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    Gina Delgado
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    Having been living as Gina full time for awhile, I thought I had put my male persona away for good.  I haven’t experienced someone realizing I am not a genetic girl for some time.  Today, I donned my bikini and wrapped myself in my black cover-up and went on my usual morning walk on the beach.  I encountered several men and women without any issues.  As my walk was coming to an end, the heat and humidity was taking its toll and the beach hair and perspiration were going south.  After ending my walk, I decided to travel south to visit another beach area I know and maybe have some lunch.

    I had to cross a toll bridge to get to where I wanted to go.  As I approached the toll booth, an elderly man was working inside.  Now I was dressed in my beach attire, some pretty realistic custom breastforms that blend into my skin well, some lip gloss and mascara and a head of beach hair.  As an I turned to pay my toll, this guy immediately begins addressing me as “sir”.  Apparently something tipped him off that all was not what it seemed.  For whatever reason, he continued calling me “sir” several times, while taking his time giving me back my change.  With discretion being the better part of valor, I chose not to engage and just let it go.  I guess no matter how well I think I am doing, some days it just doesn’t come together, and I still need to be reminded there are many that will not ever accept us for what we are.  Just another day in paradise I guess.  Maybe I have become complacent.  I’ll be on my A gaie tomorrow.  I just might pay that guy a visit to aggravate him.

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     Patty Phose 
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    You didn’t get flustered or confrontational. You just carried on. I think you handled it perfectly. I like your getting your “A game” on and going to see him again attitude. Nice 🙂

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     Carolyne Sherman 
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    Go Gina Go!  Don’t let any 1 jerk who is probably just as horrid to his wife as well as you be anything but a bug on your windshield!


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    Hi Gina,

    I guess the generation older than us must be stuck in 1960s suburbia! We are around the same age I’d bet and like Persephone said “haters gonna hate”. I like your spirit girl, go back and smile at him give him a big hello and thank you so much. Just kill him with kindness. You may just make his day and give his heart a kick start at the same time, lol! TTFN💋👠


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    Oh crap ola   That doesn’t give much hope. Haters going to hate    Screw em, 😛

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