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      Hello Ladies,

      I got a new swimsuit in the mail today and as I was opening up the package it got me wondering? What kind of swimsuits does everyone here have/wear? The one I got today was a cute high waist bikini with red flowers on it that ties around the back and at the neck. I also have a one piece but find that I am drawn more to the bikinis.

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      I love wearing high waisted with a tankini top and I have some 1 piece suits that fit really well. During summer I love sun bathing on my back deck.

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      2 one piece swimsuits with arm sleeves. Plus a old 2 piece string bikini that came from a cosplay but most likely I will toss it unless my natural breasts in the future fit perfectly with the bikini but I have to achieve step 1 in my evolution to see if the bikini does perfectly fit. Besides I have pale skin so the 1 piece with arm sleeves is safer honey. It’s still girly and allows me to be woman at the beach/pool/hot tub/water park sweetie.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I am a Litle self-conscious about my mid-section, so I wear a one piece. I do have a couple of two pieces but will only wear them early in the season and only in private.

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      As a non passing non-binary person who is still in the closet to most of the world, I only dream of feeling safe going out to a beach or pool dressed. I would love to find an LGBTQIA+ swim type of event that I would be comfortable enough to attend! Or maybe I need to meet someone with a pool or hot tub… πŸ˜‰

      Regardless, I have one, one piece, but the torso isn’t really long enough for my body. I did go to a hotel hot tub early one morning in a bikini bottom and racer back running top, and felt heavenly! I so want to get out and express my true self, but the closet door is soooo heavy, if you know what I mean.

      Ironically, I’m wearing a pink string bikini bottom with a ruffle on the front right now, with my men’s work shirt. I often throw on a bikini when I get out of the tub, before I get dressed in drab for work.


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      I have a yellow two piece. The bottom is high waisted with a bralette type top. A few times a summer I get Β to go out on my boat alone. most of the time I’m wearing a t-shirt over top to avoid getting unexplainable tan lines ! Β But it’s still a joy to wear !


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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        I just love wearing a suit. I rarely have anyone who wants to go out with me on my boat, anymore. So, I dress just about all of the time I’m on it. I’ll start wearing a swimsuit as soon as the weather allows it. I just feel so totally free to be me, when I’m on the boat. I guess it’s my own island, so I don’t have to worry about intrusions.

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          My wife and I are on the boat together every weekend during the summer so no two piece for this girl then. I generally plan a few weekdays on the boat by myself under the β€œI need to do maintenance β€œ guise.
          I know a few secluded coves that are empty during the week. I’ll anchor. Slip into my suit. Open an adult beverage . Crank up the music and spend the morning waxing the boat. I’ll pause to take a dip in the water occasionally or open another beverage. It’s a much more pleasant job this way. I’ve been looking through my wife’s catalogs for a new suit . Maybe a one piece this time!


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      J J

      I am a bikini fan and have several…too many in fact. I am too old, (in theory) to wear one, but then I am too male to wear one as well, but I do. I wear it on public beaches, but with discretion. We have several beaches here that are not too crowded, and even some clothing optional beaches which I have been to, but don’t usually go.

      Wearing swimsuits, bikinis especially is a state of mind. While some people just don’t look good in them, a lot of us don’t look that bad either, so go out and enjoy yourself.

      I recently bought my wife a new bikini. After two kids a passing sixty she rarely wore them and the ones she did wear were very conservative. We were heading to Belize, so I bought her a really nice Roxy bikini, that would be great for a twenty something girl to wear. I figure it would be more like lingerie for her and maybe get her to wear in the hotel pool. Instead, she embraced it wore it many times including SCUBA diving and tanning and she looked great. She does have a great body for 60, but still. It makes me much more self confident in my bikini.

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        I have seen women my age in bikinis who looked really good so i am comfortable with wearing one.

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      This girl is too old for swimsuits anymore but I do have some bikini swim tops just for fun.

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        J J

        Having fun is what it is all about. Age is just a number and a mindset. One is never “too old” for anything if we have the mind for it.

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      What girl doesnt like to slip into a bikini now. I have two swimsuits like this that I wear in the yard for sunning or at a friends house pool when visiting. I have worn it at gay beaches with an oversize beach dress that I take off to lay in the sun away from crowds. Its lots of fun to walk the broadwalk in the bikini top and short cutoff shorts with a beach dress. I also have a one piece racer suit that pulls everything together and must say I feel sexy in it as well and swim in it and love it .

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      I have had bikini’s since I was 10 years old. Yes, at 10, I went to a store and bought one for myself. Brave kid… I remember circling the cash registers for 20 minutes before getting the nerve to go and pay. If they asked, it was a gift for my mother LOL. No one asked.

      So to answer the question, I currently have two bikinis and only one full one piece bathing suit which I haven’t seen for a while. Although I rarely use them in public, but my bikini’s are always hanging where I can see them. They inspire me πŸ™‚

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      Hi Syndee
      Have a bikini and one piece swimsuit but have little chance to wear because I am a secret crossdresser, but I do love wearing the swimsuit because it holds everything in.
      Do love underdressing in either bikini or swimsuit.

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        I hope you get the chance to wear your swimsuit in a pool or something one day. I agree I love wearing them also. I can remember that swimsuit were one of the first things I wore when I was younger and started dressing. I used to “borrow” my sisters one piece suit and wear them to bed under my pajamas.

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      I absolutely love womens swimsuits.Β  There is something so sexy and alluring about womens swimsuits.

      I have over 120 womens one piece swimsuits in my collection.Β  Most of them are racing/training style.Β Β  I wouldn’t dare wear these in public as racing suits are snug and well, reveal more than you want; even though they are one piece they are designed to cut thru the water so these suits really hug the body, plus other bits.


