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      Morning ladies, 

      Well this was a nice experience for me last weekend and this morning. My beautiful supportive understanding wife had a function with her women’s group last Sunday and while she was getting ready she called me upstairs. When I went up she was in the bathroom doing her makeup and to my shock she spoke up and said “ show me how you do your eyeshadow like you had it yesterday.”  Suddenly I felt a wave of shock and happiness at the same time. So I walked her through it and it looked amazing when she was done. As I was leaving the bathroom she said. “ Thanks so much Ashley”. And giggled a bit.  “ Your good to have around at times.” And again giggled.  Back downstairs I went with a huge smile on my face and a feeling of joy overcame me. Then shortly after came another call out from her . Back upstairs I go and now in the bedroom , her still in her towel and holding two different heels in her hand and asking “which one goes better with this dress”. I told her the pair I thought went better with it and then she showed me a cute little jacket she had planned on wearing over the dress as it was cool that day. She then asked if this goes well with it and again I gave her my opinion. She put on her dress and asked me to zip her up . I helped her with her jacket and fixed the small collar for her. She turned around and gave me a kiss and said “ thanks for all your help , your getting so good at this stuff.It’s great you have such an eye for this. “ I thanked her and went back downstairs and almost had a tear in my eye. The feeling of her acceptance made me think how lucky I am to have her in my life. Both lives for that mater.
      Then last night I came down after my shower  and as soon as she looked up at me she said “ wow … I love the outfit, look at you miss fashionable. God you put together some nice outfits. You really look great and I’d wear that to work. Maybe you should have told me sooner when I use to go into the office daily. Could have used your help on those morning when I didn’t know what to wear.”  It’s hard to explain the amazing feeling I experienced after her statement. So I just said “ oh maybe you weren’t ready back then for my secret and it took me some time to accept myself let alone drop it on you. “.  So my question is should I take this as a compliment with her asking for help?
      Thanks and enjoy your day.


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      Wow that is so wonderful Ashley really makes me smile and feel so happy for you to have her ask you for your help and opinions totally amazing to have positive acceptance. Yes that is an understanding and supportive compliment of you and you growth dressing as a woman. Your amazing wife was treating you as a girlfriend and express her love of that part of your authentic self loving you her husband with those special and unique interactions with her giggle. You should be feeling truly awesome inside having that with your beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing!

      Hugs April

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      wow what a wonderful wife you have to help her with dressing up and getting ideas on what to wear. my wife does not help me with none of that she has seen me getting dressed up and dressed up as i walk by to get something. she tells me when i can dress up but will not let me sit in same room as her. i have more female cloths then she does and even wear them more then she does and i even under dress and go out and no one knows that i am wearing a dress or skirt and blouse and bra. has your wife let you get dressed up?. i have added you to my friends list

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      Absolutely take it as a compliment for her recognizing your fashion sense!!! But actually the biggest compliment is that she accepts you for who you are and that you both have built a relationship based on trust and unconditional love. If you can work through and celebrate this most other obstacles will seem small. Sounds like you have a pretty great partner for life.

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        Thanks Jamie, yes I feel blessed she is noticing things . Yes we have had ups and downs since I came out to her but all in all things seem to be great with us.

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      Hi Ashley so wonderful for you and yes thats a compliment to your girly side .. Your wife is accepting of the girlfriend in her home he he .. Same here mine asks about little things her shoes and a top from time to time shes not one for much as makeup a little sometimes but she is quick to say how pretty i look when dolled up  so congrats to you girlfriend ..

      Stephanie Bass

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        Thanks hun and it’s great having them on board.

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      You, my dear, have won life’s lottery with that wonderful woman. Treasure her.


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        Thanks so much and yes I’m very lucky to have her.

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      Well of course you’re being complimented! And much more than that, your dear wife is wholly appreciative of having Ashley in her life. Maybe years ago might have been poor timing, it’s all working out now.

      Your wife has been doing make up and dressing herself like forever and now seeks advice? Be prepared for Ashley to become a prominent part in the relationship. Dear wife might like a girlfriend more often than you ever anticipated.

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        Thank you and yes I guess watching her get ready over the years I was taking in more then I realized. I do take my crossdressing very seriously and do try to look my best.  I guess now she is noticing. I won’t have a problem with being her girlfriend anytime she asks.  Lol. My wife , sister in law have chatted about going out of town on a girls weekend with Ashley.  I’d absolutely love that.

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      Of course. Take these as genuine and sonsiderable compliments and as strong expressions of support.

