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    Caty Ryan
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    Good afternoon Oz Time ladies,

    For many a moon I have enjoyed wearing lacy stay up stockings, with the silicone bands on the inside.

    But unless I attach them to a suspender/garter belt, they wont stay up.

    I buy the extra tall size, so its not as though they are too short.

    I’m wondering if its all cuased by the fact that due to “home pressures” I have yet to shave my legs.

    So is my leg hair the thing that’s causing the problem.

    Answers welcomed.


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      Patty Phose
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      I pretty much always wear pantyhose and most of the time they are sheer to waist. I have worn garter stockings and stay ups many times over the years. Garter stockings are fun with garters. Just a special and unique experience. The sexy garter on stay ups is fun to show off in short skirts and dresses. One thing I found with stay ups though is after several hours they an become uncomfortable to wear. I never really experienced the problem of them not staying up though. Maybe if I wore them more I would have had that experience occasionally.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Caty,

      It’s not a hair problem; my legs (and other parts) are hairless. but I have yet to find a pair of stay-ups which will stay up for more than 2 wearings.  The silicone bands age rather quickly, and lose their grip, and any oil or sweat on your legs will let them fall.  I suspect that these hose were never intended to have a long life, so not much effort has been placed in resolving the problem.



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      stephanie plumb
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      No, it’s not leg hair that is the problem.

      I have shaved my legs above ‘shorts level’  for some time now, but my holdups still don’t.

      I have found that they are okay for 2 and sometimes 3 wears, after which the silicon bands loose their “stickiness.”

      The answer is ….. sock glue. The kind that dancers use. There are usually at least two brands available on Amazon for around £10.   And it does work, although re-application is required every 2 or 3 wearings.  You simply roll down the tops to expose the silicon bands and smear some glue on the bands ( they come as a sort of stick like some deodorants do.)

      Sometimes they leave a black smear on the skin- dried glue I guess – but it is easily removable with a tissue and water.     Best not to forget if your SO doesn’t know about you.

      I carry a stick in a small plastic bag to prevent leakage in case I am let down (lol) whilst out walking.  It has happened that I have been trying to get back to my car trying to hold up a hold up that has suddenly (and they do at the worst possible moment) let me down, pinching my skirt to keep it from literally dropping to the ground.

      I now shave my legs completely but have not yet worn hold ups. I am still enjoying the bare leg sensations.   I suspect that the problem will still persists when I do  albeit I might get 1 more trip before they let me down.

      Stephanie P.

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      Roberta Broussard
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      For what its worth I like the Hanes Silk reflections I’ve kept my bottom shaved for a while but gradually started working down my legs. No one has noticed the gradual change but my upper legs are only seen when i’m dressed. You could start with clippers to cut the hair short and closer to the skin. Just a thought.

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      Suzette York
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      i agree the issue is most likely the leg hair.  i have shaved my legs for many years even before i got serious about dressing and never have an issue with the stay ups staying up.  It may also be the brand – some are better than others in my experience.  Not sure of what is available in Oz … they are harder to find for me since i am a bigger girl but i wear Berkshire brand and they even have a back seam version that i love.

      Good luck and just shave – there are plenty of reasons for boys to even shave including i just don’t like the hair very uncomfortable.



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      Christina Roberts
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      oh shave away… the new pleasure you will experience is worth keep pulling them up. I have probs but mostly they hold.

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      Fluffy Cat
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      I also had a bad case of ” T he stay-ups that ,didn’t”, so week later I shaved My legs  so I could go out.  and now My   Stay-ups do.    This maybe your problem, the silicone seams to  slid on the  hair as a lucubratlue. Best of luck.







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