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    I had a makeover last week and thought I’d report back for all the lovely girls that replied to my earlier post. I have also posted a few pictures on my profile.

    I was very nervous when I arrived. We met at a coffee shop nearby. The makeup artist is a trans lady, she is quite tall, but genuinely beautiful. She is really a professional make up artist, but does this as a sideline to helps girls like us.

    We walked the short distance to her flat where we chatted for maybe 20 minutes about how I felt as a crossdresser and my wife’s issues with it. She was very understanding and helpful. She also discussed the fact I would be stripped down to my panties for costume changes and makeup. She said it was up to me, she would keep out of the way until I was suitably covered or she could help. It seemed sensible to get proper help especially if I was to have false nails so I said lets do it. I did feel awkward to begin with, but she was so business like about it I soon got used to the fact I was down to my lingerie with another person.

    During the makeup stage I wore panties, tights and a silk and lace wrap. It seemed to take quite a long time, during which I wondered whether it was worth all the hassle to be honest. I thought this just isn’t me and my nerves hadn’t settled, although it was nice to be wearing feminine things and having a girly chat. She explained what she was doing as she went along, but I didn’t see until the grand reveal when to be honest I was blown away. It just didn’t look like me, I looked like a pretty women!

    Immediately my whole persona changed, I sat, moved and talked like a a confident women who felt beautiful and sexy. I felt so happy.

    First we put on a polka dot dress that I own and did a photoshoot. She was very professional, constantly adjusting and telling me how to pose. After a while I really got into it and was posing outrageously. I felt totally feminine and absolutely loved it. Next it was the PVC miniskirt and stockings which she helped me to change into due to the nails. Back to the photo shoot this time behaving like some sort of seductress on the bed. I haven’t posted those because a lot of stocking top is on show.

    In between there was a bit of sitting down and chatting, which was fabulous to do as a women. She kept complimenting me which was nice, even though I am sure she does the same with everyone. She did seem to like my legs and said I had beautiful ankles and encouraged me to show as much leg as possible. There was never any hint of anything inappropriate though, which was a relief.

    Lastly I put on a little black party dress in the pictures. It was gorgeous, short with sequins and beads, I felt a million dollars. She said I would easily pass in a trans friendly bar or club. We even had a bit of a boogie! If she had said to me come on let’s go out, I think I would have done. In fact I nearly suggested it, perhaps next time. I was genuinely sad when I it was time to take it off. In total I was there for 5 hours and the photoshoots were probably three hours.

    I have one nearer to home booked in July, and am likely to go for a lingerie shoot in that one, and maybe out in to the big wide world for a cup of coffee.

    All in all I enjoyed it a lot and have never felt so fabulous.

    Natasha x

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      Barbie Satin
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      Hi Natasha

      I am so happy you had such a great time with your make up artist. My advice is that you should try and become friends with her. One of the greatest blessings a girl can have is to be close friends with her make up artist.

      Mine was a genius who worked as a hairdresser at a Baltimore salon. Greg didn’t just give me a make over, he gave me a rebuild from the ground up into a new me. We became very close friends and would do things like have days where we would watch movies with pizza and beer together.

      I spent the night my mom died with my make up artist. There are just three people on this earth I love like family and he is one of them.

      For cosmetics he used mostly Ben Nye pro stage make up. It beats Mac by a mile. They sell a product called Final Seal. It is like a liquid Styrofoam that seals your make up in place. It is used by stage performers who sweat under hot lights to keep their make up in place. It is wonderful stuff for doing photos or a night out.



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        Natasha Inaskirt
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        Great advice thanks x

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      Marg Produe
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      It sounds like you had a really great time Natasha.  Your pics are terrific!  The first time I had a professional makeover was also a very memorable event for me.  After that experience I saw why I was being misgendered so often.  It changed my life.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  Marg

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      Congrats Natasha. You look amazing in those pics! I have never had a makeover before but I definitely would like to. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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      Raquel Smith
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      It’s great to hear you had a wonderful time.  Your photos are smashing.

      Much love,


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      Angela Booth
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      Wow Natasha you look gorgeous and so natural in that polka dot dress. Do you think you have found a look you feel comfortable in? I hope that you took away some good advice and encouragement to find the real you.

      It is really good of you to show what can be achieved by having a makeover and is an inspiration for girls to overcome fears and go for it. Thank you Natasha.

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        Natasha Inaskirt
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        Thanks, I think my style is probably the party dress and the polka dot dress. I just loved the freedom of wearing them. I really was ready to go clubbing in the party dress!

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