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    Philma Bierstein
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    I have been thinking this might be the best way to figure out how to do my makeup.  Has anyone done this?

    I’m not sure if I should try a smaller salon or the cosmetics area in a bigger store like Macy’s.  I imagine I should call ahead to make an appointment.  Should I be fully dressed?  That would be awkward going in dressed without makeup.

    I don’t know… fantasizing a bit, I guess.  I have a tiny bit of stage makeup experience, but I figured the fast-track to getting my look right might be to have a professional do it.  What have been your experiences?

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      I am looking forward to my day out in a dressing establishment

      . Photos after one to one


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      Amy Belle
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      I have been to Sephora twice and Elf once in the mall for makeovers, and once you get over the nervousness of being exposed to mall traffic, it’s *amazing* and they did an incredible job. I can’t recommend it enough.

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      Robin Girly
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      There is a cross dresser t trans group on Long Island femme fever.The woman who runs it Karen is wonderful.I went there for a makeup lesson and it came out great.Niw I’m pretty at doing makeup.

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      Laura Lovett
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      Hi Philma

      I booked a session with a professional makeup artist at her flat.

      It was a bit odd, driving down to Brighton, then walking the 15 minutes to her place, along busy shopping streets with no makeup, but I lived, and no-one made any comments or gave me any more odd looks than a 6′ 4″ cross dresser would expect!

      The artist was totally professional, and did a fantastic job (my profile picture, albeit pre Faceapp!).

      I was over the moon with the results – I’d never seen myself looking so beautiful (until I tried the accursed app, lol!).

      I’m going back for another session, and this time we’re going to try some different stuff for an even more feminine look – that’s the great thing about an independent artist, she is up for experimenting and trying things out rather than trying to sell me products, she’s selling her skills and ideas.

      Love Laura

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      I went to Ulta fully dressed for make over I put just a tad of foundation on before I went the girls where very supportive and I loved my make over will be going back. Ashlynn

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      I have identified as at least partly a girl since I was about six years old and started secretly wearing my mother’s skirts and dresses at about twelve. Studying my three younger sisters through the years, i got a decent idea of how makeup should be applied and how it should NOT be! I started out experimenting on my own and did well enough to be able to go out in public at age 49 without being questioned. I did realise there was possible improvements to be made though, so when I got a gift certificate for an experience at my 50th birthday and found Model for a Day in their catalogue I decided it was time to find out what Marianne could really look like.

      As per instruction I came to Model House Stockholm without makeup, bringing a number of chosen outfits. There I had a makeover by a professional makeup artist and an hour in studio with a professional photographer. I’m the end I used four out of the five outfits I brought and ended up with 142 photos on a compact disc for a sum of approx. $310 out of which 100 was covered by the gift certificate.

      I learnt alot studying the makeup artist but also understood I could do with more help. Through the next two years I had a makeup lesson at Make Up Store in a mall and another one at a local beauty parlour, and finally a half day makeup class at an evening study centre. All of these I did attend presenting as a woman with great success.



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      Bettylou Cox
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      I had my first makeover done at Ulta, last September.  I made the appointment in drab, after first asking if they would do it.   Kept the appointment Dressed, but sans makeup.  It was an interesting experience, and I bought some of the products used on me.  Probably less exposed to the public than Sephora or Macy’s, but I had to pay separately for makeover and makeup.

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      JessicaCross Johnson
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      I looked on the ‘Net and found a makeup instruction salon who would come out to my house and tried to teach me how to do my own makeup, she did a good job and I took lots of notes. She told me that if I wanted she would come back and give me another lesson but I’m waiting for the virus to blow over.

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      I have had a  few makeovers over the years. IF you are going to buy makeup I recommend either Sephora or Mac. I have had a few makeovers from Sephora and were very happy. There is no charge for the makeover if you buy $50 worth of makeup, which you can easily do. MAC I think you have to buy $60 of product.  I would go dressed. Maybe put some lipstick on to feel more comfortable. Don’t overdress and you will be fine. The key is finding the right foundation and cover for you. I know you will be nervous, but just try to relax and enjoy the experience.

      Yours Terri


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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hi Philma

      Mine kinda happened by accident!

      I had heard Estée Lauder doublewear foundation has great coverage, but it’s expensive. I decided to go to one of the Estee beauty counters at a large retailer to make sure I got the right shade. Decided to go to a branch in the next nearest City (60 miles away) to ensure anonymity, so made a day of it. I wandered around the store until the counter was free then just went for it (in total drab male mode). I approached and picked up one of the double wear bottles. The beautician immediately approached and asked if she could help. In my most confident voice I said ‘I have heard great things about your doublewear foundation but want to make sure I get the right shade’.

      ‘Is it for you?’


      She the invites me to take a stool ( thankfully facing away from the store, and at a wall of products).

      She then asked  me questions I guess she would ask any woman who approached.

      ’Will you be wearing it everyday?’

      ’Are you wearing any make up at the moment?’

      ‘Do you wear fake tan?’ etc

      She then pointed a gadget at my face and ‘voila’ I’m PURE BEIGE😂

      I fumbled for my bank card, when she said ‘would you like to see it on?’

      Cue pregnant pause then ‘yes please’. I have learned it’s better to do something and regret it than not do something and regret not doing it.

      She first put some serum on my face, felt soooo nice. Then set about me with the foundation and one of her brushes from her fully loaded brush belt! I gradually relaxed as she explained the best way to apply it and general chit chat. When she finished she produced a mirror and, wow my face looked like porcelain! I thanked her and again started fumbling for my card.

      ’Would you like me to put on some fixing powder, it helps the coverage, and the foundation last longer? ‘.

      ’Yes please’ no hesitation.

      Out came a big fluffy powder brush and again she set about my face, explaining as she went. Again looked in the mirror and another ‘wow’

      ’Can I apply some bronzer?’

      Yes yes

      Another brush and she told me the best places, about my t zone etc and how to apply it.

      ‘ Can I apply some blush to your cheeks, you have great cheekbones?’ I know she is on commission but🥰


      ’Can I apply some lippy?’

      ye… eh maybe not. I was enjoying it soooo much but still aware I had to walk through the mall to my car with a face full of makeup. She understood, and gave me a complimentary  bag of goodies including the lippy she was going to apply.

      I was only going for the foundation but got the fixing powder as well, increasing her commission a bit. She also gave me her card and number, and told me to make an appointment, she has a colleague who can do wonderful things with eyes🥰

      A wonderful day I will never forget. Learned so much and had so much fun. And if you are worried you will be recognised go somewhere nobody knows you.

      Would love to go back, hope the store survives lockdown😢


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      Casey Amber Twitchings
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      Hi Philma. I’m not into makeup at all but if I was I’d probably have a makeover to get a professional’s advice and see exactly what they do. I have a tiny bit of stage makeup experience too but I figure that unless I want to carry a 1,000 watt light around with me I’ll get the opinion of someone who’s used to more natural light conditions. 😁

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