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      So, I was thinking… has anyone tried to rent and use a storage unit (U-Haul, others) as a “dressing place”? I usually rent hotel rooms, but then you have check-in and check-out times, and the price… so I was kind of thinking about that idea?
      It would a good place for…

      • Storing clothes, shoes
      • Leaving wigs out of the boxes, in a wig stand
      • Dress up and change back

      Of course, you’d need some equipment, as a good light, a big mirror and some surfaces where to put stuff, like a hanger, and so on… and there’s the obvious disadvantages, as lack of bathroom facilities, no water, heat…

      Has anyone tried this?


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      This is a decent idea. I don’t know how possible it is. I have stored my things in them in the past and i would go get what I wanted and dress somewhere else.


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      Yeah, that also could work. At least storing our stuff would be already great. But you need to have a car, for it to work.

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      Jenny JT

      Hi Giovanna, I did use a storage unit for several years before I came out to anyone so outside of late at night slipping into lingerie for the night or when I was home alone and could dress up. I would go to the unit and park nearby so I wasn’t blocking any others and go inside and use a lock on the door so no one could open it from the outside and dress up as long as I could. At one time even had a couch and chair in there it was my private living room. Eventually the cost of maintaining it as a secret place took a toll on my finances and had to let it go. By then I had a couple friends that knew and I could go to them and either dress at their places or even meet up with them dressed up and go shopping or just be out dressed up, they both lived a little bit away so I wasn’t as worried about being spotted. Yes at times the disadvantages caused issues while um going number 1 can be accomplished with a container I had to change and leave to do more, although if i was being careful with my makeup I would leave with it still on to come back. and of course no heat meant in cold weather I couldn’t stay for long, the unit I had didn’t have power for a unit to use but had something like sky lights so light got into the unit without using power.

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      Hi, i am sure there must be plenty who do use a storage unit for this. I believe that there are members here who do and could give you some ideas on the pro’s & cons


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      Caty Ryan

      After living in the country on an acre block with a 40 x 20ft shed, (Boat storage, office, workshop,” Man Cave”** to die for, plus of course stacks of room and hidey holes for all of Caty’s gear), I am now back in a 3 bedroom retirement village unit in the city.

      Thus  a storage unit was essential for most of Caty’s things, wigs, make up clothes, shoes, jewellery etc etc its only  (3m)10ft sq, but I got lucky and the one I have has power and natural light via a window. The balance of her stuff ie, all my lingerie,nightwear and breast forms are kept in a closet and chest of drawers in my (solo) bedroom. My So sleeps up the other end of the house

      My unit is carpeted and I have an old student desk and chair in there as well.

      I keep an electric jug in there and once a week I boil up some water and mix it with cold water which I use for my weekly body shave. “The Boss” knows but does not want to know about Caty, hence the private shave

      I have a small heater for winter and a fan for summer and with Covid restricting my volunteer overnight business trips for the last two years, I’ve been known to lock myself in there for a day for some Caty time.

      I also use the unit and a collapsible clothes airer for doing Caty’s “smalls” laundry. This is done at home whilst “U know who” is out, then transported to the “Lock Up” for drying

      I could dress and go out from there when its out of business hours, but the place is lousy with CCTV and I dont think it would be long before “Questions would be asked in the House”

      Thus in summary, if you can afford it.. Go for it…



      *** “Man Cave” in male mode, “Sheduior” when femme. Far too hot in summer, but in the winter with the wood heater going lovely and cosy…



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      I had one for a while, but I never considered it for dressing.  There was no latch to secure it from the inside, and the door would not stay shut without the padlock latch on the outside engaged. The place did have a/c and heat, so I suppose with some effort that sort of space would be okay for dressing up.

      The lack of running water would drive me nuts though.

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      When I first moved back to Florida from New York, I had way too much stuff for my temporary apartment. So I used a storage unit nearby and I swear there was a man living in one of the units. He had a desk and chair, a TV, a couch and a mini fridge. He supposedly ran an online business out of it. He had boxes of stock he would repackage and ship. But I often went at odd hours and he was always there. He didn’t appear to be working too hard. Most of the time he was watching TV. I think he just slept on the couch and showered at a local gym.

      Anyway, I definitely think it’s doable, but kind of depressing. I’d also be concerned about safety. Being alone dressed as a woman in an isolated but easily accessible location, doesn’t sound very safe to me. I know it’s expensive, but a hotel sounds much safer. And, if you can, there’s no place like home.


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      Hi Giovanna As i have heard of this before and wanted to say hello and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas  and a prayer to all that can get the support of wifes and SOs to have your own girly closet at home hugs girlfriends..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Caty Ryan

      Well said Celeste!! If and when I go to that “big CD Convention in the Sky”, my family will have to do their own Storage Wars episode….

      In response to some of the other posts, I agree that in some cases it looks like someone is trying to live in one of the units in my complex. Sometimes when I’m down there on the weekends and the main office is closed circa 4pm,I’ve seen this rather creepy looking guy go in and out of the place.

      My complex has a toilet and small kitchen area with a microwave, electric jug etc etc. So at a pinch someone could live there, especially if they got lucky with power and natural light like I have, tho the security cameras would soon sort them out..

      In terms of safety if swanning around en femme, cameras again not withstanding, it’s very secure to the outside world when closed up. Unlike many places that are like a series of lock up out in the open sheds, (ala the Storage Wars TV program),my complex is a two story solid building with a wine storage basement, (BYO corkscrew… I have 3/4 of my collection down there)

      Happy (wherever you can) dressing




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