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      Caty Ryan

      Hi ladies,

      In cooler autumn and early spring months, before we get into winter and I get into heavy 40-60 denier heavy duty tights, I wear panty hose under my drab.

      As much as I try to be ever so careful with them, including wearing gloves, I cant seem to get any more than 3-4 wears out of them before I either ladder  or snag them with  a finger or toe.

      Nowhere near as bad when I go the “Full Caty” and wear stockings and suspender belt.

      Most times they are only supermarket/chain store brands and dont cost that much. But its ever so frustrating for this to happen time and time again.

      Anyone else have the same problem??



      PS Cold wet and overcast day today here in Melbourne. But my legs are “toasty warm” with my “HD” 60 denier tights and jeans. All males should wear ’em. They dunno what they are missing when they dont…


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      Although some of my first pairs of stockings were cheap crap (just experimenting), I was quickly told about Sheertex and most of mine now are theirs. The only one that got a run without reason was replaced no questions asked. All others are going strong.

      Highly recommended. Are they hexpensive? Yes, but they have frequent sales. And, yes, I wear cheap cotton gloves from a dollar store to protect all of my stockings, too.

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      Well like you I wear pantyhose almost daily. I also wear them under my work clothes with panties , bralette and a camisole in the cooler months here in Canada.  I do the same while out in drab under my jeans.  I was wearing the Walmart brand for a while but since they haven’t had many in stock the last year or so I’ve switched to Silks brand from a department store which are double the price. I love getting many wears out of them but yes sometimes they will run after only one wear.  Which does make me upset as I’m a huge fan of pantyhose. I get regular pedicures to keep my feet soft and smooth.

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      I always do pretty good as I have been wearing them now for the last 14 months and all things considered I’m not that bad in causing a run. Don’t get me wrong though as I do get an occasional run due either to my toenail or fingernail. Oh do I get so mad at myself. Because most of the time Caty I wear them underneath my drab, I really don’t care about a little more than a run. They have to be really bad before I just throw them away. I’m unfamiliar with the term “ladder” in my pantyhose? Could you explain that more? Harriette i will look into Sheertex! Is it in the finer department stores? Caty, I couldn’t agree with you more about how nice it is to have nice warmth with my pantyhose underneath my pants. I’m going to have to look closer for the materials they are made of next time I go buy them. It won’t be soon because when I started buying them I bought like a dozen different sizes to find the size I like best. Oh my gosh I still have the first pair and now a year later and 50 lbs lighter I can pull them up to my armpits. Lol, obviously I’m not a queen size! I’m still learning and will look for “HD 60 Denier”? It seems the more opaque they are the longer they last. Also the beige ones or nude I get pulls and runs so much faster. There’s always something to be learned about my journey of cross dressing! Thanks for this topic which got me thinking. Love, hugs and kisses, bye bye

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        Caty Ryan

        I’m still learning and will look for “HD 60 Denier”?

        “Heavy duty”from brands such as Levante etc. A bit more upmarket than anything from K Mart. (We dont have Walmart down under).

        Ladders are “runs”. Same effect different name.




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        Sheertex products are only available on-line, as far as I know. Made in Canada, but I am pretty sure that they have an American distribution centre, too.

        Similar to the Ford Model T, most of their stockings are black (because of the material that they use), but they make other colours every now and then. Double the price, though, so I only have one pantyhose. The rest are black stay-up stockings with different patterns, which I have worn all day without them moving.

        But… they are guaranteed to last a very long time and, so far, they have backed that up.

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      Patty Phose

      I’ve been wearing stockings and pantyhose my whole life. Some pairs I can wear for a few weeks and others, I get runs or ladders in them putting on a brand new pair for the first time. Guess it averages out over time. 5 or 6 wearings is not unusual or uncommon.

