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      Well today was interesting.  It started out with my SO and actually having sex.  May not sound like a big deal but, its been more than a couple of years! No idea what brought it on but don’t question it.

      Got dressed in my normal gurl jeans, panties and camisole under my shirt and we went out shopping.  Of course I found a great pair of booties that i did not buy, but with SO’s encouragement, i am going back tomorrow to get them!

      At another store we were looking at clothes in the womans section.  I found a pull over sweater that is the perfect color for a multi colored pair of jeans I bought recently, and while looking at it SO called me over to show me another sweater she thought I might like, and i tried it on again at her suggestion, but it was just a tad small.  Yes, it was a womans sweater!  I did buy the one I found and she bought a couple for herself!

      Strange but good day for my femme self.  No idea where this is coming from, shes been so against it all, but I’ll just k33p goimg with it.

      Love and hugs,




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      Thanks for sharing your story with us. It was lovely and encouraging.

      Hugs & kisses,

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      Great Becka
      Accept those wonderful moments when they happen. Don’t question why. Cherish as a magical memory
      Luvs Hugs. Ginger

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      That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. It brings me hope.


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      What a wonderful day for you!  Hope it’s the start of a new level of acceptance in your relationship.



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      Stephanie Flowers

      Wonderful hearing thankyou for sharing your experience.

      Stephanie 🌷

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      Congrats Becka on a wonderful time out and he he at home .. Now as a treat to your wife to tell her thank you a wonderful dinner out on the town with a card thanking her for the wonderful day you had as Becka and The bennifits of hubby also no extras just a wonderful time and you appreciate it from both of you .. Good luck girlfriend and hopes for another wonderful day ..


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      Happy to hear about your wifes acceptance. Don’t think too much about it but just enjoy. She may lose interest again but hopefully its a step in the right direction for bonding.

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Wow Becka what a wonderful day you had! I think it’s safe to say a good amount of us ladies here would kill for the same experience, I know I would! (maybe not kill)


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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      How cool is that!  So happy for you Becka!

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      Hi Becka i wish i could go out shopping for Fem clothes with my wife, It must be nice to have an understanding SO X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      Thank you all so much for your replies, but whatever it was it didn’t last!

      I had intended to go buy those boots today but I started thinking there are 2 other pairs of flats/loafers I need and will wear more day to day, so I opted to to not spend the money on one pair of boots and wait to get 2 pairs of shoes.

      I let SO know I’d probably be going to the (shoe) store and she went off. She just purged a bunch of shoes she didn’t wear anymore, and started in on me about getting rid of shoes, I have too many, on and on and on. Oddly enough when I saw her doing this I thought I would do the same. So I did! We put them in a pile and she tallied them up for donation and all along was being very critical about some of the “boots” I was donating, saying how awful or ugly they wore, she would never wear anything like them, on and on. I told her I didn’t care what she thought and they weren’t for her anyway. She made some sort of rude reply, but that was the whole day today. Just real critical of me and my things.

      What a bummer, can’t stand the back and forth crap!

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Oh Becka,

      I was so happy you had such a wonderful day, now I feel awful for you having to go through that crappy day afterwards!

      I hope you can catch a break and get more of those beautiful days of acceptance from her!

      💕Lara 🤗

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