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      Kay Lambert
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      A journey of a thousand miles always begin with the first step. Despite global warming, temperatures are beginning to dip, which allows for an extra layer up top, which helps the bra go stealth. I love wearing a bra in the late fall, winter and early spring. Believe me, I know how scary it can be the first few times going out underdressed. Relax and enjoy the journey.


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      Patty Phose
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      I’ve been wearing pantyhose and heels since I was 4, often with a shirt that looked like a short dress. I began buying my own pantyhose at 13. That was exciting, trying all the sheer to waist pantyhose brands.

      At 17 I began wearing pantyhose with shorts, hair free legs and guy clothes out in public. That took a lot of desire to overcome the many false starts and chickening out before I finally did it.

      Next came the short girl’s shorts to show off my legs better. Buying them was no big deal as I had been buying my own pantyhose for 4 years. Wearing them out with pantyhose was a whole different story. Lot’s of just driving around and never getting put of the car, then finally getting out and walking around where no one else was. Then building upon that to where there was few people. It took several false starts before I had the courage to go out among a lot of people.

      Then I had been wanting to get some platform wedges for a long time. I decided when I went to buy them I would try them on wearing my pantyhose and short shorts to see how they would look. I drove to the shoe store many times, got out of the car, walked to the store, saw people inside, went back to the car and didn’t go in.

      One day I finally did it. I walked up to the store, didn’t see many people inside. I walked in, located the shoes I wanted and began trying them on and seeing how they looked in mirrors. I noticed more people were coming in the store. Some seemed to be watching me, others just seemed to be walking by, maybe to watch me. I felt a little nervous at first but I was enjoying trying on the shoes and trying to choose which pair I wanted. After a couple of hours I decided I was going to buy all 6 pairs as I liked them all equally.

      Wearing those platforms out with the short shorts and pantyhose was the same old tired build up the courage scenario. Finally I did it and began noticing people were looking at me. I didn’t know whether I should be nervous or flattered.

      My confidence and courage built up the more I was out. I even began to go shopping in this attire. I enjoyed trying on shoes and buying pantyhose. I got many looks and some compliments on my shoes and legs. I got asked about the pantyhose I was wearing and buying. At first the encounters, compliments and questions scared me nearly to death. After a few of them I actually looked forward to and welcomed it.

      In trying on various shoes I became interested in sexy pumps. There was a couple of super sexy stilettos I tried on often and thought about a lot. I should get them, but I didn’t think they would look right with my short shorts. They had to be worn with a short dress or skirt. If I bought those shoes I should definitely get some dresses and skirts to wear with them.

      It took a while and a lot of trying on to figure out my size in dresses. I would buy something I thought would fit, take it home, try it on and take it back if it didn’t. Then buy something bigger. If I only had the nerve to try them on in the store it would be so much easier and faster. I bought a few dresses I really liked. Very short and sexy. Wearing them with my pantyhose and stilettos was amazing. I loved it. I had to take this out. But I needed more. I had to get panties and bras. I got some beautiful matching sets and some very sexy individual panties and bras.

      Now I needed hair. I had to have hair. I went to a wig shop and told them I needed a wig for a Halloween Party. I bought three of them. Now makeup definitely makeup. Fortunately I had a girl helping me with much of my purchase decisions.

      I would go home and put on my shiny sheer to waist pantyhose, my sexy stilettos, my short, sexy dress and my pretty hair. OMG. I’m a girl. A sexy girl with great legs and pretty hair. I loved it. Now I was dressed with nowhere to go. I was working up my desire and nerve to go out. Fortunately that opportunity presented itself when I was invited to a college Halloween Party.

      I got lot’s of attention and compliments. Girls hit on me. Guys wanted to know me and do things for me. I met other dressers who invited me to party with them when they did their dress up parties.

      It was crazy I got to this point. It was a lot of small steps over a lot of years. Then of course, that was only the beginning of the adventures and activities of Patty.

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        Deborah Sullivan
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        TY Patty for sharing the evolution of your journey. Something we can all understand from experience. Such a thrill being lost in the pink fog girl

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          Patty Phose
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          Yes it is a thrill Christine. I hope you will continue taking your steps and enjoy it as much as you hope you will.

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      patty williams
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      Isn’t it wonderful christie.

      I love the feeling of wearing a bra makes me feel so pretty and feminine.

      Good for you girl.


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        Christie Deville
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        I do love it, wear a bra every day once i get home

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Christie,

      Small steps are Best.  Congratulation on having the courage to step out.  I’ve found that most don’t notice.  So build up your confidence and have fun one small step at a time.


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      Baby steps is what it’s all about!

      Enjoy each one (and don’t forget to share!)

      Love Laura

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      Olivia Livin
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      Small steps will get you there Christie, enjoy being out and about as You!

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