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      I am pretty excited to go for a professional bra fitting at a specialty store for Cis women next week. They are welcoming me as a new client/customer. Any do’s and don’ts to offer?

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      I’ve been three times to a lingerie specialty shop for fittings. The first two times I was in drab, and the last time I went as the woman I now am.  It is definitely worth it to have your measurements accurately taken and a recommended cup size determined.  When I tried doing it by myself I figured I needed a 44D bra, but having ladies who know what they’re talking about made such a difference. They looked at my frame and chest shape, took into the fact that I already have A/B cup boobs, and asked me what my goals were.

      I told them I am transgender and was planning on transitioning. They brought me several types of of bras to try on, and with them in the dressing room with me, checked to see how they fit and explained and showed me why they recommended the size I bought.  You can’t be embarrassed to have a lady see you in a bra because you’re going to be doing it for at least an hour.  They also had me try on different tops to see how the different bras looked with clothing on.  The bras they sold me, and the size I now use all the time, is a 42C, and they fit perfectly.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      I’d love to book one. I was set up to go to Victoria Secret for a fitting just before Covid hit and they had to cancel my appointment. As for do’s and don’ts I don’t have anything on that. When I called to book it I asked for a manager and asked if she was ok with doing a fitting for a cd male.

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      i have had 3 bra fittings in Canada and was treated with respect all 3 times although the first place took me to the cleaners


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      Yes I have, on the recommendation of a work colleague. It was a small Lingerie boutique in a nearby town, my colleague noticed the boutique Facebook page said it treats everybody the same regardless of age, size, shape, and gender! And the owner used to be a nurse, which my colleague and me are.

      I emailed her asking what her feelings were about me making an appointment. She was happy to help, and gave me some advice about the appointment, which she would give me her undivided attention in the fitting room while her only employee looked after the front shop.
      I rocked up in full Bianca mode. She complimented me on my appearance and bravery. Then asked me what I wanted. I wanted two things, a nice bra to fit with my forms, and a padded bra to make the most of my own little boobs if I wanted to show a little cleavage. I took my top off and again she complimented me on the bra I had on as it seemed to fit well, she said my bra fitted me better than a lot of her first time female clients who come with badly fitting bras.

      I got two beautiful bras, one padded and one to wear with my forms. They were both so comfy. I also got matching knickers for both. Gladly paid more than I would in a supermarket, as they were good quality, and she just made me feel so at ease, as if I should be there, and was one of her female clients. She had fitted post mastectomy women with similar Brest forms to fill their bras.

      It was another huge step for me, a great confidence boost, and I was just so happy at the acceptance and warm friendly reception I got. Some will say yeah good sales pitch, but she genuinely had a passion for her work. I also learned an important lesson from her, the labels on bra sizes are not always accurate, one make of 36B bra will not fit the as a 36B in another brand. I wore a 36C to the appointment but she sold  me a 36D which was so comfy and fitted my forms perfectly.

      B x

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      I went to a mastectomy shop to get fitted for a bra and forms. It’s an expensive way to go but I felt it was worth it. Their appointments are all private and I called ahead to make sure it would be ok. The biggest thing I learned was that every brand sizing is different. The Amoena brand that a lot of mastectomy shops use is what they carried and a 42A with a size 7 form was the right fit for me. Since my band measurement is only 37 inches I was shocked at this and also shocked at how big the cups were for an A cup bra. So I now have one brand that I am comfortable that will fit me well and it was a wonderful girly experience. I went in male mode since I haven’t been out dressed but showed the owner who fitted me a picture of Michelle. She couldn’t have been nicer and treated me like a girl friend. I can’t say I leaned any don’ts but I would make sure they know ahead of time that they are going to be fitting a crossdresser.

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      Never had a fitting, just trial and error until I got it right for me with the forms I use (C cup forms)

      With no forms I can wear a 40B and with a 42C/D depending on the style of bra.

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      I’ve never had a bra fitting but I’ve fit myself and three wives and assorted girlfriends. After 50 years I have a pretty good eye for a well fitting bra.

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      Getting a professional bra fitting is the best why to get the right size bra.
      If you use breast forms bring them with you.A good bra fitter will know the size of them and get you the right size bra and also fits with your forms. Act like you belong there because you do! It is your money and your lifestyle! It is a good idea to call the store and find out if it is trans supportive store. Ask them when would be the best time for you to go! When they fit you do what they say as to removal of clothing. I wear a sung stretchy female tank top under my tops! They like that because it is more sanitary as well more comfortable for them!They will measure right over the tank top and you try on the bras over it too!

