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    NOTE: side-bar brief conversation with brief reference to wholesome nudism (*not lewd*, no details shared), apologies in advance if this is somehow offensive & happy to have it removed if somehow in violation of site regulations.

    Interesting story about how actions can lead to unexpected results.

    Just this afternoon, my wife and I were having a conversation about home duties, chores, and what not.
    One thing led to another and she made a gentle & playful assertion that I was a “kept man” (in part because I work from home, and thus do not mind doing extra when time permits, also I had mentioned that I barely leave the home anymore.)
    In context, she has a number of medical appointments she must keep, on top of occasional school appointments.
    Also I am not physically bound to the home, I could come and go as I wish, it is my responsibilities and circumstances that create a situation where I rarely leave.

    This led to some playful banter about how we enjoy playing the role reversal on gender stereotypes (playfully and with good humor, have done since early in our relationship).
    As part of this I “playfully” suggested if I was a kept man, perhaps she should treat me to a nice skirt or dress every now and again.
    Her (unexpected) response was “That can be arranged!”.

    At hearing this my normally hard to shake demeanor took a serious tumble, did I just hear that right?!
    This is the woman (whom I love), who’s response to me relating a dream where I was dressed as a woman, and how I felt inspired (upon waking), to lik the idea for real life, to be a cause for “instant divorce”.

    Of course I immediately recovered myself, said “Please do!”, and her response was “Well ok then!”
    After a few mins we got back to the major topic of conversation she had in mind, as she tends to get stuck on resolving such things before she’s open to another topic.
    I waited for such a break, paused my efforts on the dishes, came out and kissed her passionately, and spoke clearly into her eyes that I very much liked the idea, and for her to please remember so we can make it happen (perhaps even get her some new clothes also?)
    Being a careful study of character, I did not notice any hesitation, and she seemed be of a semi-interested mind.

    This is the farthest it has come in our whole relationship.

    Early in our relationship, we still lived apart (same city, different apartments, we were still dating so this was normal.)
    I would invite her over for evenings, and slowly I gave her a taste of (very light) cross-dressing by way of also normalizing my nudism lifestyle with her (without going into a lot of details.)
    Specifically, as it would get very warm in the summer, I would invite her to change out of her evening wear into a long tasteful sarong I had bought just for her (kept it laundered, fresh, and neatly folded in the same place for her use during visits.)
    Much like visiting a spa, and being invited to change into a robe if one was so inclined.
    She was inclined to do so, being comfortable and empowered to make her own choices (and in the privacy of my home, eventually our home.)
    I would do the same with mine, and our evening would then proceed as normal, sharing beverages, good food, and conversation, now both dressed in tasteful long sarongs only (usually barefoot also).
    This progressed further naturally as years progressed (in a very wholesome manner), but will avoid non-relevant details or going off topic (so as not to potentially offend site-regs.)

    All of this side-bar to inform of the only experience she has had with regards to this gurl and dressing in forms other than “standard male” fashion.

    Thus, this gurl continues to “play the slow game” and “normalize” where possible.
    It is my hope this investment in time and patience will pay off in the dividends of eventual acceptance (and possibly support if it goes really well.)

    It would be a dream come true to eventually share in a “Girl’s / Gurl’s” night out with the few friends she has left.
    Always good to have some far off goals in mind to “steer” by.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi again Nikki as Im one of the lucky one and have full support from my wife of 39 years came out to her just after we were married .. So its been a wonderful road in our lifes we shop together and she supprises me sometimes with a Stephanie item of cute or sexy ohh la la   ha ha .. When after a few years married she came to realize that there was two of us here so that made the home chores broke into thirds and guess what didnt see this coming wife gets one third and Yes we as Stephanie and hubby gets the other two thirds  hum  dont mind tho girl time is a blast ha ha ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Hi Nikki,

      Nice to come across another sarong fan. I enjoy wearing sarongs too – the simplest of clothing.

      Marti xxx

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        Nikki Pink
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        Well met fellow sarong lover! 🙂

        Indeed, they are great, so very flowly, can be very bold or muted, and soft upon the skin.
        Also good flexibility to act as a wrap when going to the beach, can be a whole summer dress, or just a top or bottom, also a convenient sun-shade!
        I dare say, if a towel is key gear for a “Hitch Hiker” (to reference Douglas Adams), than perhaps a sarong is similarly key for a lady? 🙂

        Simple is often the best as I see it, certainly easier to affect than complex outfits with lots of bits.
        Though this gurl is still trying to get over the lack of pockets challenge…

        This gurl had better figure out some sort of minimal / barefoot sandals & anklets solution though, as the warmer weather is coming to her part of the world.
        Will need to consider a visit to the pedicurist also…

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      Jane Mansfield
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      Hi Nikki, consensus works in a relationship. Why cant both people carry the load.
      My wife and I buy surprise presents, and come up with some dream holidays.
      Roles can be interchanged as us needed.
      A win win for both people.
      A nice suurprise though from your wife.
      Best Wishes

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        Nikki Pink
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        Agreed Jane.

        We do coordinate where able to enable success for all.
        Having a little one in the mix does complicate matters, so I tend to favor the chores while my wife enjoys time with our child.

        Naturally, we do switch off on that also, it is just simply how it tends to work out.

        Indeed, had another nice surprise related to this when out to a social function last night.
        Will continue to work together as a team, while at the same time slowly introducing & normalizing bit by bit (as organically as possible.)

        Have a great weekend,
        – nikki

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