      There’s various reasons for pantyhose or stockings durability. One is the way you put them on. Just one little thing different or a little pull somewhere and you get the ladder. Another is the thickness of the fabric. A lower denier number will be much more delicate than a higher denier number. 8 denier is very delicate and sheer. 50 denier is much less delicate and somewhat less sheer. if you wear 30-50 denier, it will most likely look like you are wearing pantyhose or stockings. Personally I like that. The durability is a plus also.

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        Lucy Bancroft

        I’m exactly the same Patty.

        It’s really annoying when they snag first time, and at that point I never seem to remember that the last pair lasted for weeks!

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          Patty Phose

          I learned to appreciate how one pair can last me weeks, wearing them everyday. Then why does another pair not even last me getting them on? I think it largely depends on making a mistake or not being careful enough when I put them on.

          Still, unless the run, ladder or hole is really large, I will often wear those pantyhose anyway at home or to sleep in.

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      I would suspect a lot has to do with the fact you are wearing them under pants. Depending on the pant material that is always going to be a fair amount of friction against a delicate fabric as you sit/stand.

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      Angela Booth

      They aren’t designed to last and the cost of the cheaper ones reflect that though saying that even paying more isn’t a given they will last. I wear them most days and I can snag a pair quite quickly. Washing tends to take its toll so I was in net bags. I usually look for a lycra content as this seems to be more durable. Have you tried the ballet/theatre  wear ones. They are quite thick and are elasticated too. In the cold months I wear a pair of nude underneath a pair of standard tights. The effect is smooth unblemished legs.

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        Sheetex’s 90 day guarantee is worth investigating.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I seem to get at least 6 wearings with my hose.

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      Wow! I just realized how little I knew about panty hose…. Thank you all for the lessons. This subject was perfect timing for me as I was just getting ready to make an order on line to try to buy something better.  I usually just buy the Leggs brand from Walmart or Dollar General. It seems that I used to get about a dozen or so wears out of them but recently only two or three which was really aggravating me. On my recent trip to multiple Dollar General stores I noticed they no longer even sell panty hose. And, it looks like the selection at Walmart is getting smaller and smaller. So I will take all this advice and order some. Thanks!

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      Ellie Hope

      In truth, Caty, I’ve never managed to get more than a single wearing out of any of the many I’ve bought. Usually, I’ve run them before more than an hour or two have passed. But I still love how they feel and look.

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      I don’t wear hose much, especially in the summer, but I’m happy if they last 10 wearings.


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      I’m lucky if I get a few hrs out them. I think I need more girly tendencies to solve that problem.


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      I stopped wearing pantyhose years ago.

      My record is one wear before it runs.   I’ve had a few, brand spanking new, put them on and a run.   So a few seconds before a run occurs.

      I wear nothing but tights now, much more durable and way less prone to getting runs.

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        There are a few things that we can do to extend a record such as yours.

        Wear cotton gloves to protect the material from snags from rough skin or fingernails.

        Soak your feet and try to eliminate hard skin around your toes and heels. Use whatever moisturising cream that keeps the hard skin soft.

        Trim and file your toenails well.

        Buy guaranteed stockings, such as Sheertex.


        Sound like too much work? Stockings / pantyhose are worth the time spent. There is nothing quite like them.

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      I just found a hole in one of my good stockings where there seems to be a knitting error. I am going to try putting some clear hotglue on the hole. Can’t hurt, should help it survive a bit longer.

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      I tend to wear thicker tights in the cooler months, but when I do wear thinner pantyhose I usually snag them putting them on. Even when rolling them up and putting my feet in them delicately, it only needs a slightly errant toenail to slice them open. Incredibly frustrating.

      Katie x

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      For women that wear PH often, it’s a learned art to putting them on and taking off to avoid snags. How you move through a room full of furniture, sitting, and potty breaks, all require the utmost in feminine movements. Which of course is part of the allure of hosiery, besides the look and feel.

      I hope I don’t ruffle feathers, but this seems an appropriate topic to add a bit of humor.

      After some time spent at the local make out parking area, a young man says to his date, “If I knew you were a virgin, I would have taken more time.” She says, “If I knew you had more time, I would have taken off my panty hose!”

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