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    stephanie plumb
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    Many times in the past I have decried the strapless bra!   I have called them plain, ugly, bulky, uncomfortable, unadorned and unnecessary.  They have to be over-engineered to keep a girls boobs from falling out, or the bra from slipping down.

    But I have had a change of heart! Its funny isn’t it, how things come around. You don’t like something then you change your mind. Its a female thing I guess. At least it keeps things interesting and opens up new possibilities.

    My U-turn was brought about by the scorchingly hot weather we have (had)  been experiencing lately. To keep cool a girl needs to wear less, or at the very least wear lighter clothes.  I’m talking strappy dresses, off-the-shoulder tops and tanks.  I am of the persuasion to wear as little as possible.

    The look of these tops and dresses can be spoiled by bra-straps. Not always – I have some pretty bras that have lovely decorative straps. But generally the look of a nice spaghetti strap is diminished by those thick bra straps.

    I tried on a lovely red,  white spotted,  flowy summer dress with a ruched bodice and spaghetti straps – but I wasn’t keen on my bra straps showing, which wouldn’t lie under the dress straps.  Anyway I wanted to expose as much bare shoulder as possible.

    So I looked out a white strapless bra with silicon strips and a bit of sculptured padding. It is plain, bulky, unadorned  and ugly, and I believe it has thin metal strips in the deep sides that act as scaffolding.  I do not like padded bra’s – especially so-called T-shirt bras.   I like a bit of nipple showing under a sheer top, and a lighter feel in general.

    So it was a compromise – padded bra or visible bra straps. I had my mind set on bare shoulders. I could see, in my minds eye, that I could lower the spaghetti straps over my shoulders and swan about with them completely bare.  It had me virtual fluttering, I can tell you.

    The ruched bodice was tight enough for the dress to stay in place.  Note: but not tight enough to support my forms. Gravity would overwhelm the ruching. I know – I tried.

    I chose the horrible – though it was becoming less horrible – strapless bra.

    I hooked it up and wriggled it into place, the silicon bands gripping my flesh like tight slippery fingers, making this slightly awkward.  And there it sat, structured cups open to the sky to receive my boobs.  Plop!  Plop! In they went – my 1200 gms/pair C cup pert forms.   The bra itself is supposed to be a D cup.  They settled in nicely.  Perfect fit!

    On with dress, the ruched sweetheart bodice encompassed them completely – no white edges to be seen.  And the boobs were not squashed into those weird quad-boobs (some strapless bras that are not padded tend to distort boobs by pressing across the tops of them. I am sure you have all seen GG’s with strangely shaped boobs in strapless tops.)

    Not mine!  They were like eggs in egg cups.  Ostrich eggs.  And …. yes!  shoulders adorned only by very thin red spaghetti straps.  And…. revelation…. the bra was amazingly comfortable.  I had expected to be clasped in its iron embrace.  But no!  I couldn’t feel it hardly at all.  Apart from the reassuring back strap. I love the feel of a back strap, don’t you?

    It performed admirably on my 2poos afternoon walk in the blazing 30 degrees sunshine. We had to mostly stay under the trees to keep her, and me, cool.    The cool, cool  air  that caressed my bare shoulders was absolutely sublime, I can tell you, especially with the dress straps lowered …………..

    strapless Steph xx

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      Regine Kelly
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      Thank you for this post, Stephanie
      I havve often wondered about a strapless bra, but was/am afraid of it not keeping things in place, and staying where it belongs. With a male shape, my shoulders/chest form a V,and without actual breasts, what keeps the bra from slipping down?
      Very curious,, and now I just may have to try one.
      One question for everyone, though, an actual bra, or a Bandeau?
      Hugs, Regine👸💕

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        stephanie plumb
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        A bra.   See my reply to Angela below – I have described it – available on Amazon.

        I think it will work perfectly well with forms up to a DD cup, or say 1600gms/a pair max. Probably best with “round” or triangular forms as larger teardrops may show over the top.   The model I have has silicon strips in the band, which is quite a wide one, and were quite effective in stopping it slipping down. I wore it out and about for two+ hours and it stayed in place.



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      Amy Myers
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      I have a couple of convertible bras, that can be worn with straps or not, one is much better than the other.I’ve gone through a similar thing, I used to completely forgo anything that didn’t have full shoulder coverage, but then wanted to wear a strapless dress. Mainly because I loved the look of it! So I took to using the better one of the two. Which worked out just fine!


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      Jen Scarlet
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      I like the idea Stephanie. I’ve been contemplating similar outfits in this weather but with a pair of adhesive forms.

      Of course, having typed this, I see the weather is changing outside to a more traditional UK summer of heavy rain!

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      Alice Black
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      I have one lace blue dress that is strapless and shows my shoulders so I need to wear a strapless bra to complement that dress and it works quite nicely.





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      Celeste Starre
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      When it’s hot I live in sun dresses but don’t wear a bra of any type.  I have not worn breast forms in a very long time but when I did there were adhesives available that allowed me to wear them bra less.

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      Angela Booth
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      I am of the same mind about strapless bras. What was the brand Steph? 

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        stephanie plumb
        Baroness - Annual
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        Delmira, from Amazon – “Delmira woman’s great coverage underwire lightly padded convertible strapless bra white” to be precise.   There is another one “smooth” and  “unpadded” – I tried it, it was horrible, a quad-boob candidate, poor support.   I sent it back.

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          Bridgette VonSmirff
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          I’ll take that as a recommendation


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