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    Stephanie Silk
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    Where do you gurls shop for hair?  A local shop, Amazon or another site on the Internet?  How much are you willing to pay?  Do you go for synthetic or human hair?  Do you prefer long, short or in-between lengths?  How many wigs do you own?

    A feel transformed inside and out when I wear my hair!

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      I only have two wigs right now. They are both cheap Amazon purchases. The first one I got is a bit longer, maybe reaching close to mid-back. I believe it is an attractive wig, but I don’t like it because it is always in my face and tangled. I’m really not good with styling. So the second one I got has bangs, which I love. It stays out of my eyes pretty well. It’s just past my shoulders, so a little shorter, but still covers my neck. This one is black and purple. I wore it to a pride event on Sunday, and got a bunch of compliments on it. I’m not going to say it looks natural, but it does stand out. 🙂

      I would love to get a really nice wig, but we don’t have a wig shop locally for me to get professional help. I may need to drive a ways and find someplace I could go dressed to do some real wig shopping, when I have The $$$ to go shopping.

      N. Briel


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      I own several wigs. Always long hair for me. As a private crossdresser, I prefer to buy my wigs online. It may not be the best choice, but I like my privacy so I shop on Amazon or eBay. 🙂

      All the best.


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      Rayna Carlian
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      I’ve seen this question come up a few times and I can’t help but answer each time.

      Go…to… a…professional…wig shop.

      I know that this is scary for some. I was terrified at first.

      I brought a blouse to put on once I was there.

      I went to a local sister/sister owned shop, I told them what I was thinking as far as look went and they helped me with fitting, teaching me how to put it on, clean it, do/don’t for styling (some wigs can’t take any heat, others are fine for example).

      I bought a long wig first, then when I decided to shop for a short wig, I went back to the same shop. They helped me find the right length/color/style for me. They were able to stretch the wig cap to fit my large melon since most wigs are made for smaller heads. This was a simple overnight adjustment.

      Go talk to a pro… You’ll get to see a variety of styles and you might put one on that you NEVER imagined you’d like, and BAM!!! You find yourself. I know that happened for me!

      Have fun out there,



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        Lauren Mugnaia
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        Hi Rayna, that works just fine, if you have a professional wig shop in your area. If not…?   I have purchased two wigs from The BreastForm Store, they carry all the accessories, caps, stands, brushes, shampoos, sprays, etc. You can call them and ask for advice and recommendations. All the wigs they carry are from the top brands and are excellent quality.


        Lauren M

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          Aurora Borealis
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          Also theres The Wig Store, Paua Young and janetscloset.com online with lots and lots of great girl things.

          Hugs, Aurora Borealis

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      Stephanie MacNeil
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      I’ve had good experiences with buying online from Paula Young.  The sale prices are very reasonable.  I usually choose shoulder length with a curl at the end, but I have one longer one that I use to create an updo for evening. Most are my natural color, dark blonde, but one is copper red just for fun.

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      Lynda Jones
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      Just got a blond $200. wig on facebook market for $75, looks new.Lynda

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      Patty Phose
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      My first wigs, I bought from a wig shop. They were a Daisy Duke style in Auburn, and a dirty blonde one in the same style. Those two wigs took me through my late teens and all the way through college.

      I took a break from fully dressing while the kids were growing up. When they moved out several years ago I began dressing fully again.

      I bought a few wigs from a party store to get started. I thought they looked pretty decent. Then my wife bought a few for me online. There is a few I really love, I’m looking to upgrade them to something similar when they begin to show wear.

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      Emily Alt
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      I go to a local wig shop that’s very trans friendly.  3 of my wigs are from there.  I was recently gifted several wigs.  I now have about 15 total.  Most of them are long, which is what I prefer.

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      Sandy Craig
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      There are a lot of dynamics in picking hair so if you can possibly visit and shop in person I recommend this. When you look online most styles looks great because that’s what they advertise. Whether it looks good on you can be very different. Face shape, colors and even body shape will affect how it looks. I also recommend having your makeup on when trying a wig-just my opinion.

      I have bought off craigslist, from Trans specific businesses and regular wig stores. Price range high was 400, low was 3 or 4 wigs for about 70 or 75. The 3 or 4 at 70 was the absolute best value and I found my all time favorite. Have 1 human hair wig (not the 400) and not a favorite because of style and I think this came in a group of 3 or 4 for 70 or 75. I lean to shoulder length as favs and I think this has to do with face shape and colors. A plus of shorter wigs is less TANGLED mess from dragging on your back.

      A wig is essential in appearance-shop well,


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      Eileen Bach
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      My Sweetie has about 10 wigs. Mostly from Paula Young, mid length and wavy. As a mature lady, she prefers light brunette or salt & pepper colors. Waiting for sales, they are about $50 apiece.

      A few notes to add. Short styles don’t cover her thicker, male neck. Long wigs don’t drape naturally down her wide back and are harder to keep combed out.

      Besides seeing a husband dressed female, just as shocking is he as she having hair!


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      Wendy Swift
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      I never had the courage to go in person to a wig store so all my purchases were on line.

      Two of my fave online places are the breastform store and gorgeoushairwigs.

      Before buying, I set out a budget.  For the wigs I’ve bought already, between $200 – 300.  At that price point, it is all synthetics.

      I also did research on style of wigs, length of wigs, based on my face shape.  I also know long straight hair on me does not look good at all, so that was out.

      For my facial shape, I found that shoulder length would be best.  As well, I made sure the wig style would fit for most or all face shapes.

      I know that blonde hair on my skin tone would not match whatsoever, so I stuck to just black which works very well.

      I own about 8 or 9 wigs, all were based on the criteria I listed above for myself.  I only bought one wig that I didn’t like, it was long and made me look like a guy with long hair rather than a beautiful girl.  When I found a wig model I think would look ok, I would find youtube videos on people giving reviews of them, so that way it gives me an idea of how it would look.  I tried to find people with different face shapes so it would give me a good idea on how it would look on me.

      I also own a a few costume wigs, and for the price I paid for them, you can tell it is a wig.


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      Fiona Black
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      I have one Toni Brattin wig which is a synthetic,mid-length wig. I bought it online from Best Wig Outlet & it was around $140. As a mature Cd whose goal is to blend in, the mid & short lengths are preferable.

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      Celeste Starre
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      Most of the time I go with my own hair but do own several wigs when I feel the desire to change lengths,  styles, and colors.  Prefer long, both my own hair and in wigs but do have a couple of short ones too. Most were purchased used on Ebay and only bought Paula Young ones that were size large.  They were just for my own entertainment as when out and about I only went with my own hair.

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      Alanna Cain
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      I  suggest going to a local shop if you can to get expert advice and have the opportunity to try on a variety of styles and colours.

      I have looked at images of women I like such as Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren on google and look at their hair styles.

      I shop on line and all my wigs are synthetic and styled. I could not afford real hair and I could never style a wig.

      Most of my wigs are medium length and I do have a red wig but most are in the light blond/brown mix.


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