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      Wendy Me
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      With full slips you need all different lenghts depending on the dress, with half slips you can hike them up. I have a draw full of both of them, some going back to the 50’s that I have collected over the years. I did but a bunch in storage from the late 60’s I wore, mini’s, not my style now but I just can’t part with them. Vintage bra slips from the 70’s are very convenient, nothing like the new styles, I even have a couple that are double layered from the waist down from the 50’s.

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      Simone C
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      I love (half)slips, you just have to watch out that the sewn-in lining of the skirt or dress doesn’t fight with the slip. Occasionally the material of one makes the other bunch up or twist. Perhaps the lack of slips these days reflects that skirts and dresses are now lined more than in the past?

      I also wear a camisole to smooth the lines under my blouse if I have a half slip on. I also use full slips at times, especially when wearing a full dress. The slip helps the dress / skirt move better on the body and hides the sharper edges of the male form!

      The more expensive lingerie makers still sell full slips and camisoles, half slips are harder to find.


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      Requal Joanne Jones
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      I would not be feeling like a woman without wearing either a full or half slip when dressed. Yes, they are becoming a thing of the past as I observe more women wearing slacks and jeans, not dresses or skirts. Even as I look through the clothing magazines and look on line to buy clothing, I am seeing less skirts and more pants advertised.

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        Stephanie Tsalinn
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        I have to confess, I am a huge fan of the half slip. Worn with a darling bra and a sweet camisole it really is  a delicious experience. The full slip is also a delight when wearing something a little formal. When wearing a full slip I always feel that a complete set of lingerie should also be worn. Exquisite bra, expensive knickers no matter what the style and stockings with suspenders. To top it all off high heels  send a shiver up my spine.

        Stephanie x

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      I’m wearing one right now. Annaleigh wanted to be herself for a while, so I’m letting her roam. Plus it makes her new dress slip on so much easier.

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      Gillian Brown
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      Hi Wendy and other girls,

      Only just picked up on this topic. Slips are my favourite item of apparel, but as others have said, it is hard to find a really lacy one nowadays apart from vintage clothing sites. M & S (remember St. Michael, the patron saint of underwear?) used to have quite of range but now their stock is all rather plain (although they are currently offering a rather charming white one with a deep lace hem).

      I have quite a collection, both full (for under dresses) and half/waist (for under skirts). Some are suitable to wear as nightdresses and I often wear a half slip under a nightie for a little extra “frisson”!

      Charnos used to offer a nice, if somewhat limited, range of  slips. They were made of nylon and were of rather a heavier weight fabric than other manufacturers. Today most slips seem to made from polyester which doesn’t seem to have the same feel as nylon.

      Oh dear, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!



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        Cheryl Moss
        Registered On: January 12, 2021
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        I have a full slip in white from M&S but as you say, I find the selection pretty poor and the beige colour they sell is awful.

        I have a full slip in black and then a underskirt (mini) with matching cami top from BHS. Again, choose wasn’t great at BHS and I got to wondering if any of the high street have a good variety. (Although I do miss BHS, I used to purchase all of my knickers from there as they were reasonably priced and they had a good selection of my preferred fuller style)

        I purchased a night dress from Primark in pink which actually looks more like a slip and I tend to wear as such. I think a lot of the high street stores in the UK stock negligees/night dresses which are similar but aren’t slips. There are plenty of online suppliers but I am not in a position to buy on line so struggle. There is a stall in my local market (Castleford) who are selling one actually, in a really light green colour… my intention is to purchase one if I get the chance

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      Michelle Bailey
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      Hi Wendy I have a few half slips and one full slip ,when I get the chance to dress full enfemme I will wear one under my dress/ skirt a lovely feeling so soft and silky between my beautiful undies and outer wear ,the problem these days they tend to be so plain with no lovely lace touches ,but your article  has made my think ,must go a buy some .   Michelle  xx

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      sarasue olson
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      Growing up in the 50’s slips were every day apparel and all the ladies and girls wore them. My crossdressing started when I was fourteen, my dad and uncle were both crossdressers so when I started showing interest in fem clothing I didn’t go through all the shame and guilt so many of us suffered. My mother and sister gave me some of their outgrown things with both full and half slips that I wore to sleep in as well wear under dresses and skirts like mom and my sister did. Some of my most favorite ones came from one of my sisters friends, Her family was very wealthy so she had the very best in clothes and I became the recipient of her outgrown clothing. I remember the lacey silky slips in pretty colors that I Treasured and loved wearing. Later she gave me some of her old bras that when the whole puzzle came together, wearing panties bra and A silky slip over them and under A nice dress brought it all together. So to this day I feel it’s the only way to dress

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      Kathleen 60454
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      So far in my many decades of crossdressing I have only worn skirts & dresses and I would never get dressed without a slip. I only wear half slips though, 16″ or 18″. All my skirts and dresses are above the knee and most are mini. I do not dress age appropriate. I dress in the clothing that I like and am comfortable in. My ex didn’t like to see me in women’s shorts, so therefore I never had them but soon my SO will be getting me some and I will finally be able to wear any female clothing that I like and want. We are planning on moving to Florida,


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      Slips and pantyhose are definitely being worn less by GGs. Bras at times too. All for reasons related to comfort without them.

