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    Cerys Burton
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    An MP that is quite local to me has been prosecuted for driving offences. He crashed his car a few weeks back and left the scene. He went to court and we cleared of dangerous driving, but found guilty of leaving a vehicle in a dangerous place and leaving the scene of an accident.
    He was rightly prosecuted, but the news seems to place more importance in the witness statement.

    Residents Adrian Watson and Natalie Webb were at a birthday party, when they heard a “very loud bang, significantly louder than a domestic firework” on the street at about 01:00 GMT.

    Mr Watson said he looked inside the car and saw “a white male wearing a white long-sleeve top which was tight to the body, a black leather PVC mini-skirt, tights, dark shoes with a high heel and a pearl necklace”.

    The story also goes on to say that when the police entered the MPs house, he was wearing make up and there was a wig.

    Since when has what someone was wearing been the main facts in a news report? With trans right being eroded, and transphobia being on the rise, this does nothing to help!

    I’m guessing that the MP left the scene because of the way he was dressed. He has since came out as trans, but prefers the he/him pronoun. I suspect that he is really, like me, a crossdresser.

    The original BBC headline was MP was Wearing Black Miniskirt and heels….. Why is this news? How is this allowed? If he had been in a mens suit, would the news be saying what he was wearing? Would the police report that when they went into his house, he was smoking a cigar and wearing trousers?????

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this MP, but to see him treated like this seriously annoys me.
    What he was wearing played no part in the accident, and as such is NOT NEWS!!!!!!!!

    I have been stopped by the police twice whilst dressed. Once in a VOSA/DVLA road block, and once on a routine check. On both occasion I had to leave my vehicle. I was nervous as hell. I’m not an MP. If I had been, I would have been s***ing myself.

    I genuinely am seriously annoyed at how the news was about what he was wearing!


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      Michelle Trott
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      I would guess that had he not been nicely dressed nobody would have even known about the accident except the people directly involved. I can relate to his desire to leave. I might have done the same but I don’t think I would. The perception of him would be better. Odd thing about society. If it had been a woman dressed in any form of menswear imaginable. Nobody would bat a eye. I agree that the witnesses seem to know quite a bit about fashion. I worry about things like that happening when I am dressed. I picture myself in the pouring rain standing outside next to my wrecked vehicle with a nice dress on.

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      Maive O’Neal
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      I just read the article on yahoo here in the states!!!!!! Amazing that it is such a great news headline!!! Very unfortunate for him and anyone else that doesn’t fit the “Norm” of public and the Press’s opinion. We have enough problems in this world.

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      Wendy Swift
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      This is the very reason I barely watch the news anymore.  While what they report maybe the facts, the other stuff they report on is really not relevant.  As mentioned by others, news now is more about sensationalism and viewership rather than just news.

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      Holly Morris
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      Sadly, what is defined as “news” today is whatever drives ratings. That’s all that matters. Facts and truth don’t matter. Accuracy doesn’t matter. Presenting a biased point of view doesn’t matter. All that matters is ratings, so an MP who is trans is much more interesting than just reporting on a traffic accident.

      It’s not right, but that sure seems to be the way it is…

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      Celeste Starre
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      It’s called “politics” and apparently it’s just as ugly in your country as it is in the USA.

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      Stevie Steiner
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      Sadly there seems to be no “real” news reporting anymore – it’s all sensationalist stories geared to get a reaction and to steer peoples thinking in a certain direction.   And this story leads people in a demeaning direction for trans people.

      Mr. Watson has a remarkable recollection of what the MP was wearing ( like he is really into women’s fashions…….hmm ).  Myself, when investigating a car accident, I would be checking whether the person was okay, not taking inventory and memorizing their attire.  Mr Watson is transphobic, I would think, and the news will run with it because it’s….. scandalous!!!  Oh my! 🙄

      We still have a long way to go with most people ☹


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      Lisa Leigh
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      It just not the BBC or other outlet, it’s all. Here in the states I’ve read story’s where they point out “the man was wearing panties when the rescue squad treated him at the scene!” Several years ago a NASCAR driver was in an accident in a race the headline pointed out “when they removed his sock his toe nails were painted with pink nail polish”. I’m sure that driver never got a ride again. That was the main part of the story, he was fine but had pink toe nails! Guess what so did the nurse! I just feel that people look for anything that will belittle the other person regardless.

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      Pattie Obarito
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      there is more to it (as mentioned by others), but journalism puts it this way: “Dog bites man, not news. man bites dog, that’s news!”

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      Araminta Purdy
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      When you mention that the culprit was an ‘MP’ I assumed you meant in Canada. So I was surprised to find that you are in Glamorganshire.

      “Since when has what someone was wearing been the main facts in a news report?”

      Perhaps in the Society column. You know, like, “… the bridesmaid wore….” But the truth is that salaciousness, slightly sexualized news sells newspapers (or what passes for newspapers these days) and has done so for at least 150-years, probably since Caxton.

      The only remedy are universal compassion and good taste. I find it interesting that cross-dressers (judging from a vast image library on the Internet) seem, on average (generally and other equivocations) to show better taste than most people. Presumably they share an extra bit of compassion as well.

      Anyway, I would not always blame the media (although a lack of honesty, innuendo and a absence of truthfulness are qualifiers in assigning some blame) but consider who is actually paying for something so cringeworthy in its vile intent. And why they buy it.


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      Amy Catrelle
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      British journalists have always loved writing stories about the crossdressing antics of Tory MPs and High Court judges. It’s a way of cocking a snook at the establishment by making them look ridiculous, or even hypocritical. I don’t the details of this MP’s story but if he was the kind of politician who was banging on about morality and ‘family values’ we’d never hear the last of it.

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      Angela Booth
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      I am in full agreement with you Cerys. Even if it were a nobody the news would have picked up on it and ruined someones life.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Yes it’s infuriating that this has even been mentioned, but it sells newspapers, or more likely nowadays online news, which generates advertising. There could also be a political element depending on where the reporters overlords political allegiances lie.
      Its 2022 but unfortunately anything out of the ordinary about an MP is still newsworthy.
      B x

      p.s. I’m proud to be ‘out of the ordinary’. Today I left my bank card in the supermarket customer services card reader. A few minutes later a supervisor with a headset approached me to tell me. Apparently I was easily identifiable 🤣

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      The good old BBC again. That is what we pay our licence fee for. People seem to be missing the point, here, saying it sells. Well it doesn’t have to. If it was you or one of your own family, I don’t imagine for a second that you would brush it off with a ‘well it sells newspapers’. It is up to us all to hold the media responsible for what they produce. If it was a high ranking member of the BBC board do you think it would have been broadcast? No. We pay for this corporation, so let’s make sure we do so on our own terms, not on theirs.

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