      If you are going to get aroused from the fitting or trying on the bras or other clothing! Well do something before you got to the store. You know what I’m saying. While you are trying on bras and the fitter may come to the dressing room while you are trying them on! The will knock and you tell them you state of undress and weather or not to allow them in if you don’t feel comfortable. A lot of fitters will work with you and assist you with the bra and see if it fits right. Sometimes you you can walk out of the dressing room to better mirrors to see how you look! If you want to do that ask them first if it is ok. they may tell you to wear your top over because other women may be in dressing rooms.
      It is a great idea to buy at least one bra or other clothes. It shows that you are seriously there to shop and not waste their time. Thats about it! If you treat them right they will treat you right! When I shop in the stores, a lot of time I tip the person who helped me and then I’m loved in that store!

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      J J

      Be courteous and clean. Just be a normal human being seeking professional advice and be respectful of that advise. It really isn’t rocket science, just be yourself. All you are doing is being fitted for a piece of clothing. Sure, it is not something males “normally” wear, but so what, it is still just  clothing.

      If you i tend to wear your bra with forms, bring the forms, or anything else that may be specific to the bra you will be wearing. In other words, if you are buying a bra to wear with a specific outfit, bring it. It would be silly to buy a strapless bra to wear with a strapless gown only to find the bra shows because it has a different cut then the gown.

      Mostly just relax and enjoy the experience. It is no big deal, and if the shop makes it one, just go somewhere else.  The shop sells bras and you ate buying a bra, it is as simple as that. There is no reason gender needs to be an issue. Just think of it as going in for a sock fitting.

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      Caty Ryan

      Hi ladies

      Here’s my “two cups” worth

      Also, there’s a lingerie store here in Melbourne that openly advertises on the internet that they will do bra fittings for males. And more “power to their bra band” for doing so

      But YUKKKKK and Paalease

      At least have the bloke in the photo wearing a bra get rid of his VERY hairy chest before they take the shot… completely destroys the “Illusion”. Hint to name of store and for other Aussie CDH members it’s in “Dame Edna” country

      We also have another 3 stores that I am aware will fit males. One of which actually sponsors the local CD group

      Happy (bra) dressing



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      Actually after viewing these responses I am thinking that the better solution is a mastectomy salon. I’ve contacted “Look Beyond” here in Ottawa and they are happy to see me soon.

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      never had a bra fitting, it does sound like a fun time.  Due to my “correct: band size” it wold be a full size bra which I do not prefer, I like the looks of the for band size 36 B/C

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      Ginger’s first fitting was at a lingerie dept. Very nervous,didn’t call in advance. SA very nice and calming. Second fitting at a mastectomy shop. Called for approval and appt. Not as nervous, also bought forms to fit. Both experiences were good. Just be positive and respectful. Let us know how fitting went.
      Hugs Ginger

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      If you girls have a Soma store in your area I highly recommend them they are very CD friendly and always ask if I need to be fitted when bra shopping they also have the most comfortable bras and panties.

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      I visited one of our local Lane Bryant stores and got measured (bra fitted – 44C), was able to discuss my bra various needs/desires with the staff and addressed by my name (Kathy). Weeks later I went back to that bbw women’s store and actually got help trying on various bras. The sales woman was very helpful with suggestions for proper bra fit for me, commenting on my breasts (she saw me wearing the bras), and helping me choose a good bra to purchase. I felt comfortable and accepted (as any woman should be).

      Good place to check:



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      You enjoy wearing a bra more if it is professionally sized to your body. I have had a professional fitting for my natural breast in a push up bra which I wear almost daily and love them. If you are going to get one while wearing forms then bring the forms. I have cups for both with forms and without them. And as said be sure your chest is well shaven before going and dont feel you need to be embarassed because they have seen lots of men over time

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      I had a bra fitting with trip to Macy’s. Sales lady knew I was a guy, estimated my bra/dress size, and made sure that the “coast was clear” on a dressing room. Now, this is no longer my first rodeo, and I just pick out dresses/get a dressing room, like I’m one of the girls. Restrooms–those are a touchy subject these days–I’ll just smile.

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      Loving this thread.  I’ve never gone for a professional fitting but I’m carefully following the responses here.

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