      On the rise are butt contours (worse than panty lines), nipple outlines, and vaginal outlines. I saw a terrible form of these the other day and wondered why is it still considered obscene if my crotch outline was visible through leggings.

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      Registered On: March 22, 2017
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      when ever i dress i always wear a slip, half slip with a skirt and top, (i find a full slip tends to let a skirt drop down off the waist area,) but with a dress its got to be a full slip, i just love the feel and absolutely ador the veiw of the lace when looking down at my chest puppys. i can adjust my boobs with my bra into the cups of the slip and feel just wonderfull, even if my dress has a under linning, i still wear a full slip, my favorite is my black satin full slip , worn with a lovely black bra,suspenders and full bum knickers, black lace top stockings, heaven. who wouldn’t understand that feeling ??? give me a good old fashioned slip any day. xxxxxxxxx

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      Registered On: December 21, 2017
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      I like wearing slips, they work very well with any unlined dress, it just makes the dress hang and move better I think. I have a number of slips, none are of the retro type, mine are all new/modern. If you are interested in slips I can recommend they have a wonderful range of classic slips, nylons and knickers and a great blog as well!

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      Philma Bierstein
      Registered On: May 28, 2020
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      My wife wears a half slip often, usually if the skirt or dress material lets enough light through to show a silhouette, or if the material is scratchy.

      I only have one full slip of white tricot.  Love sleeping in it sometimes, lounging around drinking coffee & checking CDH in the morning, etc.  Always with Shadowline or Vanity Fair satin full brief panties.  The more satin slipping around, the better!

      What I need is a quality satin night gown.  I’ve been looking for a satin tank shell for layering too (also good undershirt en drab).

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      I usually wear half-slips with cami-tops, and the two absolutely must match.  I mean, what difference does it make if the two match or not, since they’ll be covered by outerwear anyway?  Just one of my many foibles, I guess.

      I guess nobody else has broached the subject (at least on this thread), so I will.  I simply love to sleep in a slinky nylon tricot full slip, without panties or bra.  Being wrapped in that slip, together with slippery satin sheets, is pure heaven.  As to why I insist that the slip must be a white one, I can only speculate.  Perhaps it’s my fetish for ‘retro’ lingerie, which goes back to my fascination with women’s under garments when I was a little boy.  Back then, all women wore what today would be considered retro.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
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      Hi Wendy nice to meet you and yes my wife rarely wears a whole or half slip and yes I have many more than she does. and I wear them way more than she does with dresses and skirts they feel so sexy and makes a girl look so cute and complete.

      Stephanie Bass

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      Christine Relleum
      Registered On: March 1, 2020
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      There was one woman who worked alongside me years ago at a travel wholesale company who nearly always wore nice dresses from which the lacy hem of her slip usually peeked out. It was such a turn on for me although I didn’t let on. In addition to that job she also worked part-time in the lingerie department of a nearby department store, so she certainly knew how to dress.


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      Registered On: February 4, 2020
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      Hey girls,


      I believe there are two reasons why most GGs don’t wear slips anymore.

      1. Many dresses now come with lining on the inside of the dress which is designed specifically to hide lines from undergarments, making a slip unnecessary.

      2. Many GG’s don’t mind a bra/panty line showing through on a day to day basis.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that years ago a GG wou;dn#t have set foot outside without a slip under a dress for fear of someone seeing a line.  However, as times have changed, so has fashion, and many women are happy for a bra/panty line to show.  Many dress are designed with particularly sheer material round the chest, for the sole purpose of showing off a nice bra.  It’s like bra straps.  years ago they had to be hidden, now though, it is acceptable in some cases (casual environments) to have bra straps showing under a spaghetti strap top for example.  Some people see it as a statement of confidence.

      However, there is nothing from stopping you wearing a slip if you want to, especially if it’s a sheer/lightweight dress.



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      Millicent Teasedale
      Registered On: August 24, 2015
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      When I wear a slip, which isn’t often, it’s mainly to smooth out the lines from my girdle/cincher/etc. I remember learning about this many years ago when someone pointed out a young GG who was wearing a knit dress that clung to her – and her bra and her panties. It really left very little to the imagination.

      They are lovely and silky and do feel wonderful, though.


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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      I only have a small handful of full slips, and 2 half slips.

      It does feel nice wearing them, but I am finding I can go without.  On the other hand, of late I’ve been wearing the half slips on skirts that don’t have a liner.

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      Stephenie Derick
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      I love half slips.  Mostly black with lace trim.  They feel great.  One of the reasons I love Betsey Johnson dresses so much.


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      Celeste Starre
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      LOL  I can’t remember the last time I saw a woman wearing a skirt or a dress so there is that.

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      Brenda Stevens
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      I’m with you Wendy, I always wear slips under my dresses and skirts. I just love the look and feeling of a slip. They are such a lovely pretty thing and I love the feeling of extra silky layers and seeing pretty lace edging peeking out from under the hem of my dress when I sit. Slips were obviously made for Girls…and I just love wearing both full and half slips because I love Feeling Feminine and Girly.

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      Registered On: March 18, 2019
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      I have both full and waist slips, but only wear them if a dress or skirt is too see-through or if I want the extra layer for warmth.

      Isabel x

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