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    stephanie plumb
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    Hi I’m Stephanie Plumb. Some of you already know of me through various posts.  But these were penned largely by my alter ego , though I did have a voice in some of them. In that sense they were joint efforts.  I am sure we will still post together, but increasingly I intend to say things entirely from my own point of view. He has come round to being okay with that.

    The latest post, for example, “Just gotta have it”, was written by him :-  Stephanie did this… Stephanie did that ….  but I did add my voice too.  And there are good reasons for posting in this way. After all we share the same(unfortunately male) body. We have come to co-exist quite amicably and I accept that he has to take the leading role and responsibility for our physical self.  We have agreed that I must remain unseen from his wife – unless she comes round to accepting me,  and our family and friends.  In return I get to come out as often as we can manage.

    Today I had an epiphany.  He was out walking our dog.  Then …….

    It is a lovely spring day.  I looked down, and to my surprise I realised I was wearing his clothes!  Hiking boots, and yuk! a pair of very dirty shapeless jogging bottoms with a rip in the bottom of one of the legs, a T- shirt with a stupid logo on it, and  a black baggy fleece.  How dreadful I look!  Then it dawned on me. I was walking the dog, not him. I am more alive now than I have ever been.

    It is all down to CDH of course.  I have been so lonely. I have never had anyone but him to confide in or share experiences with until now.  I am no longer alone.  CDH has allowed me to blossom, to assert myself in a way I didn’t think possible.  He would say I talk to much – typical female.  But now I have gained the confidence to have my say.  I have years of silence to make up for!     Oh dear, I am struggling with the right words, it all sounds so clumsy, but I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.    Anyway – thank you CDH and all you girls out there that have been so kind and have acknowledged my existence.

    Love to you all

    Stephanie P.

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     Davina Evans 
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    I am not lonely, nor do I feel alone, but your piece has really set me thinking.  Like so many contributions on CDH they all help to build one as a whole person, and to sort out ‘self’.


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     Amy Myers 
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    Yes, I’m with all the other posters here. It can seem like we are out in some lonely wilderness, with the only the two of us, he and she. Just like some relationships, there’s times when we don’t get along with each other.

    Your thoughts so true, that being here has helped me a lot to come to grips with the female inside of me, who for some reason I cannot fathom, wants some time out, literally, at times.

    Through this site I’ve got to know people I never would of met, a couple in person, many others online, or even dreamed that they exist, and learned to have fun with my femme side. She is here, and She is real!

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And thanks to all those other lovely ladies that contribute!



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     Makenzie Raye 
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    Wow, that made me think of what I haven’t thought of before. No matter how I’m dressed, what I’m writing or who I’m talking too (which isn’t much), it has always been I or me. I have read posts where others have said he/she but it has never touched me like this post. I hope that I can continue to think of me as me whether in drab or in femme but really want to thank you for the new perspective.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    We certainly understand what you are saying . To  be able to express ones self here is very special especially when you have been hiding those  feelings with no one to hear your cries  Being alone  holding these emotions, always trying to  hide and be  unseen hurts the very values that we hold so close to our hearts. Not to cause pain to the ones that we love but straining our own existence  is a difficult balance for sure. Cdh does allow us to open up and  experience an ability to be what we want to be with others like ourselves at a place with understanding and acceptance to enjoy our feelings we know is deep inside . True to who we are. Being yourself is  what makes this a wonderful  place  with so many like you , that’s why we  all call Cdh  our second home. Beautifully written Stephanie, thank you for sharing.❤

    Stephanie 🌹

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     Shirley Lacross 
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    What a great epiphany. I’ve poked around the edges of this duality, but your viewpoint was so starkly real that it shook me for a moment and let me look at us that way. Thank you for writing this and providing words for a reality that I find hard to express to myself (ourselves…).


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