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    Ellie87 Pinsk
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    Took my stepson down to L.A. for a videogame convention. Stopped by the mall because his mother wanted to buy leggings.

    Oh went up to the ladies in the store we stopped at, No sweat no needing to catch my breath. Asked my Girlfriend and the woman behind the counter to help me pick out some clothes. A really cute pair of jeans and a kimono later, Im like wow that was easy. At the hotel gift shop once again no shame no nervousnes just a new copy of Elle. Must be somthing in that smog.

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      Annette Cross
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      I wish I could go shopping as Annette but I can’t, I live in a very conservative country and it’s to risky for me or worst, for my family. But I buy al my clothes in my male mode, the first time was so scary, I felt completely nervous and fear that somebody who knows me see me and the I had to explain what was I am doing  but it never happen. I few times later, I felt a lot more comfortable do shopping, I pick up all the items I want and go directly to the cashier, I try not to see anyone but at the same time think who cares, If somebody wants to criticisme it’s her problem, not mine. Since then, I enjoy shopping a lot more and now I can not stop LOL.

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      While I prefer to shop en femme, I’ll shop anytime…lol!

      Perhaps I just have a wicked sense of humor, but I enjoy taking an armload of lacy things (while in drab) to the ladies who monitor the dressing rooms, and say “I’d like to try these on, please!”

      However, I shop so often, most of the women know me (dressed or in drab) and just smile and say “hello”…



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        rebekka moore
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        Awesome, Shauna!


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      I’ve never felt ashamed or weird at all, about shopping.
      The girls in the shops know it’s for me, & I know they know.
      If you’re feeling uneasy, you need to get past it, or perhaps you’re shopping in the wrong shop.
      (By that, I mean the shop must not be very welcoming).

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      Toni Kohls
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      I have no fear or shame in picking up some cute stuff either! I love shopping!

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      sarasue olson
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      I found my fear of shopping was totally unfounded when I was in my early twenties. I saw this lovely yellow babydoll nighty in A shop window, and I had to have it. I mustered up all my nerve and went in. It was A small shop and I was alone except for the girl behind the counter, she smiled A big smile and asked if she could help me. I said I liked the nightie in the window, she smiled and asked what size I needed, I replied A large, she asked  if I wanted yellow or they had it in several colors, I replied yellow. At that she went into the back and brought it out and handed it to me to look over, again giving me A big smile. I was feeling totally at ease at that point. She said they had A sale on vanity fair panties, so by the time I checked out I had spent over fifty dollars. She told me to come back in again anytime. That I did several times, since than I have had no fear of buying in everything from small shops to large department stores. I have never had A bad experience and find shopping A very happy experience.


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      Penelope Lauren
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      I always go to the same charity shop for my clothes for penelope (in male mode, not stepped out as her yet but it is coming.. See meet up post!) , there are lots of charity shops in my home town but they can get quitebusy there is a “sue ryder” shop on the outskirts of town and as it closes at 6 pm it is just a five minute walk from where I work I always call in for a nosey, at that time there is usually just myself and one or two lovely female staff who are aware that I dress as I told them both about 12 months ago, anyway I walking past yesterday on my way home and called in, browsing through the racks I spotted a cute white long white bikini and matched it with a gorgeous black leather mini skirt. The kind lady let me try it on and within 5 minutes I just had to buy them, I handed them to the lady and she put them into a bag for me and I left feeling amazing, I showed my wife(who has always been very understanding) what I had bought and she really thought I had chosen well. I’ve been off today but I reckon there’s a good chance I could call on my way home tomorrow 🤔

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      Yesterday I went out to buy some clothes for myself. I was dressed as myself not SammyZ. I always go to Ross. There is a lady that works the counter. I always seem to go when she is working. I buy my panties, my form wear, leggings bras, I buy complete outfits and she is so nice. She rings them up and every time as I pay her she tells me “You enjoy those sweetie” she smiles and winks at me. The first time was a bit strange but now I thank her and tell her I will honey. Its really cool. I really want to go in there one day dressed up and buy a full wardrobe from here. I may even ask her to help me shop…

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        Ellie87 Pinsk
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        Havent gone shopping dressed up yet, but if you have the confidence put a swoosh on it just do it .

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      Tiff Any
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      Wonderful , it’s such a euphoric feeling 😊

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