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      Thank God Almighty I’m she at last!

      Okay, that may be a bit of over-the-top hyperbole and too soon but I’ve started HRT this morning and I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

      I know this is just the beginning of the journey but at least I’m on the road to making my dream come true.

      It took 60 years to get this far and I want to thank all you fine ladies here at CDH/TGH for all the encouragement and support.  By relating your stories, your highs and your lows, I knew I was not alone and I too can achieve my dream.

      So thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you all!


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      Congratulations on your dreams coming true! So sorry you had to wait so long, but dreams can become a reality.

      Hugs all around
      Lisa Leigh

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        Thanks Lisa.
        Next stop is over the rainbow.

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      Congratulations, Joanne! That is so wonderful that you’re able to move forward with this dream of yours to finally become the woman you’ve always felt you are and want to be. I’m so very happy for you!



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        Thank you Holly.

        It’s all so overwhelming at the moment I need to calm down, take a deep breath and get ready for the next step.


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      Hi Joanne,

      Welcome sister, to the fold of those of us who have taken the ultimate steps in our journey to womanhood!
      I wish you well as you embark on this exciting journey!


      Ms. Lauren M

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        Thank you Lauren.  A journey of a thousand changes has begun.  Yay!


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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Congratulations! How wonderful to be on your way to realizing your life’s dream!


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        Thank you, Lara, thank you so much. I’m sure there will be ups and downs ahead but for the right here, right now it is pretty wonderful.

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      Congradulations on starting HRT.  I have a bottle of estrogen pills coming. I will start taking them and see if they make me feel different about myself.  Good luck on your journey.


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      Hi Joanne.I am so pleased for you.It must be a great feeling.

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      Cassie Jayson

      I am happy for you Joanne. I hope this all you hope it will be. I don’t know if HRT is for me, but I am just a couple of small steps away from presenting as female 24/7 and am wondering what hrt would do for me. Keep us updated on what it does for you.

      . Cassie

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      Congratulations Joanne. You are starting on the path I feel has closed to me, due to age and health. Live each day with zest and a big smile on your face.You are my hero.

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      Joanne. Congrats and I pray that your journey to womanhood is a blessed one and that you enjoy every minute of it.


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      Congratulations 👏 Joanne 🎊 , enjoy the rest of your journey into womanhood, as they say things can only get better, we are all happy for you,

      Hugs and kisses Rozalyn X

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      Wishing you all the best Joanne in your continuing journey!

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      Congratulations, Joanne!

      I’m very happy for you.

      Much love,


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      Please keep us posted about your experience as the weeks and months go by. I know I am not alone in my curiosity about your response to HRT, both physically and mentally.

      Best of luck!


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        Hi Kim,

        I can do that.
        I will do that.
        Thanks for asking.


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          Thank you!   It will be ver interesting to hear how you do on HRT.

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      So happy for you.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Congrats!  That’s awesome!  I’m almost a year into HRT.  I knew within a few days it was the right decision.  Estrogen is amazing.  It will change your life in ways big and small.  Things you never thought possible (or even considered) become reality.  You’re in for a wild ride.  Enjoy it!


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      Joanne,Congratulations on the start of your journey.GO FOR IT.Please keep us in the loop.Hugs Michelle.

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