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    Natalie Jones
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    Hi Girls, I hope you all had a fine Memorial Day Weekend.
    Something happened this weekend that I certainly didn’t see coming. My wonderful wife who accepts me in panties but nothing more gave me the permission to shave my legs. Not for the reason us girls here would think but for something I’ve delt with for years and learned to just live with.
    Unfortunately for a crossdresser I’m pretty hairy, especially my legs, arms and back. It’s one of the reasons I often chuckle when I see myself in a dress or skirt. In the spring at the New Jersey shore these small black gnats come out in the evening and early morning. This year they are the worst I’ve ever seen them, and they’ve been staying out all day! These little buggers get into the hair on my legs , arm and neck and bite the hell out of me. It’s so uncomfortable that I can’t stay outside. My wife gets bit but not to the extent I do. Saturday afternoon she suggested I shave my arms and legs. At first I thought she was goofing with me , but she told me she was totally serious.  I told her it would look pretty silly when I go in swimming and have no hair on my legs and arms but the rest of me is hairy. This led to the idea of shaving my entire  body. In the past I often suggested shaving my back for looks when I’m shirtless.
    before the day was over she ordered me a personal trimmer to take most of the hair off . Told me she would do my back and would give me pointers for getting a close shave on my legs and arms ( I already trim down below) I really think she’s into this as much as I will be but not totally for the same reasons.  Sunday we did a small test spot above my ankle with a razor . We both liked how smooth it felt.
    I’ve always wondered how nylons and pantyhose would feel hairless, nighties and slips also!
    I never imagined this would happen but I can’t wait!!  Funny how life can be at times


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      rebekka moore
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      I shave completely! It’s a hassle, not very hairy but love it, hate the effort, worth the results.

      That said, it’s a major reason my wife has not been intimate with me for going on 3 years now.

      Seriously, but that is who I am.

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      Trevor Bryant
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      Still find it crazy that a person needs someone else’s permission to shave their own legs or to do other things with their own body.

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      Brielle Ross
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      You are indeed fortunate that your wife likes you being smooth. I’ve not been overly hairy, but when I started shaving my body hair, my wife didn’t like it. She was turned on by my hairy arms and hands. Of course, it is the opposite for me now (giggle). She got very upset when I just trimmed “down there” but I don’t intend to go hairless, just define the bikini lines.

      Surprisingly, since I started growing little titties, she seems to like those a bit.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Just love the feeling after a body waxing. Not just nylons but all clothing feels so much better on your body. I have gotten to the point of being hairless and love the sensation

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      Robinette Robbyns
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      Hi Natalie, I keep my arms, legs, chest and back trimmed most of the year. Not totally shaved in the but trimmed down so there is at least a little hair (1/8 of an inch?) with a trimmer.  With two pair of pantyhose while dressing it’s barely noticeable (I’m closeted). No one really notices the trimmed hair but my family and friends know I’m involved in triathlons so they think it’s for that. Also, I work out at the gym a few times a week too and there are body builder dudes that are shaven. I think its not as big a deal that you think it is. No one really notices or cares…LOL

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      You will love it. I shaved my legs in the winter around my Dr. appointments for a few years. This winter I got the thumbs up from my wife to continue shaving. We went to the pool Memorial day with friends and no one said a thing. Who knows if they noticed. Don’t really care at this point.  Shaved legs and panties and are my new minimum for leaving the house from now on.

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      Samantha Lynn
      Registered On: November 22, 2021
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      Nothing like the feeling of stockings/ pantyhose on freshly shaven legs…I think it’s a very sensual feeling…YOU WILL LOVE IT GIRL!!!

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      Ashley Konners
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
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      Pantyhose will feel amazing on your new smooth legs.

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      Trudy Scrumptious
      Registered On: May 29, 2022
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      Hi Natalie every time I dress my wife insists I am smooth all over and apart from my head I mean all over,it definitely adds to the femme feel and somehow feels cleaner.she is a hairdresser and is currently doing a makeup nails and waxing course.forturnatly for me I get to be the practice model and I have to say has produced some lush looks and styles on me .back to the shaving we have tried razors of all shapes and sizes always ending in a rash we know use NAIR sensitive cream in the green box.hugs Trudy and wife Katrina mwah 💋

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      Suzanne Martin
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      Heather –

      You’re a lucky lady even though the reason your wife suggested it didn’t have naything to do with your dressing.

      I shaved my legs this past winter and it felt amazing.  I asked my wife before I did it and she said it’s my body and do what I want.  We went on a trip and went to the hotel pool.  We were in the hot tub when other guests showed up.  I was leery about getting out and she said just own it and don’t worry what others may think.  It felt good to hear her say that.  I had to let the hair grow back due to medical appointments and my wife  thought I was paying too much attention to my legs.  I will admit I did spend time rubbing them enjoying the feel of smooth skin.  I hope to shave them again this winter.  I keep my chest, stomach and groin shaved all the time.


