravity ultimately has on genuine females, but that very gravity gives the bounce to our breast forms which is soooo enjoyable!

      As with everything, gravity has it’s pros and cons.

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      Dame Veronica Graunwolf
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      Hi Steph….very interesting article. Can you explain why it is sooo easy to put fat on but not get it off. I have lost 70 pounds this year….none of it is from where  I want it from happens. OH no……I am supporting the Achmed the Dead terrorist lost his!!!

      PS…..I love bras more than panties….wonder why that is?

      Do take care….looking forward to next article!

      Dame Veronica

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      stephanie plumb
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      There is one universal truth :-

      BF  = LC   or put another way,      BF = – SC

      Big Feet = Less choice            or    Big Feet =  – size choice

      To help you use this equation :-

      Sh = Es

      Search harder = Eventual success  , though you do have to some energy into this.

      Or do what most of us have to:-

      SS + LF =  PT                    Small shoes + Large Feet = Painful Toes

      Hope this helps

      Stephanie P.

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