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    I’ve decided I’d come out on this forum and explain as much as I can. I have disclosed this to several individuals, but not CDH as a whole until now.

    I have been undergoing counseling for a little over 2 years. I’ve been on hormones for about 2.5 months. I’m losing facial hair and gaining breasts. In the US I must cross dress 100% of the time for a full year, before reassignment surgery can be done. So reassignment surgery will be done early next year.

    My boyfriend who is a cross dresser has been very supportive. He understands that since the beginning of this year I’m 100% woman. I can no longer role play as a man. I am not placing any constraints on him. He can be a man in a heterosexual couple or a woman in a Lesbian couple. I’d prefer a Lesbian relationship, but am open to both. What I can’t be is a man.

    I’m a little scared about losing my male genitalia, but I know I need to do that to fully have women hormones. At that time I’ll have the emotional and sexual feelings of a woman. My partner and I have gone through counseling and hopefully we’ll be ok with that.

    This site is a godsend and I hope to share as much as I can about this journey.

    I love you all,
    💕 Nicole

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      Eva Kelly
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      Good luck Nicole! From what I have read about other peoples journeys, being nervous is normal. There are many youtube videos and blogs by people who have had surgery. Afterwards, many wish they had done it sooner.

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      Good luck Nichole here is hoping everything goes smoothly. It’s a big step and there is bound to be emotional turmoil on the way, I’m sure everyone here is rooting for you and will be as supportive as they can over the coming time.


      Lisa xxx

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      Alice Black
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      I support you on your journey to a new gender identity. You are very brave to do this. I wish you happiness and it is good you have a supportive partner.


      Alice Black

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      Kayla Olson
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      I am so happy for you! It is great that you’re in a supportive and caring relationship. Congratulations on following your heart and becoming your true self. Best of wishes to you on your wonderful journey.

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      Hi Nichol

      have you looked at our sister site – TransGenderHaven which is set up for individuals who are transitioning rather than this site, where most of the focus in on Cross dressing?

      There is a link to the right of this page and you may find more information there.

      Hope that helps

      Dawn  (Admin)


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      Tara Jeane
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      Good for you Nicole and good luck to you in your journey, my dear!  I’m glad to hear that you can finally be who you want to be!

      *kisses* tara 🙂

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      Araminta Purdy
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      Some complain about ‘Real Life Experience’ as ‘gatekeeping’ and as delaying the inevitable but it performs several functions.

      It allows you to acclimatize to being feminine and to develop that persona into a fuller, natural and more permanent element of your self-actualization.

      It allows others to become used to seeing you as a woman.

      It provides a period of self-examination by which you can confront the irreversibility of Gender Affirmation Surgery and to either accept it or pull back.

      It allows to to evaluate and ascertain as to how desperately you desire and need to transition.

      It allows you to enjoy being feminine more fully than was permitted you before.

      So, all-in-all, it seems to be beneficial. It certainly is life-changing isn’t it.


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