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      Hi Ladies,

      So I was out at Kohl’s last night for setting to do after getting changed after work.

      I am always looking for new clothes and shoes.

      Is it me or has the price of everything gone nuts?

      I was looking at tops that I expected to be 20 to 30 dollars and they were 80 to 90. Simple black dress for 100. Runner came it at 95.  With the prices I am going to need to thrift more.


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      Its ridiculous what things cost today and many markups are for no real reason except price gouging by corporations. Womens clothes and products have always been overpriced so shopping around can save you a lot of money. Good luck!

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      J J

      I do believe rising prices are complicated and do to many factors. For one, the cost of clothing have been ridiculously cheap in the recent past. With the advent of more companies making an effort to ethically source there materials and labor we are seeing a truer cost of items.

      Personally, I would rather buy a $90 top from Patagonia rather then a $20 one from Old Navy. The difference between the two companies supply chain ethics is night and day.

      Inflation is an obvious factor currently, and there are still supply chain issues. No doubt corporate greed is also a factor as are high oil prices (again, corporate greed???) which factor into many synthetic materials.

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      I buy a lot of clothes at thrift stores an can find nice stuff cheap.  Yesterday I bought a dress for 11 dollars. I’d love to show it to you.

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      Angela Booth

      Being in the budget bracket I look around for bargains in the sales or store offers. The other way I get clothes is from the online sellers such as E bay where I have gotten some lovely designer clothes for a steal. My large retail stores tend to have their own brands and priced well for current fashions that tend to be well made.

      I agree prices have crept up due to earthly events but how strange they don’t go down if things ease and profits seem to be maintained as the customer stumps up every, us girls are suckers for a nice piece of clothing…..want trumps need every time….

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      Since I don’t go out dressed, I can’t see spending a fortune on clothes. The block color dress I just posted is CK and I got it at Goodwill for $5. That’s a price I don’t mind paying.

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      Cassie Jayson

      That is why I will likely keep my job at Torrid, employees get a 50% discount. That is how I got 9 Items one day for about $140.

      . Cassie

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      A lot of my things came from yard sales and thrift stores. One small charity based shop has all clothing for just $1! I only buy at stores during clearance for things that I will use the following year. Panties are the only thing I buy full price when the new colors and prints come out. Since I have learned my sizes I sometimes will buy clearance online. Yard sales yield the best bargains on name brands. Happy shopping to all… Stephanie

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      I don’t buy many clothes, but it’s not just clothing. I  like Diet Coke (yes, I know, it’s not all that good for me) and can prices for a 12 pack is closing in on triple in the past 2 years.  I could get it back then on sale for $3, now it’s over $9 retail  (the current sale is buy 2, get the 3rd free, which works out to a little over $6!).  I do see prices for lots of other items having significant increases, tho not as much.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      Kirra W

      Hi Paula,

      Team Thrift shop for ever! => my last findings

      First because, I’m always try to wear all clothes I’m buying. , and I’m still trying to find my style. So buying a dress 👗 AU$10, which in fact does not fit me well is not that bad, and doing so, you are usually funding a charity organisation 😉
      Before buy anything from a thrift shop, always check the item twice, and try it on. Never buy an item marked “sale as is”, as they have defects that you may have not noticed yet!

      Otherwise, of course, I sometime buy some new clothes, but always on sale!

      Life is expensive now, so checking the price twice is always better 💸

      Have some good shopping time girls!!! 😄


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        Probably 80% to 90% of my wardrobe was purchased from thrift stores, in person and online. The only things that I always buy new are shoes, undergarments and hats.

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      it is not just you; prices on pretty much everything has skyrocketed.

      Since dec 2021, I’ve barely bought anything for Wendy, just 2 new pocketed bras, 2 suspender skirts, and a few leotards.   Before I would get a delivery for Wendy every week.  On the plus side since I’ve stopped buying so much stuff for Wendy my bank account has grown leaps and bounds.

      Gas used to be over 1.50/L but has dropped back to 1.30/L.

      Grocery prices have been extraordinarily high and still remains high.  Vegetables used to be cheap now it is super expensive to eat healthy.

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      Clothes prices are high. I’m facing a forced return to drab as I lose weight. I’ll buy panties and underdress but I can’t afford to restock outerwear until I’m at a size that’s going to be mine for a while. Hopefully that will be a size that will allow thrift shop shopping.

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      Yes, prices are high for everything. I tend to shop at stores that are overstock or on line. Even Walmart has been tough these days.

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      I saw an add for a beautiful dress at Reatmans and theybare asking 89.
      This is getting out of hand.

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