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    Hi Ladies,

    Any good advice or life coaching tips accepted and appreciated.  I’ve been slowly trying to introduce my female side and desires to my wife.  A few things that I’ve had “success” in doing are as follows:

    -Wear a female one piece bathing suit to get in the hot tub with her.

    -Paint my toenails (all different colors.)

    -Repurposed a purse as my dopp/shaving kit (I travel a lot)

    -Routinely wear footwear that is feminine by nature (Dansko, Born flip flops, etc.)

    So with all of this, I get mild resistance or feedback in that her main response to all of it is:  “that’s weird” accompanied by off-putting body language.  I’m open for suggestions on how to carry on the conversation and dialogue to turn it to a positive interaction.  I have reason to believe she has found my stash of panties and bras and nightgown etc., although she hasn’t mentioned a thing about it.  So I’m certain that she “knows” or has a suspicion that I like to wear girly things.  Any help on how to get to the next positive step is greatly appreciated.




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      Diane Rakers
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      It sounds like Susan and I.

      Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

      Lee Ann



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      Regine Rich
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      My advice is simply have the talk. I didn’t hide for long, when I began this journey, as I believe in complete honesty. I simply said,” we have to talk,,I don’t want to hide this from you, I have been trying wearing women’s clothing, and this is why, how it makes me feel, etc etc., I love the feeling and I would like to explore it further.”
      To my amazement, she accepted, and embraced it, and now I live as a woman at all times, except when at work, and doing the shopping, which I am still trying to work up the nerve for, lol
      The longer you leave it, the more it will make her wonder what’s going on, and the more things, none of them good, will go through her mind.
      HOWEVER, as others have said, be sensitive to her wants and needs, as well, and find a compromise if necesary, so you can both be happy
      We are all here for you, Steffy
      Hugs, Regi

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      Honey T
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      A wife’s imagination will answer all the questions floating around in her head.  The longer you wait, the more misinformation she will have already processed that you’ll need to undo.  She deserves to know the truth. You deserve to not live in hiding.
      The significant others forum is a great place that she can bounce ideas of “ what is weird” around with those of us with experience.

      Just do it…. talk to her…. love her enough to share yourself

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Steffy,

      This thing we do is certainly “Different” from expected male behavior, but that doesn’t mean we are weird. It means we have acknowledged the existence of our feminine side, and are expressing it. For those of us who have a SO, it means something else, also: You’re a CD; you can’t quit being a CD, even if you suppress the need to express it. And since the subject has come up (sort of), it is time to have The Talk. Every relationship is built on compromise, so talk about it. What can she accept? What can she tolerate? And what is “off the table”? Anything short of an ultimatum cn be worked out, and if your SO knows you can accept her limitations on your Dressing, she is likely more willing to accept you.


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      Stephanie Flowers
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      This sounds like it may have come the time in having that talk. Keeping this hidden will only work for so long. Eventually she may discover your secret,  finding your stash, seeing strange attitudes coming from you,  basically any feminine traits that you may never know your doing. Anyway if you suspect she may have out you its certainly time to bring up that conversation. Waiting never works..

      Stephanie 🌷

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      The only real way to resolve your issue is to come out and be honest with her. Your behaviour is weird except if you are a transvestite or crossdresser in which case it all begins to make sense.

      It’s a huge step and one only you can decide about but once done there is tonnes of literature online that says your behaviour is fairly typical. Of course it opens all sorts of other boxes and questions so it is a high risk option.

      I’m learning a lot about myself since coming out to my wife recently and all sorts of things make more sense. That said I still think my need to wear a bra is weird, it’s just not unusual for a transgender man.

      There are no easy answers but we are all here to share and support.


      Lisa xxx

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      Eva Kelly
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      Just a thought… could you suggest to her replacing the words “that’s weird” with “that’s different”?

      And as always, take baby steps, keep the communication open, if she needs to vent just LISTEN and don’t respond in anger.

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      Mary Jane
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      Your actions are weird if they are not what your wife is used to.

      Perhaps you need to agree with her. Yes darling I understand this is all a bit weird. Let me explain.

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      Rozalyne Richards
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      Hi Steffi i can’t give you any advice myself I’m still in the closet to my wife, I’m sure some of the other girls can give you some solid advice about where you go from here x

      Hugs Rozalyne x

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