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     Erica Cartman 
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    Hi, thanks for the info, maybe I can improve my pix. I just started cross dressing on a regular basis back in March. I also went on a diet and bought a lot of clothes and make up. I’ve lost what I consider to be a good start (25 lbs) on getting to my ideal weight and my pix have improved with every pound I loose. It is what keeps me on the diet along with exercise. Taking the pix is a way of seeing my progress, or not.  So if I get a bad pix it pushes me to improve my outfits, or as of late, MAKE UP. What I see and what the camera sees seems to differ plus being a newbie I only have videos to guide me. I wouldn’t mind getting a professional make over to see exactly what they do to achieve the result sometime.  Thanks again for the tips..Erica

     Sara Marie Franklin (SMF) 
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    I agree with all of them wish I would have had this when I started after about 4000 photos and tossing most of them I realized most of those suggestions.  Thanks for Posting this it is great and will help a lot in the future. : )

    Sara Marie

     Carolyne Sherman 
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    Well I guess its good you posted this because I violated at least 6 of the 5. 😂😂. Thanks for sharing.


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