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    fiona moss
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    hi girls, its that fiona again!! ok skirts! I must admit they are my favourite type of clothing. I spend more time choosing these than any other type of clothing I own. but whats your favourite type, colour and length? I wear age appropriate ones, because as you all must know by now, I am a teen girl. short skirts are a must with studs, zips etc on them. I do prefer patterned types, but will also wear plain too. A-line skirts are my favourite although I do own pencil skirts too.

    so the question today is what skirts do you prefer and why?

    fiona xxxx

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     Natalie Taylor 
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    Well for this girl skirts have always been my favorite over dresses . More options with mixing and matching skirts and tops … and with a smallish wardrobe optionality is key. My style is office/professional … most of my skirts are knee length .. a few a mid length . I prefer pencil skirts and pleated of fan fold type mids .. I prefer floral or patterns over solid colors .. but have both. This summer I bought my first denim skirt.. it’s just above the knee and I love it with a simple t or a sleeveless top.. Simply put nothing makes me feel more feminine or girlie than a skirt .

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    I have a thing for Denim Mini skirts, bare leg and ankle boots

    i have a few Denim Mini’s, posted a couple of pictures in public photos of them.

    have a couple of really nice dresses as well but will opt for a mini and top most of the time, have moved away from stockings or tights with the mini in favour of bare leg

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    Hi Fiona,

    I am not as brave as you…I wear a hemline just above the knee, I feel more feminine in that ..

    I do enjoy skirts, I like ‘A’ line, straight & specially flowy skirts so nice to feel the gentle breeze slightly move the skirt again ones legs as you walk…I love many colors depends on the outfit I wear…mood, weather & location..

    I enjoy the gentle fabric and styles.


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    I love most types of skirts. It depends on the look I’m going for.
    I can go anywhere from “streetwalker” to “church lady”, & anywhere in between.
    The only ones I hate (I mean, really REALLY HATE) are long denim skirts, & “Balloon skirts”.
    (you know, the ones that make you look like a turnip!). They were a product of the 80’s, & I hope they NEVER come back!
    My preferred look, is “office professional”  (pencil skirt & silk blouse).

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       fiona moss 
      Registered On: October 7, 2018
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      oh! bobbi, that had me in stitches! ‘looking like a turnip’ lol. I have to admit I am not keen on long denim skirts or indeed, long skirts in general. I like to show a bit of leg, whether that’s right or wrong, I prefer it that way.

      love fiona xxx

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     Nancy Gamms 
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    Have always loved pencil, a line, and flare but have mostly had pencil with a few exceptions.  Am starting to get into an A line mood but my wardrobe has gotten too big so I may need to get rid of a few pencil skirts.
    <p style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0.85em 0px; direction: ltr; font-family: ‘open sans’; font-size: 14px;”></p>

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     Michelle Liefde 
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    Hey Fiona,

    Big fan of the A line skirt and Pencil skirt.  But then again, I just think skirts are a lot of fun.  So many combinations with blouses, sweaters, etc.

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     Victoria Egger 
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    I have a fair amount of everything. At 71 my legs are still very nice looking so I can wear minis. I have some semi-formal maxi’s that I wear for Christmas and New Years and other special occasions. I have a couple of skater Dress also. I have all different colors but blue and green are my favorite.

    Vicke E

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     Laura Lovett 
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    I love the 50s look too, but prefer above the knee skirts as I have shapely calves.

    I prticularly like flared skirts that catch the breeze but wouldn’t wear one on a windy day!

    Also work skirts – I like a smart work look, and the typical skirt that gives a nice shape to the hip area makes me feel business like in a really feminine way. I do all business related calls dressed this way as it makes me feel on point but in a manner that comes across as relaxed. I’ve been complimented on my telephone style too often to rule it out as coincindence!

    I have a couple of short skirts, and love the swish of a long skirt… too many to choose from.

    Never really tried a seriously mini skirt – my legs are good (with opaque tights to hide the varicose!), so will try one in the new year.

    Nice topic, Fiona!



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     Roberta Thomas 
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    I like a variety of skirts, A line,pencil,midi,floral print.I like a short length but it has to be below the knee for me now that I am in my late fifties.Always wear tights with my skkrts,either black opaaue or natural.Currently I have thirty nine skirts in my wardrobe.My wife who is fully supporting of my feminine side will be buying me some skirts for Christmas.

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     Suzanne Collins 
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Pencil skirt gal here.  Love them.</p>

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    Mini bodycon (leather or not) Why? Idk. Goes with anything, shows off my butt and legs, makes my legs look longer.

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     Celeste Starre 
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    I have skirts of all types and lengths.  I’ve been on a 50’s kick for the past couple of years so I’m into full skirts and mostly dresses with full skirts. Basically anything I can wear a petticoat under.  I love both the look and the feel.  I have loads of dresses with full skirts thanks to Amazon selling them from  as little as  $8 to around $15.  Fearless leaders tariffs I think put an end to that but they are still pretty inexpensive.

    I bought just two full skirts. One black and the other white with black roses.  I like to wear them with twin sweater sets.

    Celeste Starre

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       sarasue olson 
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      I’m happy to hear others like the 50’s look. My dressing started in the mid 50’s and with the help of my loving sister and some of her friends  I inherited A horde of skirts dresses petticoats as well al the other neat things girls wear. I still love the 5o’s look I still have A poodle skirt and several petticoats as well as some fancy lacey panties, and still love all those vintage clothes . I also love Pendleton plaid wool skirts, as for dresses soft velvet is my favorite.





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