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    Jodi Denada
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    Hello, I was wondering if some of you could help. With me being new to this I’m still learning about shape wear. I currently bought some off of Amazon which is ok but not quite getting the figure I’d like. When it comes to shape wear am I limited to my body size it self or are there options to get the look I’d like? I would like some decently wide hips, somewhat thick thighs and a decent bum. For reference I’m about 6 foot tall and 150 pounds. Also same for breasts, I’ve been using a sports bra with socks stuffed into it but looking for some more realistic things. Thanks for the help.

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      Jodi, at 6 foot and 150 pounds my guess you have no curves to speak of!

      I agree with the others, you need hip pads, butt pads and breast forms. Look at a woman’s body compared to a man, typically wide hips, perhaps as wide as their shoulders, and boobs of course. We all need help with the hips and butt if we are trying to pass, or even trying to fill out a dress. Take a look at a women’s dress size chart online and go from there. A woman will have to 10 inches more on the hips and bust line compared to waist. With you weight I would guess if you actually measure yourself, (not jeans waist size as they run small compared to reality!) but I bet with no padding your waist is 30-32 inches, hips are 36, chest about 36 also.

      Just for reference I am 5’10” and weight 170 pounds, so not as tall, and heavier. When I dress my hips are 42″, waist about 34 inches and the chest over my forms 42″ to 50″ depending on which forms. Plus I feel I could use more padding in the hips and butt! I typically wear I women’s size 16 dress with my smaller forms.

      There are low prices foam hip and butt pads on Amazon, or look on YouTube and you can find how to make your own. Personally, the cheap foam pads work well and you can avoid the work to make them, unless perhaps you are not able to take deliveries.

      As for breast forms I buy large, 12″ or 24″ diameter balloons depending on the size of breast I want, fill them with water and plant potting crystals to help firm them up a bit. just one or two tablespoons on an average size breast is plenty. As far as how much water, This page can help,
      or about 1.5 pints, or 24 ounces for a 38C breast.

      If you can swing it, I would buy the Vollence triangle form from Amazon.

      A waist cincher will help pull in the tummy a bit if you need a bit of help there.

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      Marg Produe
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      Hi Jodi,  Everyone here has already given you great advice so the only thing that I might venture to add is that you will evolve.  By that, I mean that you might try a particular hip pad or breast form and then in a long or short time decide to change.  When I’m costuming I sometimes just add small strips of 1/4 inch foam one piece at a time and  tape in place until I get the shape that I want.  Then based on that final measure I create or buy an article for the final costume sewing. Just like young women, you will experiment while you find your own fit and style.  So know that if you get a particular product and it just isn’t working right for you, that’s ok.  That’s just a path we take until we find our perfect shape.  Have fun and enjoy the journey.   It will all come together in time.  Marg

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      Stephanie MacNeil
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      Wendy and Michelle are spot on.  Shapewear is designed to hold in or reshape what’s already there.  You want forms and pads.  I use DressTech silicone hip pads and butt pads and Vollance silicone breast forms I purchased on Amazon.  Shapewear can then be used over your pads to hold them in place and smooth everything out.  I wear Rago open bottom girdles and body briefers.

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      Eileen Bach
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      Dear Jodi, shapewear usually holds in jiggly parts. You’re looking for shape enhancing wear. If you’re crafty, hip, butt, thigh enhancers can be made from carefully cut foam. Tons of U-Tube instructionals can be found.

      Classic Curves is one source for a bottom garment. Fairly comfortable to wear most of a day, so I’m told.

      Save your pennies for decent silicone forms, the difference from all other options is worth the expense. Sports bras are to hold in a woman’s breasts from excessive movement. You want a regular, full coverage bra that will hold forms and still allow natural movement.

      At your height/weight, you don’t need a lot of enhancement. Unless you want the extra curves.

      Hugs, Eileen

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      Wendy Swift
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      shapewear in of itself won’t give you the feminine figure you are looking for.

      as michelle has mentioned, hip/butt padding, coupled with shapewear, will help.

      I have dresstech hip/butt pads, and I secure those in place with tights and shapewear.  As for breasts, I have breastforms secured by a pocketed bra.  Those combo helps me achieve the feminine figure I am after.

      One piece of advice, for shapewear, find one that has an opening for bathroom use.  Most don’t, but some manufacturers do have bathroom openings which help immensely.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Search Amazon and ebay for breast and hip forms. There are many other sites offering different padding and shaping to achieve the female form like DressTech, Bubbles and Royaner. Read, study and learn what might work for the results you want.

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