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      Congratulations Rei… Enjoy!!!

      Buy a jewelry box first. Doesn’t take long to get a little collection going. You will need a storage case to put it all in. Need to get a case myself actually.

      I pierced mine Nov. 28th. Almost finished healing. Should have done it sooner.

      The danglies look and feel so sexy. I l❤ve jewelry… especially with pink stones.

      Gen… 💋

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      Congrats Rei. I’ve also been wanting to get mine pierced too and will try to in the new year. For the time being I have been wearing silver magnetic studs for the last week or so. Wife likes them, so that’s a big bonus.

      I know what you mean about opening the floodgates though, as I’ve been looking at lots of cute designs recently as my wife wanted some Christmassy themed earrings, and it’s made me aware of a lot of designs that I’m very tempted to get in the future.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I know its a big step for many of you here but if you can get away with it you will love it. Had mine pierced for many years and since I love wearing earrings so much you will have such a large selection to choose from. So nice feeling the way they swing and feel next to your face is still an amazing feel and dont have to worry about losing them or the pinching from the ole clip ons.

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      I was going to do this during these holidays but unfortunately we went under lockdown AGAIN…. good things will just have to wait 🌷

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      Liz Craig
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      Did get mine redone back in November,I go to a friend’s tattoo shop whom does it right.She does not reuse the needles,get disposed of properly.First time I had my ears pierced was when I was 13,was my birthday present from my mom.Took me to a tattoo and piercing shop that an ex boyfriend of hers owned.

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      Robyn Drake
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      Can’t wait to get mine done. I was thinking about doing it over the holiday. I wanted to use a medical grade plastic for transparent studs, but that is not available in my area. So I will wait until this time next year, when I retire. to get them done with gold studs.

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      PY Marshall
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      Well done Rei, that ‘s a huge step and for the rest of you girls to. Mine have been done for years and i have never regretted it once. just another step for you all on the CD path of life. Pyxx.

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      Stephanie Tsalinn
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      Hi.Got my ears pierced while on holiday and before cursed virus took hold. Do love to wear simple pearl studs when getting dressed for my special friend.


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      Congrats honey….and all you other brave girls….

      I have written to “Liz”, as you really should all get a mention in the new year’s Honours list!!!!

      Baroness Grace ❤️

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      Hi Rei, got my ears pierced back in Nov. I Love it. Now I wonder why I waited so long!! I had 1 ear pierced a long time ago. I had it reopened. Now I have a double on the left side. Going back soon for the second on my right ear.  Hugs Rei!!

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I had mine done about six weeks ago I guess, healed up now. One thing I’ve found i had to get used to is trying not to snag them pulling on and off t-shirts and such. I’ve snagged one a couple times (should’ve learned the first time, but I’m hard to train) and bled a bit once, put the healing back a little. Be careful girls, it’s a dangerous thing, getting dressed! Lol!

      Bridgette vS

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      Paula F
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      Congrats Rei and Kay.  Due to my aversion to needles and such, I have never pierced mine.  I am happy with clip-ons, and I have a couple of packages of the clip-on conversion pieces to make pierced earrings into clip-ons, so I have even more choices now.


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      Congrats! I did my ears recently, they are still healing. To me, it represents a step for me to do what I want and not worry about what others think! You took a very big step! Enjoy!



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