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    As the holiday season continues, I wanted to follow up on my Thanksgiving post about writing a note of thanks to someone who had made a difference in your life. I thought of the below song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra called “Someday”. The link is to a live concert video of Kayla Reeves a young 23 year old blues singer who conveys a tremendous amount of raw emotion into this song about a daughter reminiscing about her parents who have passed on. It is a lament of not telling people how you feel about them while they are still around and alive to hear it. As one who has relatively recently experienced the loss of both parents as well as both of my two brothers within a short time frame, the message hits home with a particular poignancy for me. One line in particular stands out:
    “Do words unsaid ever really count?”

    We often forget that on any given day, we are not promised that we or our loved ones will see tomorrow. We often, as the song says, figure “I’ll have to tell them…..Someday”.
    Well for some of us that “someday” will never happen on this earth and that is a true tragedy that is within our power to prevent. Please think about the people in your life who have meant and do mean the most to you and be sure to TELL them how much they mean to you…not tomorrow or next week or next year….but RIGHT NOW. Best yet, put it in writing along with telling them as then they will always have that to look back on in future years when we have moved or passed on.

    Let me be the first to tell all of you ladies here on the site how much each and every one of you has touched my life in just the few short months I’ve known you! I won’t name specific names here but you know who you are! I don’t know how I would have made it through without you and I thank God everyday for the blessing of knowing you all!. Thank you for the love and support!
    December 1st, 2015

    He won the war
    In a foreign land
    That was no hero
    That was my old man

    And he came back home
    Where he met his wife
    And he raised his kids
    While he made a life

    Now he never preached
    Though he always knew
    And we watched him close
    Just to pick up clues

    And sometimes late
    In the dead of night
    I can see him there
    In the pale moonlight

    I am trying
    And I don’t know how
    And I don’t know when
    But I’ll have to tell him someday

    And as for this woman
    My father wed
    We knew we were loved
    With the words unsaid

    And when we were young
    She taught us all to read
    And then one by one
    She would watch us leave

    Never saw her cry
    For she hid her tears
    As one by one
    We would disappear

    But of course we’d write
    And of course we’d call
    Just to hear her voice
    Whenever we would fall

    I am trying
    And I don’t know how
    And I don’t know when
    But I’ll have to tell her someday

    So I wrote these words
    And I hope they last
    For the years have come
    And the years have past

    Think of all they gave
    Think of all the debt
    But can’t find a way
    To repay them yet

    For the days still come
    And the debt still mounts
    And do words unsaid
    Ever really count

    But sometimes still
    In the dead of night
    I can see them there
    In the pale moon light

    I am trying
    And I don’t know how
    And I don’t know when
    But I’ll have to tell them someday

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      Oh Rosaliy! I am so sorry. I too have regrets over things I never told my parents before they passed! I hope some others see this post and reach out to their own loved ones before it is too late! Thank you so much for sharing this difficult topic! Itswhy I cry almost every time I hear that song! If its any consolation, I hope he knows now in Heaven how much you loved him!

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      Someday, like Tomorrow, never comes.
      It has been some years since my father passed away. I was in my second marriage at the time. I had brought my father home from the hospital after his landlord contacted me about him and I had to send him TO the hospital. He was a good strong man before this. He helped me uproot an old tree stump in my yard. Due to family issues and some disturbing with the kids, I had to put him in a home. Tomorrow, I would go see him and a few times I did. But there were always things to do and tomorrow I would visit again. In the middle of the night I got the call from his Dr. He was in the hospital having fallen out of his bed at the home.

      As I began to step out of the elevator at the hospital his Dr. saw me and shook his head. My foot, raised to take that step, like my world,


      Tomorrow never came and anything I could have said or done would never be.

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