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    Claire McKay
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    So how does one go about shaving places without drawing attention. I have alot of body hair (ew) from teying to deny who i was and teying to shave the places that i knew men had hair. Now i want it to go away but i need to do it discretely. Any suggestions? Im talking back and chest hair not other hair lol

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      Bee Dee
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      Hi, is there anything I should be doing differently? I’m a red head and have very light skin. The last and only time I shaved my legs, I had the dreaded itching. I didn’t exfoliate and I know I should have but I only found that out after (I know…duhh). I’m definitely preparing a bit better this next time and have started exfoliating. I’ll do that for the next 2-3weeks when I’m in the shower (no bath). I wondered if there’s anything else specifically for red heads or light skin tones that I can do. Thank you!

      Take care, Bee.

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      Tammy Johnson
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      I remember having to deal with that and it is no fun.  I’d suggest maybe finding a good waxer, I did that for about 8 years, getting my full back, butt (lower abs) and Brazilian.  It worked great and the various ladies I went to were great.  My wife loves my chest hair so I didn’t get rid of that and just shave it when I want to.

      About 2 years ago I opted for laser hair removal and I am glad I did.  It was expensive, but when I look at how much I spent on waxing over those 8 years it has saved me money.  My back hair, butt and abdomen have reduced about 95%,  and in the brazilian area it’s currently about 90% there.  The lady that does my treatments wants to try to get this to 95% as well so I’m still getting treatments there.  They also offer lifetime touch-ups so if I have any problem areas crop up and can get them fixed.  The place I found does have offices throughout the US and is called Milan Laser.

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Hi Claire, unless you are trying to hide the hair removal, you my not have a problem (often nobody notices or cares).  At work I wear shorts at work and a little over a year ago I decided to shave my arms.  After nobody said anything the following week I shaved my left leg ( since I wear a knee brace on it).  Two days latter I shaved the other leg.  Still to this day no one has said anything about my shaved legs.

      There are also many excuses you can use for shaving various body arias.


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      Dee Bouhaire
      Registered On: October 10, 2020
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      Back is easy because even proper he men aren’t fans of back hair so Veet cream will take it off. As for your chest hair, use hair clippers with settings for different hair lengths, start at the longest and slowly shorten it and shape where it grows by using the Veet cream x

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      Angela Booth
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      This is something that I had issues with. I was very self conscious when I first started to shave. I wondered what people would say.

      The long and the short was they didn’t say a thing and probably didn’t notice.

      These days mens hair removal is big business and having shaved bodies is almost no big deal. It has been said in the posts that sportsmen are often shaven.

      If you are in a relationship where the partner is unaware it would be more difficult. Even if they did know it is something they may be uncomfortable with. Women tend to be more observant and intuitive and would be the ones that notice.

      It is an individual choice and the advice given earlier about doing a little bit to see what reaction may or may not come.

      I’d say have a go!

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      Christina Roberts
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      I am lucky as my body hair is very fine, light and little all over so no problems on back, chest arms, also makes it easy to shave my legs every second day and moisturise ….. so my preparation for each night is very easy.

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      Suzette York
      Registered On: September 4, 2020
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      i have to admit i may be lucky in this regard as i have no hair on back or chest.  As a boy it was always a little embarrassing to be so smooth.  My legs and arms had light blonde hair that was not terribly noticeable and when i started removing it did not hear any complaints so i just kept doing it figured i would use the i just did not like it excuse if asked.   i think i am just lucky to be born with less hair so for me not really an issue as i found who i was and started acting on it.  Now i want to get waxed all over but i think my SO might notice if i started doing that?  One day would even like to explore electrolysis as a perm solution.



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      I’ve had shaved legs for many years and most people don’t notice (except for cyclists). Perhaps it’s because I live in an athletic region and folks are just used to men with smooth legs?

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      Jennifer Walker
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      Hi Claire

      i too struggle with body hair.  I have find the removal of leg hair the most difficult to explain to people as it makes me feel the most feminine,  but I feel the removal of chest and back hair is still a masculine look and you should go for it.

      Good luck






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      Good question and one we all have wrestled with at one time or another. I think the only way to go about discreetly is removing small areas at a time, or perhaps just trimming the hair closely before completely removing it. If you have people in your life that are close enough, physically or emotionally, to see your chest and back hair, it is going to be difficult to remove it without it being noticeable. I just finally shaved it all off and nobody said a word ( except my wife, but that’s a different story). If people do notice, most  are polite enough not to say anything. Those that do feel the need to comment are just being rude in my opinion. You could always say you have taken up competitive swimming and need to be completely smooth for that LOL. Just kidding. I know the decision to make your body smooth is a difficult and personal one. It should be just that, personal.
      Best of luck,


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