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    Tanya Dale
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    Hi Ladies, my main chance to dress is in the mornings before I go to work. This morning I had a lovely couple of hours. I wore my usual bra and knickers, black opaque tights and a pretty dress. I did my usual chores, emptied the dishwasher, tidied up etc. and had my breakfast. I felt great, not all excited or anything, just relaxed as me. It then dawned on me that I’d got to get undressed and change for work. I felt so frustrated that I couldn’t stay dressed in my undies, tights and dress. I so wanted to spend the whole day as me! It would have been great to be Tanya, a normal everyday women! Does anyone else who has limited time feel the same? X

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     stephanie plumb 
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    After iv’e walked the dog and my wife has gone to work, I have about an hour before my daughter, who is currently living at home, gets up.  This gives me time to shed the dog walking clothes and put on my sheer nude bra, breast forms, wig and a thin strapped nightie or chemise, and nothing else.

    I do a few chores like emptying the dishwasher, washing up, tidying away etc. whilst enjoying the feel of the wig brushing my bare shoulders , the feel of my breasts , and the silky nightie  brushing against my bare skin, and frequent looks in the mirror to admire myself. Its heaven. And it starts the day off well.

    When i hear my daughters bedroom door open I grab the dressing gown and cover up. Usually she goes to the loo and i have plenty of time to undress and put away my stuff.   After showering I underdress in a lacy bralette , sexy panties and thigh highs (with slippers to hide my feet) for the rest of the day.

    x Stephanie P.

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     Tanya Dale 
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    Hi Girls, thanks for your comments. I’ve thought about what I should do and I’ve decided to underdress at home when I can. Its 01.03 hours on Sunday in the UK and I’ve been wearing a pair of brazilian knickers since 19.00 hours yesterday. Its great! I’m going to buy some cami vests so I can wear them under my drab at home. I’ve had few drinks so I’m a little drunk! Lol! I feel quite warm and tingly inside my knickers so I’m going to have some fun in bed!!!🤩😻😻🤩

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    I go full blown fem during my vacation times, mainly just weekends depending on what my wife has planned.

    It really depends on how much time I do have, I write a lot, paint, play music. Depends on my mood.

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    I can often feel the same kind of frustration. My wife doesn’t approve of me dressing at home when she’s around. Travelling alot for work I usually bring my clothes, makeup and so on to dress up and go out in the afternoons and early evenings when staying at a hotel.  However my Parkinson’s steadily makes both the work and the transformation take longer and longer time, so the time to actually go out and do something becomes very restricted.

    Instead I’ve started wearing mostly female clothing to the office, usually a pair of women’s skinny stretch jeans and a top or blouse with a plain or cable knit sweater over. I aleays wear panties, hip and butt  padding and pantyhose or leggings and occassionally also a padded bra. Some days I rise early in the morning to have time to put on a skirt or dress and my makeup and wig to commute as a woman to work, changing into my jeans and removing my makeup at arrival.


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     Tanya Dale 
    Registered On: February 10, 2019
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    Hi Everyone, what wonderful messages, thanks very much. I can underdress at work sometimes, I usually wear my underwear all day when I can. Isn’t it great that we can talk about our problems? Sometimes we have really similar stories. Love to all.❤

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     Olivia Livin 
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    Hi Tanya

    I have the freedom to dress as i like at home and am generally up for a couple hours before I have to leave for work. There are those days where it feels so good and natural I just really don’t want to put the drab on over my finery. I did play hhokie one day a couple weeks ago, it was glorious!!

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     MacKenzie Alexandra 
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    I know and understand exactly how you feel. Though I am able and do enjoy wearing whatever I wish on most days whether that is a dress or something more casual.  My general wardrobe is typically a mixture of the masculine and the feminine.  However,  there are circumstances where I have dress predominantly masculine including work.  I often wish that wasn’t case and dream of the day when it will be different.

    MacKenzie Alexandra

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     Laura Lovett 
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    I wish I had as long!

    I have about 45 minutes in the mornings that I am on late shift – but none in the school holidays.

    Some mornings my wife is still in the house, so I inform her that I will be dressed to complete the chores. Occasionally she will unknowingly treat me and come in to talk while I tidy the kitchen or whatever, but I can feel the bad feelings she has – I’m such an empath.

    I’m getting better at remembering that I have feelings too, and that a dose of Laura is essential to my mental health. This means blotting out her feelings at that time, because I have stated my intentions, and she has come to me, not discovered me.

    I want her to be there! To interact with Laura, who is real to me, but not quite ready for my wife, who clearly sees a threat.

    Laura is much thinner than her and wears foxy (Not overtly sexy) clothes. My wife has commented more than once that she would like to wear some of my dresses. They are all too small for her, however. That’s never going to be good!

    It is really, really frustrating to not be able to dress as much as I would like. But it is where I currently am, and will not stay the same forever.

    Nor will it for any man who feels the Pink mist.

    Love Laura.

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     Amy Myers 
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    I feel so much the same way. I have a limited amount of time to let Amy out, so to speak, and its’ always tough to put her away again. There is the excitment when first getting dressed up, then it fades, and is replaced with an overall sense of peace, happiness, and comfort.

    I recently posted about a CDer pub night I was at the other day, and the sense of sadness when I the evening was over, and I had to dress drab to come home was nearly depressing.

    I think many of us here feel the same, not that it makes it any easier when we need to put our beautiful back in the closet, but you are not alone.


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    I feel ya Tanya, someday I’d love to have the kind of life where I put my makeup on before going to work instead of taking it off…or even better yet, just not have to go to work at all

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Hi Tanya……….ya, it is frustrating. Can you not continue to wear your undies at your work? It may not be a good idea if you work in a factory environment where you could be injured….and Pandoras box would be opened. I hope you can find a better way to enable you to fulfull your desire.

    Dame Veronica

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     Jasmine Jeffries 
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    I think we all feel that way I myself hate to take off my female attire and put on my regular clothes I wish I was a secretary and could go to work in a pretty dress and sit at my desk with my legs crossed in my pantyhose and heels and freshen up my lipstick I would be a happy woman

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