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    I am in the process of doing a lot of improvements on my new condo and it seems like I have been making daily visits to Home Depot and Lowe’s as the process unfolds.  I hate home improvement but I am too proud (and cheap) to hire someone to do things I can do myself.  I always go dressed and have never had any bad experiences.  Yesterday was no exception.  However, while I was in the bath department trying to decide on what style of towel racks I wanted, one of the male employees started chatting me up.  We talked for awhile and it was obvious he was interested in more than what accessories I wanted in my new bathroom.  I felt very comfortable with him and he was attractive.  I was in my normal stealth mode, looking like a plain Jane wearing  jeans, a loose t-shirt, and just a little mascara, foundation, and lip gloss with my hair hanging down loosely down my back.  I always wear some form of breast forms so I did have the girls filling out the t-shirt.  After we chatted for awhile, he asked if we could meet for coffee or lunch sometime.  I was flattered.  Now I have established the habit of letting people who show interest in me know right off the bat I am not a genetic girl.  Not expecting to meet anyone yesterday, I wasn’t anticipating revealing to anyone that I was not born a girl at birth like I do when at a club or party.  I admit I had a little anxiety considering this because I recently moved into the area and frequent this store often.   Well, I didn’t tell and accepted his offer and gave him my number.   He called this morning and we agreed to meet at a restaurant not far from his store.  We met a little after noon and he was a perfect gentleman.  We talked easily and I felt very comfortable with him.  He even mentioned he had seen me in the store several times and he had been trying to figure out  how to introduce himself without being creepy.  I knew I had better come clean before this went much further or things could get bad quick.  We finished lunch and he had to go back to work.  As we went to our respective vehicles, I gently confessed that I was not born a girl and that I thought he should know and apologized for causing any embarassment.  For a moment he had a look of disbelief on his face, then he broke into a grin and said, “That is the last thing I expected to hear.  I totally missed it.  You are totally girly.”  After a short pause, he said, “Well, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, does it?”  It was my turn to smile and I told him I see no reason why we couldn’t if he was ok with it.  He said he was, and we agreed to meet at a local pub on Friday for Happy Hour.   I will definitely not be dressed as plain Jane tomorrow!  Sometimes fun stuff just happens.   Maybe home improvement isn’t so bad.

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    Well, we did meet for Happy Hour and had a great time.  Since the venue was casual I went with a simple pair of jeans and a cute top with some heels.  I was in full make up and when I arrived, he was already there and had a table.  He gave me some very nice compliments on my appearance and commented on how he would not have suspected Gina wasn’t what she appeared to be.  After some general conversation just getting to know each other, he started asking some questions regarding Gina.  He was non-judgmental and appeared very interested in how Gina came to be.  I was very honest about my story and he appeared to be very accepting.  At the end of the evening he made it clear that he was straight but that he enjoyed our time together and hoped we could hang out again.  We met again last night for a few pool games and a few beers and it was really great.  I was feeling a little mischievous and wore a short denim skirt, tank top and 6″ heels and got a lot of glances from some of the guys but he took it in stride but I noticed he was a little protective.  It was kind of cute.  It was just like hanging out with a big brother and he was an absolute gentleman.  A very nice experience.

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    Keep us posted I like to hear how it goes

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    Since there’s no “like” button, I’ll just say: woohoo!

    A Rose by any other name...


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