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      Hi girls, just a new little odyssey on my journey.  My wife is fairly supportive of stephanie and has encouraged her in many ways from ear piercing to pajamas lingerie etc.   She is very used to seeing me in bra, panties and nighties of various forms but always in the morning.  Not so much in the day or early evening.  She has also seen me in girlie jeans and blouses, but not very often.

      Well the last two days, after my day, I have changed into my bigger bust bra, floral blouse and my skinny jeans.  So I am a bit dressed when she comes home.  Something she is not used to.  I think it has made her wonder a bit. She has said nothing negative and often refers to me as stephanie ( which always melts me) .

      I just think that showing her bit by bit where I am at is a good thing and hopefully she will be there with me

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      Don’t push that envelope into the mailbox yet! Have that ‘female’ intuition that she’s sending you a yellow caution light signal. Stop now before it turns red🤔

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        Meghan, I so agree and am taking things very slow.  Just showing a bit courage.  She is great and will take all in stride or let me know I have gone out of her comfort zone and that is the zone I respect

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        Still in the zone, she came home and all is well.  had a great dinner changed into our nighties (pink fuzzy pajamas for me, that she bought for me) and watched a nice movie. All in all a wonderful stephanie evening

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      Stephanie i think Meghan nailed it don’t push the envelope too far, too fast!

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      Hope it goes well for you.


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      “I think it has made her wonder a bit.”  “I just think that showing her bit by bit where I am at is a good thing and hopefully she will be there with me.”  

      I am in no way a therapist, but am currently in couple’s therapy.  And I know what our therapist would say about statements like these – you think or assume you know what she’s thinking, but unless/until you communicate with her to learn/understand what she’s really thinking, there may be trouble ahead.  Marriage therapy can be summarized in one word: communicate (early and often).   I hope this helps.

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        Thanks Mona and I totally agree communication is the best.  Thankfully I feel we are communicating and she is letting me know that she is ok with a bit of expansion and she will let me know in no uncertain terms when I am crossing a line she is not comfortable with

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        I couldn’t agree with you more!

        What we are thinking is usually far from what our husbands assume we are thinking in this situation.

        Usually, us not saying something is an indicator that we are uncomfortable and don’t know what to say at that moment. Our lack of a verbal response is then misinterpreted that something is okay when it isn’t.

        Pushing the envelope and hoping for the best is disrespectful and a dangerous game to play with a spouse.

        A “how would you feel about…” conversation would be more appropriate.


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          Girl! You are so right! Silence is not golden. Communication prior to action is worth diamonds. Not communicating I believe comes from our want, or desire to do more and our fear of the word no. Your SO deserves to know what you want to do. Yes it’s scary but the truth leads you where you both can thrive as one or apart.

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          What a lovely heart felt sincere reply ❤️ It’s always wonderful to hear a GG female’s take in this issue. Remember the well know book ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus’?

          That was the phycological comparison of ‘ normal men’, NOT  us crossdressers. My supportive accepting wife of 52 years has many times repeated our mantra “ it’s just a piece of cloth… it’s not hurting anyone’!

          Oh yes it does😞, but many of us are hung up in our obsession and in the ‘Pink Cloud ‘ to realize it and accept our SO perspectives.


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      Trish White

      From what you’ve said and how supportive your wife is I would definitely say you’re on the right track Stephanie. You are one lucky girl so treat your wife well girl. I’ve been married for 46 years and it’s only been in the last 2 years that she has become more accepting of my crossdressing. I can only hope she becomes a supportive wife as well but if not I’m feeling blessed that she’s come as far as she has. Good luck on the rest of your journey Girl.

      Trish 💖

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      Your wife is fabulous for most of us its something we could only dream about.
      Sarah xx

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