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      Recently I’ve downloaded snap chat. Playing with the different filters is quite addictive. Lots are hairstyles and makeup. Even a few gender change and face swap filters. My wife laughs at some and questions my enjoyment of others. Anyone else enjoy using apps and filters to see yourself more fem.

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      There is an ap I recently tried where you upload a photo of yourself and it feminizes it.  I’m not ugly but not beautiful as a woman but definitely feminine.  And I look a little like my sister.

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        Lara Muir
        Baroness - Annual


        I did the same thing a few months ago. It was a little scary how much I looked like my sister!
        I still enjoyed my feminine looking self in the picture though.



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      Savannah Vee

      I’ve wanted to play with a few different face apps, but haven’t done so yet. I suspect that when you download your picture it goes into data base that can later be sold for the purposes of facial recognition. I think in the near future that anyone will be able to search the entire web for every picture that you’ve every posted. And I’m a bit worried that my Savannah pics will show up right along side my guy-self pics.

      Maybe I’m just paranoid.

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      Trish White

      Hi Gabby, thanks for the post. For me I thought something like that would be kind of cool just to mess around with just for fun. But I wouldn’t post any photos of me that didn’t show the real me. To me it would kind of like false advertising. But I can see some girls really liking it. I guess I’m fortunate in that for my entire life of crossdressing I have not had an issue passing as a female. I’m now just over 2 months away from turning 73 and I still go out fairly often in public. I have a girl friend in town who I go shopping with once a week and then have happy hour at our favourite pub and have never had any issues. Lastly, I am absolutely not a techi type person and if I was to try something like feminizing my face I’d probably end up looking like the cookie monster 😥. Have a great day girl.

      Trish 💖

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        Connie Wittnee
        Baroness - Annual

        Trish! Envy and admiration: ‘for my entire life of crossdressing I have not had an issue passing as a female. I’m now just over 2 months away from turning 73 and I still go out fairly often in public. I have a girl friend in town who I go shopping with once a week and then have happy hour at our favourite pub and have never had any issues.” Such delight for you🌹! 

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          Trish White

          Hi Connie, it is a delight and I thank my parents each and every day, I am a very lucky girl. Thanks for your reply.

          Trish ❤️



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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Gabby,

      I have played with one. I have almost no experience with makeup, and I thought it would be interesting to see what I might look like if I could feminize my features.
      I would not mind looking the way the pictures came out. Although in one, similar to Kerri’s experience I came out looking very similar to one of my sisters. I suppose that is not a bad thing, it just felt weird.


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        I find myself looking like my mom or my daughter. Which is a terrible thing and makes sense

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      I like FaceApp and Reface. The latter is mostly for fun but with FaceApp I produced a lot of images then manipulated them further with Brushstroke and Affinty and some other apps. People asked if my mom was the subject. I said she was.

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        I have used reface as well – fun to play around with

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      When I first joined CDH, I used to use Face App often to see how I looked with different makeup looks, and different hair.  It was very useful to see what the app did to me to turn me into a female.  It even helped me to pick out a hairstyle that I really liked.  I’m like so many here though, I’d never use an app to manipulate a photo that I posted here, I’m a purist, and like to present myself as I really look, even if it is after screening a bunch of photos.

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      No never tied a app to change my face , what app would i look for to try it out just for fun.

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador

      Hi Gabby!  I have to say that though it is an intriguing idea, I do not want to look at a stranger when I look at my pic, I wanna see me.  So, I may not be as cute as I want to be, but I’m me.  It’s just easier that way.


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      Hi Gabby,  I don’t use any app ever.  If I take a pic I really want to see the real me and no substitutes.  Good or bad (and as much as I usually hate most of my pics) I find that is the only way for me to really learn and critique myself.  Marg

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      Hi Gabby, I tried some kind of facial or portrait changing app about 4-5 years ago (before I joined cdh and before all the new apps that have appeared) and I played with it a little but never liked any of the results.  I spent most of my career learning new apps and writing more, and I’m slowly getting just a teensy tired of having to learn even more.

      I counted the various places I’ve joined that need a password and it’s about 300. I’m at the point where learning too many new things just isn’t worth my time, so I have to pick and choose carefully now and since I’ve never been truly happy with any portrait of myself in the last 20 years, I don’t need to be again reminded…and frustrated. <sigh>

      But I would hope that others here feel better about their results.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      can some one tell me a free web site that does face changes just to see what i would look like with different wigs and style of eye shadow and dresses i have looked around and all want money.

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      Snapchat I’ll use again once I accept my first cell phone. It has a few face gender filters and lots of great makeup filters. Both help me look even more femme.

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      Angela Wagner
      Managing Ambassador

      When I first started using makeup, I wasn’t very good at it. So I would use a face app to enhance my makeup. It made a big difference, sort of what I might look like if a professional did it. As I progressed, I stopped using it because (a) CDH doesn’t allow for enhanced photos, and (b) my makeup skills improved to the point where I didn’t need it. I have also used facial apps for fun, to feminize the features of my face. The result is a “fantasy”  version of Angela. The results are enjoyable to look at, but I delete them at some point because the woman in the photo is not me. Facial apps can also be useful. I like seeing what I look like with different hair styles. And recently, I was trying to decide what types of glasses for Angela to wear. I was able to use an app to try on different styles.

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