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        Clarissa Cross
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        Suzanne just continue to shave all year round, nobody gives it a thought if you have no hairs on your legs, and least off all your doctor. I’m a doctor my self and never thought about anybody having smoth and hairless legs, but sometimes I have a patient with very hairy legs and that si something the nurses would sometimes comment about. Just keep shaving.

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          Suzanne Martin
          Registered On: January 8, 2020
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          Clarrisa –

          Thank you, your words are encouraging.

          I think I would agree that they wouldn’t care, I think I’m more concerned with embarasing my wife.

          I did go to a Dr appointment when I had my nails done (clear polish iwth a very slight hint of pink), he commented on them and I told him I had gotten a manicure.  He said he does that at times as well, which is something a number of men do just to have nice looking hands.  He didn’t examine my feet, had he, he would have seen bright red polish with little white hearts on the big toes (had them done for Valentines Day).  My wife thought they were cute.  It’s sandal season now so no polish until the fall.


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            Venus Envy
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            I had worried about dark painted toe nails for doctor’s visits. I’d take off the polish before going. I did once and didn’t have to take off my socks. So next time, I leave it on.
            Shaved legs were already established, but that seemed easy.That was a big step to go out in shorts, but either nobody’s noticed or nobody has cared. I worry about beach with family, but we have two girlfriends at the beach that are cool with. A day or two visiting with them will normalize it,I think.

            ARNP does most of my exams. That’s good.
            She goes out, says take off your pants and socks. There i was. Realized just face it. I only pull my socks down to my ankles. She comes back in. I say there’s something you need to know.
            She gives me a very interested look and says Have you ever gone out dressed?
            So I tell her about how my many years of excess alcohol were to escape the shame of crossdressing. Now I’ve quit drinking and am much more comfortable.
            She says Mental health affects physical health. You’re taking care of your mental health. That’s important.

            Next visit I’m sock less. She says they’ll be in for an EKG. You can put your socks back on. I ask who will do it. It’s a nurse. I decide not to put my socks back on.
            EKG nurse comes in starts putting on electrodes.
            “I have a surprise”
            Have to point out my toes..We talk about it. Her divorce involved too much alcohol as well.

            I come back for a flu shot. She brings in release paperwork on a clip board. I take it. There’s a sticky note that says “You Don’t Know Jacque” OPI.
            Bust out laughing.
            “I saw somebody wearing it and I thought it would be a good color for you. So I asked.

            I’d hidden it for so long and now I find super allies!

            Male physician usually comes in for a check after she finishes. Now I’m emboldened by such gg support and am prepared to own it.

            Small steps I know, but it’s compared to nothing for 60 years.

            In for a surgery check up yesterday.
            Went in with clip earrings, fairly subtle lipstick and mascara.
            Assistant does my intake questions, no reaction.

            PA comes in. Doesn’t see my face at first. Then she does. Her eyes get wide for just a second. Then it’s business as usual. I had been face to face with waitress at lunch.
            She’s college age and showed no sign that any thing was amiss, so to speak. A wonderful feeling!

            Breaking barriers, mostly my own.

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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
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      You’re going to love it.  Like others have said, it’s a slippery slope.  I went from shaving my legs 1-2 times a year to getting full-body laser.  Couldn’t imagine going back.  Smooth skin feels amazing!

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Natalie Congrats girl you will so enjoy the smooth feelings all over .. I have been shaving for many years all over wife helps on the he he back side areas im not real hairy but quite a bit where she helps shave me there .. I can keep rest under control and feeling so girly ..Good luck girlfriend..


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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador
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      Beware Natalie that once you go smooth you will never want to go back 😃.  It can become terribly addictive.  And… it’s wonderful.


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      Cassie Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      Natalie, enjoy the hairless feeling. I am sure you’ll love it.

      . Cassie

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      Joanne Jackson
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      You know, Natalie, it is a well known fact that waxing reduces hair density and slows regrowth.
      Just sayin’, ya know. <grin>


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        Lynda Jones
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        All last winter I had a full body wax every 4wk, stopped during the summer and guess what, only 30% of my hair returned, using epilator for under arms and thighs. Love the no hair look and feel. No one but my wife has even noticed.

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        Clarissa Cross
        Registered On: July 17, 2021
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        You are right Joanne, I use a depilator and have done it for years now and at this moment I only need to do it about once a month and the hair is getting thinner and thinner and only very few are left. Yes its a little painful the first few times you depilate but waxing is also painful.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Do it for what ever reason for Natalie and privately enjoy the sensation of nylons over fresh shaved legs… its wonderful. When you start shaving your whole body you will love it and won’t want to stop after the summer. It becomes a habit and hopefully your wife will like you smooth year around.

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      Darcy Grigsby
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      Not that I need more bugs here in GA, but can ya ship some of those damn things down here? I need an excuse!

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      Liara Wolfe
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      So lucky.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Heather Wannabe
      Registered On: May 3, 2022
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      Congratulations!!  I hope that your wife likes it so much that she encourages you to continue shaving all over.  Keep us hopeful girls updated.



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        Natalie Jones
        Registered On: September 20, 2020
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        Thanks Heather. I’m hoping the new trimmer comes before the weekend .
        I’ll keep you posted

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