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    Lorie Peace
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    I bought a set of self-piercing “guns” to get my ears pierced and ready for some real earrings. Woohoo!

    Six weeks ago, they came in the mail and I nervously “shot” myself in front of the mirror. You can find my post on this event in my profile.

    The instructions said to wait 6 weeks before removing, so I lived with the little studs glittering under my hair, patiently waiting to try the new earrings that I had bought for the occassion. It seemed like the training wheels posts were rather hard to remove, even tho I had “turned” the earrings every day. When I went to put the wires into the holes, they made it through the first hole, but it was hard to fidn the back hole. Meanwhile, the wire was fishing around under the skin and trashing the flesh in my lobe. Eventually the wire found the back hole and I was able to wear the earring with a surprising amount of irritation.

    As I was removing the wire earrings and replaicng the training posts, I thought about why my ears would not be healing and why they would still feel irritated after 6 weeks. I came to the surprising conclusion that it was caused by the anti-coagulants that keep me alive.

    So are there any other cumadin patients out there who had this kind of fun with earrings? How long did it take? Did you find a way to accelerate the healing process?

    Thank for any help you can offer.

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      I pierced my ears (myself) a few months ago and fortunately all was good after the 6 week ‘healing time’, but I was very careful to clean them at least twice a day and gently turn them.   Having said that, we all heal at different rates, so patience is the order of the day.

      All good now and can now wear anything, although I’ll avoid anything really heavy for a while yet.  In fact, at this stage, I don’t need a mirror to put earrings in.  It’s lovely having pierced ears – it really is so much better than clip-ons (some of which I have converted for pierced ears).

      One recommendation – buy some spare backs for when you lose one!

      Isabel x

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      Sally Drinkwater
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      Stick with the studs for a bit longer, put a dab of antiscepic cream on the shaft before replacing them. Sometimes the stud seals the hole which can infect the ear even with constant twirling.

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      Celeste Starre
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      Did you use antiseptic every time you turned them?  I know I had one ear done by a friend with a needle and the other in a salon with a gun years later.  The needle pierce healed much faster than the gun.

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      I wander as a diabetic if i should even try to have my ears pierced because i don’t heal well

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      Samantha Roarke
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      I am not a fan of a ear piercing gun, but I would pay to have my ears done by a licensed professional using a piercing needle. I feel it is a safer route to go and cleaner for that matter. As for the not healing if they start to get hot or swell you may want to remove the studs, also are the studs real medical stainless steel/titanium? If not you may have a reaction to the cheaper metal.


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        Lorie Peace
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        Hi Samantha, Thanks for note. Yes, it is surgical steel. I dip the lobes in hydrogen peroxide. They are not swollen, just not healed, yet.

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      Hi Lorie…

      Similar story here… Self pierced my ears on Nov. 28th. 2020. A little over 7 weeks in… the right lobe has healed while the left lobe is still a tad sensitive.

      I too have some trouble finding the exit hole. I have a pair of dangly earrings that are fairly easy to put in. The hooks are just at the right angle. The starter studs and other ‘straight’ pin earrings I have a tougher time getting through the back side. Perseverance pays off though.

      Give it a few more weeks Luv… you should be okay soon.

      Just out of curiosity… what brand of piercing kit did you go with ?

      Gen… ❤


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        Lorie Peace
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        Hi Gen, thanks, I guess I’m not crazy. I can be patient.

        Sorry, don’t remember the brand. Amazon search.

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