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      Ashley:  I can’t think of a greater compliment.  Having an SO like that means that you are one lucky girl – and it sounds like she is too…  I’m so envious.  Holly XXX

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        Thank you Holly , I consider myself very lucky since coming out to her.

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      You are living the dream Ashley, you go girl.

      B x

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      Definitely yes.  You are so very blessed. Enjoy every moment.


      Melissa Sue

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      Yes you definitely should, I know I would. Maybe you two can set up a day to just have fun swapping beauty tips and tricks, then maybe see if she would go out with you somewhere, that would be awesome!!!

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        Yes we have talked about doing that with her sister coming along as well. Girls weekend. Woohoo!!!

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      Oh Ashley, you have been so blessed! I’m fighting back tears now hoping that my spouse can finally come around to accepting me. You are one of the rare girls who has a mate who accepts and appreciates your feminine side.
      So yes, of course it was a definite complement, enjoy it! Lots of envious girls reading your post.


      Ms. Lauren M

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        Yes I’m very fortunate to have her on board and asking for my opinion means the world to me.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Is this a rhetorical question, LOL?  Of course your wife paid you several huge compliments!  That’s obvious.  Lucky girl!

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      Karla Rogers

      Absolutely she is paying you compliments! It is obvious that she is fully accepting, and really, even encouraging.

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      Well, we all seem to be in agreement: it’s a great compliment. I’m a pretty good shopper for both of us but still make the odd faux pas with my own outfits. I feel great when I show off a new purchase and my wife compliments my choice and suggests things that it will go with. I feel super girly, too!

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      Definitely seems like a compliment Ashley! You’re very lucky to have her!

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      Oh My, Ashley yes definitely take it as a compliment
      From a consensus of opinions from your girlfriends here at CDH we all agree ..you have the envy of married CD, we wish our spouse would be supportive and participate in our feminine side.. including myself… unfortunately, my wife is still processing my CD revelation and prefers I dress when she is not
      home… please give your wife an extra hug from all of us.. she is one of a kind… thank you for sharing your wonderful experience… warmest regards, Leonara

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      Hi Ashley
      Compliment my goodness girl that’s fantastic what a wonderful wife, surely it doesn’t get any better than that embrace the compliments.
      Love Sarah xx

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      Hi Ashley,

      Absolutely, a complement!  You are so lucky to have an accepting spouse.


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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual


      Go out & buy your wife a dozen roses immediately!!!

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      Ashley give your wife a big hug for me

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      Liara Wolfe

      Take it as a compliment and a blessing. You are a lucky girl with a wonderful wife.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Ashley –

      Definitely take it as a compliment.  That is so nice that she acknowledges your fashion sense and asks for your help.  Give your wonderful wife a hug.


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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Oh hell yes,  she is telling you that you are now one of the girls, and she welcomes you into her life.

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      A girl couldn’t ask for a more endearing affirmation from such a supportive SO. And being a fashion consultant for a single, exclusive client (who just happens to be your wife), well, that’s pretty good, too!

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      Ashley, dear, that is so much more than a compliment. That is a bold statement of love and acceptance.

      My wife knows I have zero fashion sense. And she has no idea about my makeup or limited womenswear collection. So I think it’s funny when she asks my opinion about shoes or such things.

      You are blessed.

      Much love,

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      Brianna Bay

      Absolutely!!!! Its a wonderful feeling to share as best girlfriends.

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      Yes take it as a compliment, You are so blessed to have such a supportive Wife

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      Absolutely, categorically, and emphatically yes! She truly values your opinion as a woman who knows fashion. Maybe you should start a consultation business for cross dressers and trans women.

      I’m so happy for you Ashley!

      Hugs, Jill

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      OMG, what a fabulous compliment from her! I would be tingling from nose to toes if my wife ever said those wnderful, girly, accepting things to me. I know you realize how lucky you are. It is a special thrill for us, your sisters, that you share such special moments with us!

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      Hi Ashley, Of course you should take it as a compliment, your wife is asking you for help in picking out her outfits and compliments you on your style tastes, and she always says your Fem name when she is talking to you which means she has accepted you for who you are X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      Yes. She is the best women ever hun! Having a wife or girlfriend that supports you crossdressing, crossdressing 24/7, helps you dress up, takes you out to nice restaurants, shopping for women’s clothes, helps you with your makeup, takes you to get your nails done, takes you to get your eyebrows done, helps you with selfies. She is a keeper Girlfriend.

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