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    Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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    Ola my ladies, 

    How are you today?

    A challenge of verse I have,

    For you and I.


    I might make it regular,

    If it proves popular,

    Maybe fortnightly,

    With suggested terms.


    So from you  I ask,

    A poem today, 

    Of where your from and 

    How local cultural quirks.


    So now I’ll start,

    My entry this day.

    On my home Manchester,

    Of how we play 


    It is a place of England,

    North of Brummies,

    West of god’s land

    East if Scousers

    And south of the Scots.


    Sarcasm is key,

    To understand us,

    Like most northerners,

    We like to be tough.


    We like a drink,

    Or two or three,

    Or seventeen

    If appropriate you see. 


    The men love to fight,

    On a Friday and Saturday night.

    Almost as much as the women

    Who kick and bite. 


    It’s a multicultural place,

    Full of religions and people,

    From the world all around us

    We accept all.


    We tend to vote red,

    On the British spectrum,

    Unlike the southern softies,

    And there blue decent.


    As you see, 

    We love to poke and pry,

    At those around us,

    Frenemies awry.


    Like Blues to the east,

    Our southern kin,

    And the Europeans,

    That we like to kid. 


    We’re a liberal lot,

    Who don’t judge,

    Gay or straight,

    Black or white.

    We don’t care, 

    As long as you don’t start a fight. 


    So that’s my home,

    Of over twenty years,


    In north England. 


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      Grace Scarlett
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      Trish….I took up your challenge….but it’s another topic…don’t ask me why…I thought we could fill up the entire poetry corner with your responses……haha

      Grace xx

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      Tara Ryan
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      Hi Trisha,

      Quite a challenge you have thrown down here, I will do my best,


      Just like Trish I will make a start,

      A girl like her, with a Northern heart.

      In England’s fair land I do reside.

      But not the west it is the eastern side.

      A land that with a story to be told.

      Of hills and dales in this fair wold.

      Steel town sits quite nearby.

      With fishing folk on the coast do lie.

      Working hands toil on the farm.

      A language that your soul could calm.

      Friendly folk we are known to be.

      And known for cakes and cups of tea.

      For all my life I have walked this land.

      In heels and flats I’ve made my stand.

      To proudly state with great desire.

      I do live now in Lincolnshire.


      Eat your heart out William Wordsworth.


      Tara x.



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        Trisha Lilly Hibbert
        Registered On: December 8, 2020
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        A lovely place,

        it sounds to me,

        A place id like see,

        On a cycle though

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