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    So I work for in the damage department at a well known delivery company. Anyways, I was working on a box that had a cleaner leak on it, so I had to put the product, which was still okay, into another box. Going through the box, I came across a pair of Mossimo Kylea pumps. Black. Right away I couldn’t how cute they looked. I instantly wanted a pair. I have never bought ladies shoes before, but I wanted to today. As the time clicked away I started to think those were a size 7 in women. I wear a size 12. In mens! If they made a pair that big, I bet they wouldn’t be near as cute. Its times like these, I really do envy women. I’m finding more and more everyday, when I look at women, I am no longer checking out them so much as I am the clothing. Does anyone else have this issue? Does it make you upset when you realize when an article of clothing might good on women, but not on your giant feet, as is my case. The rest of my day I spent it kind of down, wishing I could look fabulous, but as a man, would never achieve.

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      Not being able to dress at work is certainly a frustration.  I find what I can get away with though and try to focus on that.  As far as shoes, I totally understand. I am trying to focus on finding a few good pairs in different styles – boots, pumps, flats, wedge, etc.  I would like to wear more feminine tops, but the cut of a woman’s shirt is totally off unless I am wearing a bra with forms and a high waisted pant or skirt.  They just aren’t meant for a tall woman with a smaller cup and broad shoulders.

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      I always check out the shoes. Nothing makes me feel sexier than some 4 inch heels.

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      I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I see women wearing outfits that I know just won’t look as good on my masculine body. It’s frustrating seeing so many smaller shoe sizes on racks, but not finding my size.

      The utltimate “annoyance” is seeing women at work wearing what they would like, and knowing all that I would have to risk by coming out of my closet at work.

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      I can attest to the same things here at my office as well. We have a lot of 20 and 30somethings in outr office and I always find myself wondering how that would look and feel on me and why I didn’t let my feminine side out sooner so I could enjoy those clothes when I had the figure for it!

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      I too can sympathize with your feelings.  Lately, I have found myself doing it more and more often.  My most interesting such experience happened when I met my sister for lunch.  Having come from a meeting at work, she was wearing a beautiful business-style dress.  My first thought in complimenting her dress was to ask were she had found it – something for which I would have had no acceptable explanation.


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      Oh, I know what you mean Nicola.  I’ll see another woman wearing an outfit and it’s so cute or a pair of hot boots and I’ll wonder how good I would look in that……then I realize that I will never look like that. No matter how much I wish and hope, I can never look like that.  Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

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      I know how you feel about work. I even did a little check to make sure no one was watching me examining the pumps. I would be mortified if anyone found out my cross dressing secret at work.  The environment there is a very manly environment. No room for my feminine side to come out, and that is all I want of late. I feel the girl in me winning the battle more and more every day.

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      I know what you mean I worked in an office building and there is a lot of attractive well-dressed women and I find myself more more checking out their outfits then I do them now and oh I would wear that or I would buy that oh how can I get that oh how I so much want to just ask them about it but I cannot I’m a chef by nature and by profession and I must be strong and manly😭

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