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    stephanie plumb
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    This morning I slipped into a chemise over my newly showered and shaved naked body.  Don’t worry!  It’s not that sort of post. It got me thinking about how we experience our feminine identity.

    Slipping on something feminine is a trigger that releases our feminine nature.  Our male identity fades into the background, as we become the woman we are or aspire to be. It is a very powerful stimulus. The more female the article is, the more powerful the feelings that it releases. In my case it’s lingerie and shoes.

    As I slipped on the silky chemise  my perception of myself was so strong that I transformed into a female version of my biological body. Excuse the awkwardness of my phraseology; I am finding it difficult to get the right words out that do justice to the emotional context of what I am trying to say.   The maleness of my body faded away as my female identity took over. My skin felt softer.  My arms hung looser, my whole body relaxed it’s muscle tone,  and a calmness washed over me. And it felt good too.

    My positive “femme reinforcement loop” kicked in.  I can feel the thin straps across my shoulders, which look smooth and soft. There is no indication of their male width.  One strap slips down; I automatically flip it back up. Joy. Another female response to add to the 10,000 I need to build a new neural pathway in my feminised brain.

    I feel the lightness and soft caress of the material. There is no male equivalent of this experience.          Y-fronts just don’t do it.

    Also my female memory map has kicked in. I automatically  stand and  move as the female I am.  I walk past a mirror and glance at myself.  I don’t see a man in a slip. I see a woman in a lovely purple chemise with a lacy hem and lace around the bust area.  I love the way it glides over my skin as I pass by.  This visual feedback reinforces  my femininity and adds to the neural pathway tally I need to rewire my brain.

    Sorry about my stumbling words. I hope I have managed to get across something of the joy I experienced just doing something as simply feminine as putting on a chemise.

    Stephanie P

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      I don’t know mostly now I underdress all the time. Today black lace panties and black lace bra, under jeans and a shirt. My little A cups barely show through but I know the bra is there! And I had on makeup with a little blush. My outing for the day was to go get my hair cut by a new stylist. I am sure he read me may have been the pink fingernails but we got on like two girls (he is the fem in his marriage just as I hate to say it I am with my GGwife). Walking the sidewalks was a thrill I can’t describe there were people out and no one seemed to notice much less made a comment, that I heard. And having someone to talk to more or less as my female self was unbelievable. So far me it is the whole process of getting ready and going out that makes me fell feminine. Oh just to say my wife says she likes the hair style but I am not sure I guess tomorrow will tell when I have to recreate it. So if you hear a lot of bad language coming from Missouri tomorrow you will know I am not happy lol. Or maybe I will be in the market for a wig lol.

      anyway I don’t know if this has really had anything to do with the topic but I it is my two cents.


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      Amanda Burton
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      All the usual feminine things, waxing, moisturiser, make – up etc. But for me it’s coming home, hot shower  slipping into my purple silk nightdress, fluffy slippers and pottering around the house as Amanda

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      Caroline Ross
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      Really well written Stephanie.

      I think I am like Krista my feminine nature is not far below the surface and there are things that trigger it.

      For instance I was in a friends consignment store and I tried on a floor length (fake) fur coat. I felt so girly.



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      Alicen Thairms
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      An insightful description of the change when dressing; for the emergence of the female side.

      I’ve been writing some notes down in my journal about the ‘transformation effect’,  your description has reminded me of some bits I left out.

      I will read other responses with interest 🙂

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Stephanie P

      back with a bang….golly I could read your post over and over, closely followed by Laura’s….sheer bliss !!

      For me ???…I tend to use hair removal cream, and it’s that feeling in the shower as the hot water washes ” him” out of me, and down the plug hole where he belongs….and then that “smooth all over’ feeling as I dry myself……golly girl, calm down. Well, anyway, that’s what hits the spot for me……..smiles, grace xx

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      Thanks for the topic Stephanie, for me, my feminine nature is with me all the time, even when wearing male clothing.  And then there are the triggers that reinforce that feminine nature.  I could be out in male clothing and someone calls me Ma’am (which happens weekly) and that’s a positive trigger.  Or as you say, I slip into some lovely and lacy feminine attire, and that’s another trigger that reinforces my feminine nature. Really enjoyed reading your post and the comments by the other members.  Thanks again, Stay healthy, stay safe, All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      Trina Girl
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      Such lovely thoughts Stephanie,,,that switch from drab masculinity to wonderful femininity feels so good,,so natural, that it tends to occupy my thoughts all the time…It is so addicting, so appealing to slip into lingerie, hose,,a nice dress, and to become myself!

