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    Hello everyone,

    So as the title says, I finally sat down and told my mom that I am still a crossdresser after years of suppressing it for her sake. Although she still is having a difficult time accepting it, this time I feel like things will be different. I told my managers at work about it, and they are 100% supportive, they even told me I can come into work with painted nails! I also told an ex girlfriend of mine who I still care for and she was totally supportive and understanding. It means a lot to know that my first romance in life is completely supportive and understanding of my crossdressing. It almost makes up for my mom’s lack of understanding. Also, after having a difficult but much needed conversation with my mom, we came to the agreement that it would be best for me to move out and find a place of my own. So I am happy to know that at least my mom is supporting me in finding a place for me to live where I can be my authentic self. She even offered to help me financially at first while I adjust to being completely financially independent. I guess now its just a matter of being patient and proactive in finding an apartment or condo that I can afford, I might have to find a few roommates, but even that will be better than having to hide who I am. I promised myself that unlike in my 20’s, I am going to make sure that in my 30’s I will stay true to who I am, and I will fully embrace my feminine side! I can’t wait for the day when I can practice my makeup routine and get to practice walking in heels! One day, I will have the opportunity once again to show Angelica to the world! I can’t wait to go out again en femme.

    – Angelica

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      Marie Chandler
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      Angelica, these are such big, bold and brave moves by such a young person. You should be proud of yourself! I think you are doing what a lot of us wished we had done when we were younger and I think it will serve you well in life.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Wow, that’s great! So many of us wish we’d had the chance (or guts) to live ourselves as we are when younger, and you’ve given yourself that chance. Good on you, well done.


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Angelica well done you for being honest and open with your mum, its lovely other people are accepting of you.

      Best Wishes

      Sarah xx

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      Hilda Beaumont
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      Thanks so much for sharing Angelica. Your story is inspirational and all your sisters here on CDH will, I know, provide you with love and support as you continue your journey. So do keep us posted on your progress – ups and downs. One of my regrets is that I discovered cross dressing as a significant part of being who I really am late in life so I was never able to talk with my mother about this part of my life. So while it was tough for you it was very brave and there hasn’t been outright rejection so there is every possibility that your mother will come to understand you as Angelica. I do hope this turns out to be the case.
      Love and hugs
      HildaRuth 💋💋

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      Rochelle Mills
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      Angelica — Thanks for sharing your experience coming out to your mom and others!  We all benefit for hearing these stories, can see ourselves in parts of them and feel connections to sisters around the globe.

      I kind of think of the process of finding, accepting and ultimately loving our feminine selves is like answering the question: when is the best time to plant a tree?  Today or 100 years ago for the tree, or in the case of  developing/growing your feminine side, today or sometime during your youthful years.

      Like many, I dabbled, purged, and was almost painfully ambivalent to this part of myself until the kids grew up and went out of their own.

      Enjoy and love your femme self.  Most will love you back. Others, especially women, sense right away when we are comfortable with our femme selves.  That goes a long way into building supporting, lasting and fun relationships.

      Have a wonderful today and tomorrow!


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      Katey Doe
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      Hi Angelica,

      So happy for you I wish I had your courage. Hugs Katey

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      Dave Michaels
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      Good luck, Angelica. All you have to do from now on is be yourself. And that means dressing in lovely female clothing. That is YOU. And you cannot deny it. I tried to deny it when I was about 20 years old. Threw all my female clothes out, but regretted it. I’ve also had my female clothes thrown out by my past partners. One woman who I was living with, cut up all my dresses and skirts and told all her friends I was a freak. She’s the freak. So much hate over nothing. Thankfully, I choose very carefully from now who I am friends with – hence few friends. LOL. 

      When I told my mom she thought I was insane. Sadly she’s dead now. But I often look in the mirror after putting on my female clothes and talk to the mirror, ‘my mom would freak out if she could see me now.’ LOL. She’s at peace and so AM I.

      Good luck. Don’t care what others think. Your life matters more, as is your happiness.

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      Ashley Konners
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      I hope you can live your life the way you feel is best. I came out to my sister last year and she was nothing but great about it.  My wife also knows and is very supportive towards my feminine side.  Enjoy everyday hun!


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      Diana Morgan
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      What an inspiring story Angelica, when I read about the troubles many of the girls here are enduring through leading secret lives and being unable for whatever reason to confide in family and friends, to see you bravely telling your mother everything is awesome. I know this was probably the most difficult conversation you have ever had  but nevertheless you will have saved both your mom and yourself much future heartbreak by having no secrets between you. Who knows, your mom may come to accept having a daughter now if she sees that you are happy in yourself. You are now in the happy situation of  being able to lead the life you wish openly and are young enough to make a successful life as a woman unlike many others who through force of circumstance could only come out much later in life. I wish you joy and look forward to hearing of yor new life.

      All my love Diana 💋


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      Laura Lovett
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      Good for you, honey.

      I’m sure that the road ahead will be paved with the riches, the rewards for being your authentic self – but equally, the challenges will be as great as the rewards.

      For every action…

      I wish you all the best in your bright, rainbow future!

      Love Laura

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      Donna, Going to your parents as their “long lost daughter” with their support is so special. Thank you for sharing…

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