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    Bianca Everdene
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    There is an Autumn LGBTQ+ parade down my nearest City’s high Street coming up.

    Anyone been to one?

    If you identify as ‘T’ whaddya wear??? I know ‘whatever you want’

    I went to get a free wristband to attend and picked up a big transgender flag, so that’s my shawl sorted!

    Maybe I’m wrong in this but it seems the trans community is still the least ‘out’ in mainstream society, in the UK anyway, can’t speak for elsewhere. Loads of celebrities out and proud as gay, lesbian, bi, same sex marriages are commonplace etc. But very little trans exposure. Is it because there is no difference in how a L,G,B, person looks, but a trans person wanting to come out will look different from their pre ‘outing’ self? Is it harder for those who know us to reconcile our old self with our new self because of how we look? thus harder for a trans person with the added hurdle of looking different?  I know it shouldn’t matter but for many, especially my generation and older it does matter.

    Is it because there are far fewer of us?

    I am getting a bit rebellious in my middle age but kinda feel I want to represent the Trans cause!!

    Do I glam up, bright colours, kinky boots, bodysuit, short skirt? Or do I just wear my skinny jeans, pink joie de vivre tee over my forms and under a leather jacket?  If I do my best Bianca will people even know I am there to represent the trans community? Will they think I’m  ‘L’ or ‘B’ Am I overthinking it?🤣🤣🤣

    Will anybody recognise the flag?

    Never been to one so was just wondering what your experiences are?


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I have been to several gay pride parades and felt very comfortable. It is the perfect enviroment to go public and people are very accepting and friendly. No need to feel self conscious Bianca there.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Thank you so much for all your advice and kind words of encouragement. I’m going for it.

      So much fun putting an outfit together❤️

      Just ordered something I’ve wanted since watching the ‘My Chemical Romance’ video of ‘The Black Parade’, a ladies


      well it is a parade🤣any excuse🤣


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      Birel Galanodel
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      Bianca, as others have said, wear what you like. I wouldn’t think you would have any problem whether you decided to glam it up over the top, or just wear something subtle/casual. It just depends how much attention you want to draw to yourself. Either way, I’m pretty sure there will be others there dressed similarly.

      At least where I live, pretty much everyone in the LGBTQ+ community knows the trans flag. So, if you wear one, that representation will be obvious, within our community anyway. Now, non-LGBTQ+ people there to watch the parade, yeah, they may not know what any of the flags mean, other than the rainbow pride flag.

      I’ve gone to a few pride events, but only one en femme. I was terrified to go at first. It was just a small event during pride month, a pet parade. I wore a cute little shorts outfit that I put together. I tried to keep to myself and watch from a distance, staying as invisible as possible. But, when I went to leave, I had to walk past a bunch of people to get to the stairs to exit. As I was walking out, a woman spoke to me. She said, “I like your shorts.” That little comment just made me so happy and built my confidence immensely. So much so that I went and walked through the crowded farmers market before going home to change.

      I’ve thought about that too, what if people think I’m gay, or bi, or whatever? My thinking is, so what if they do? They are welcome to think whatever they want. Good luck and have fun!


      P.S. Personally, I recommend comfortable shoes/boots that you can walk in. 🙂

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      Angela Booth
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      From what I have seen here in the U.K. the trans community is well represented in the parades. I have been to a couple and dressed as I do but there is never a dress code.  I went with family or friends and enjoyed it. There were plenty of outrageous costumes worn by the drag queens. I noticed that the NHS, ambulance, police and fire service do show representation of the Trans community and were floats of representation for us along with stands at the main event.

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      Robyn Drake
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      I would say wear whatever you feel like wearing. I would love to hear about your experience participating in the parade.

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      Amanda Burton
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      Hi Bianca,

      I went to the big parade in London three years ago. It was a fantastic experience, a real carnival atmosphere.

      What to wear, basically anything you want, from outrageous to everyday clothes. The whole point is just to be there and support the cause. I will say the streets  were lined with crowds, no hostility towards any of the participants and trouble free too. If you only do it once I’d  recommend it just for the experience.

      Lol Amanda xx

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      Laura Lovett
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      Definitely glam it up to the eyeballs if that’s what you want to do, Bianca!

      I’ve only been to one Pride Parade, and that was by accident… long story in the Personal Cross Dressing stories forum 😁

      Someone told me it was going to happen, so I got into my favourite green sequined dress (picture in my Public photos), and put some glitter on my makeup.

      Looking back, I wish I’d used even more glitter, glammed it up bigger on the makeup, and worn my white stiletto boots!

      It’s OK – I will do that next time. It’s good to have ambitions!

      Go outrageous – and post the pictures!!!

      It’s a great opportunity to be the centre of attention rather than slinking on the sidelines.

      Love Laura

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