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    I haven’t really had the urge to crossdress lately. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the opportunity or share talking about it with. However, when on Facebook and looking at items for sale, I regularly look at women’s clothing, but especially shoes! They never have them in my size though.

    I also read stories on the internet as well.

    There is one article of clothing that I find really comfortable though, and that is full cut nylon panties! I can wear them for days under my regular clothes. Anyone else feel this way or have any comments?


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     Jennifer Love 
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    Hi Victoria, I just love full cut nylon panties.  They are my everyday go to.  Sometimes I like wear one of my filly satin panties over them.  So comfortable.

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    Hello Victoria Rose,      I love wearing knickers [panties] all the time, everday. I do not wear full cut knickers, I prefer normal cut knickers or bikini knickers. I like silky/nylon or cotton knickers, as I say I love wearing knickers.

    love,  Helenmarie

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     Michelle Liefde 
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    Have you noticed that as soon as you start shopping online for ladies clothing and lingerie, suddenly every Facebook page is flooded with ads? I should be pissed but I love it. <3

    Charmagne, I certainly have noticed and was concerned at first now just don’t care.   Though I have seen a few things that are really pretty. 🙂

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     Charmagne Stewart 
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    Have you noticed that as soon as you start shopping online for ladies clothing and lingerie, suddenly every Facebook page is flooded with ads?  I should be pissed but I love it.  <3

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    Panties definitely every-day under whatever I’m wearing.

    I almost have too many….

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    I had been wearing fullcut nylon panties for the past 3-4 days. Today I put my tight whities on. I haven’t noticed much of a difference except when I use the bathroom. :O

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     Victoria Egger 
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    I have 2 pairs of full cut, which I sleep in.  The rest of the time I wear Bikinies or Thongs


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     sarasue olson 
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    I have been wearing full cut panties over sixty years and love them. My dear mother bought ten pair of white vanity fair panties for me when I was 15 and still get the same enjoyment wearing vanity fair panties at 8o. I don’t call them granny panties their grandpa’s panties.



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       Laura Lovett 
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      Sarasue – your answer made me laugh out loud!


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    love slightly small, lacy, black, see through, girl boxers

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     fiona moss 
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    hi Victoria-rose. full cut panties are great! they keeps certain items in place! sorry to hear you have not been cross dressing much lately. sometimes it happens, maybe if you are stressed or pre-occupied with things, sometimes that can drive away the urge, I fully understand. the good news is, it will come back!

    fiona xxx

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    I have at least a dozen pair of full cut panties or granny panties . They are super comfortable under my work jeans ( I’m in construction) but I don’t wear them that often because they can reveal themselves when bending over . I prefer hipsters, I can wear ones with lace waistbands and they won’t show but still give wonderful coverage

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     Olivia Livin 
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    I now wear panties of differing styles almost exclusively. Love the look and feel.

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     MacKenzie Alexandra 
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    I get that feeling. My wife and I moved in with her parents in August. I tried to switch back to boxers (after a hiatus of almost 2 years) out of concern of my mother in law’s tendency to be helpful.  We were afraid that she would help with our laundry without asking. Wearing boxers lasted less than two months. It just was not comfortable. Thankfully, my mother in law has allowed us to do our laundry without offering to help.

    MacKenzie Alexandra

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     Christie Deville 
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    love wearing my bikini panties every day



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    I would have to agree LOL tight fitting panties Oh My!!!!


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     rebekka moore 
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    Oh I love a pair of silky or spandex tight fitting panties!  Has to be my favorite!


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