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      Kay Anderson
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      A few days ago, I was stepping out of the shower and I looked up at the mirror. For a second I saw a women’s body. The feeling is pure bliss when the outside is congruent with the inside. This feeling also happens for me when wearing makeup and a wig. It is heavenly when I can feel the hair on my shoulders. I keep pondering, how can I make this permanent.

      Wonderful subject and responses!

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        stephanie plumb
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        This happens to me too. More and more frequently as my brain rewires itself.  My feminised brain filters out the maleness it doesn’t want to see.  Some might call it wishful thinking, but I disagree.  It is a real experience. Do we mentally “photoshop” the incoming images?  I think we do.

        Our brains can’t process all the stimuli that constantly bombard us, so it ignores most of them and focuses on what is important for our survival and to experience and navigate our environment safely.   I think it’s called “selective filtering.”   But there is also emotional filtering too, and we concentrate on stimuli which give us pleasure.   As you say, it’s pure bliss. Perhaps we also manipulate these enhanced images of our female self to alter the tactile stimuli too. For example our skin feels softer.

        It’s like an enhanced feeling of well being. We actually see a physical image of our true selves projected onto the image we see in the mirror. Isn’t it wonderful?

        Stephanie P

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      Laura Lovett
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      It’s true, Stephanie!

      The whole process of bathing, shaving, dressing and getting the makeup on is a release, both of the male side and the female side.

      I enjoy every part, from luxuriating in perfumed bubbles, to gliding on various bathing products – exfoliating scrubs after shaving are particularly delicious, and then the final moisturise – wow!!!

      It’s not possible to identify the point at which tired, grey masculinity slips away – is it when the bra goes on?

      Is it as the tights or stockings delicately encase the legs?

      Maybe it’s while the foundation is being applied, the soft brushes chasing away the manly face, ushering in the woman and the intoxicating aroma of the makeup keeping us hypnotised as the blemishes and wrinkles melt away from our face?

      The lovely colours of the eyeshadow palette as we work on our masterpieces – the windows to the feminine soul, framed lovingly with eyeliner, curtained with mascara.

      The final “pop” as lipstick completes the facial transformation, or the wig, which makes her smile back at you in all her glory, perhaps?

      It could be that the silky swish, as the skirt navigates the legs, or the dress envelopes the body sends him on his way – or does he finally make his exit once the outfit is complete and we pause awhile, to see what details need to be attended to, such as jewellery, a slight makeup smudge, and offending crease or stray wisp of hair…

      Or maybe it’s the rush of going out – the moment of truth – will people like this look as much as I do? Then the affirmation – the first person who looks at you and smiles. The wide eyes and slightly parted lips tell you everything. One person other than you thinks that you look nice.

      Any further smiles are a bonus, but you’re not looking for them any more, just noticing.

      Haters gonna hate – you are the best beautiful lady you can be right now, no longer a gentleman – that person is someone else in your past. And that beauty isn’t as much on the carefully prepared surface, as deep inside, projecting way out there, bringing joy to others as well as to yourself  – it’s a strange but beautiful feeling!

      Love Laura

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        stephanie plumb
        Registered On: November 17, 2018
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        Thanks for your wonderful reply, Laura.

        What an eloquent voice you have!  You knock my stumbling inadequate words into a cocked hat (one of his expressions. Sorry.  He’s gone now…..).   I have to work a lot harder than you to get my thoughts down these days.  Perhaps it’s my illogical feminised brain.  Whatever, your words are an inspiration to me to try harder.

        It is all of the above in your reply of course, and each little feminine thing we do builds onto the previous one and enhances our state of euphoria.   So as I don’t have to repeat myself please read my response to Kay’s reply about how our feminised brain alters the images we see.

        By the way, you seem to have gone out without your shoes on.

        Love , Stephanie P

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      Christina Roberts
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      Ohhh Stephanie…you caught me out early in your comment you devil you (lol)….  but seriously you described that feeling us girls get so beautifully.   Right to the heart for me and i feel the same feminine in me blossom out when slipping on lingerie that when slipping them on i also feel my horrid male side slipping away to be replaced by such warm womanly desires and feelings, The when dressing complete i too look in the mirror and just see Christina, a woman in heart and soul with my mind so at peace and happy.  Yes,  with preparation before the dressing…. that wonderful all consuming feeling of being feminine washing over us… its a beautiful feeling.  Thank you for such a lovely article. xx

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