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      While I haven’t purchased a swimsuit yet, if I did, it probably would be a one piece. I would love a two piece, bot don’t have the top for it yet.

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        I don’t have the top for a bikini either but I bought a set of forms that are safe to use in pool and such. They don’t have an adhesive to them and the suit just holds them in place. I have had what would have been an embarrassing moment if I had been at a public pool as one of the forms popped out of my top one day and was just floating around in the water. My wife picked it up and said you loose something? We had a little laugh and I just popped it back in.

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      I am an avid swimmer and train regularly at the pool.Β  For these training sessions, I generally wear a one piece competition suit.Β  However, for relaxing poolside or recovering from a workout, I have a selection of swimsuits including one piece, tankinis, and bikinis.Β  Β From experience, I have learned that tankinis are probably the best , but I cannot neglect how I feel when wearing a bikini.


      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      J J

      Speaking if swimsuits, buying can be really fun. I have bought a fee at more boutique stores like surf shops and brand stores like Rixy or Rip Curl. I get the impression they didn’t get men buying for themselves like at VS or Torrid. That said, it has always been great and the SAs are helpful.

      I was in a shop in Gatwick UK, and had some euros left to spend on my way out and found a cute tiger motif bikini. The Sa was great about trying it on and super friendly at check out. I asked her if she rides the London tubes, which of course everybody does, so I gave her my transit card and told her I don’t know what is left on it but gave it to her with a heartfelt thank you.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I have a one piece light blue/white flower pattern with a short skirt around the bottom because I don’t tuck. I wore it last summer at the pool of a resort I was staying at. Had a thrilling time.

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        I just ordered a skirt bottom to wear with a top that I got. I can’t wait for it to get here. I also don’t tuck while I am in my swimsuits but I haven’t been in public in one either just with my wife in our hot tub so it isn’t a big deal.

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      Hi Syndee,Β  I have a few string and regular bikini suits that I usually wear during the summer mornings when I first get up and check things around the farm.Β  I also have a few one piece suits too, but I prefer the bikinis.Β  I don’t really swim much anymore but will wear the suits and toss on a pair of cutoff jeans if I’m going out for a while.Β  If anyone is curious as to what I look like in a one piece suit you can look at my public photos, or for one of my bikinis just see my article called Swimsuit Perfection.Β  Thanks for this fun question.Β  I already have my suits out and am looking forward to the snow melting and hot sunny days.Β  Marg

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        I agree with you I like the bikinis more than the one piece suits. I am blessed that I have a small hot tub in my backyard and the wife and I get in it almost nightly. It is the closest I have come to being out dressed around my neighborhood.

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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        Me too, i cant wait to get out of this rain and cool temps. I absolutely love the summer.

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      I am a social nudist so I don’t need a swimsuit. In fact, swimsuits are banned in the pool and hot tub. Best, Marlene.

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      With my belly, I definitely need a one piece. A two piece or a bikini will not look attractive.

      While I often have a little skirt on the bathing suit, I have a special g-string that I can wear under my bathing suit to make me look more female.

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      I have a couple of one piece swimsuits. I think I still have one two piece halter, but I probably couldn’t fit into it πŸ™‚

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      I have 6 swimsuits, 2bikinis, 3 one piece. But my favorite is my 2 piece tankini.

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      I have a one piece, a couple underwire tankini tops and a few swim skirt bottoms, I have a pair of swim shorts that I have worn out when fishing. I have wanted to wear a top but the tan lines would be hard to explain away…Β  LOL Β Β  I have at times wore my swimsuit in the shower shower just for the feeling of it when it gets wet.

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      Swimsuits are my favorite, though sadly I don’t look that great in them. If I had more chances to wear them, and looked nicer, I would probably have many. Right now I only have one. It’s a long sleeve one piece, so kind of a rash guard. It fits and looks lovely and is so comfortable. I bought it because it wouldn’t give any revealing tan lines. Not that I wouldn’t mind having some fun and feminine tan lines, but that would invite awkward questions from people I’m not out to. Anyway, if you ask me what kind of swimsuits I like, I can pretty much only say, “yes.”

      Though, if I was going to treat myself and buy a couple of new suits right now, I’d probably go for a high wasted bikini, maybe with a slightly “vintage” style, and an athletic one piece for lap swimming and open water swimming workouts.

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      J J

      I posted a bikini picture on my photo page if anybody is interested. I was running half marathons and training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, so was reasonably fit at the time.

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        As instructed, I viewed your pics especially the bikini photos. Dear, you look absolutely fantastic. What a great shape. Cis-women would kill to have that shape. Love the black bikini.

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        Fiona Black
        Baroness - Annual

        I agree with what April said, you look so nice in that black bikini!

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        Wow you look great!

        (from what we can see)

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          You do too, Paula πŸ™‚

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      J J

      Unfortunately, the newest picture has not been posted yet, so check back in the future. I assume the mods will allow it.

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      I have a black one piece from En Femme and i love it!

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      I love the Olympic swimsuits, but only thongs for tanning on the terrace

      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      It appears everyone here is a fan of wearing swimsuits. For those of you who have a photo that you would like to post. Look to the GROUP tab above. There is a group called ” CDH SWIMSUIT EDITION “. it’s an excellent place to post and discuss your favorite suit.

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      I have 3 one piece suits. I plan to look for a nice tankini, those are my second fave. I had a real nice one that I purged it held my forms in securely and really allowed my boobs to jiggle! I really loved that. I’m being super selective in my search for one, it has to be THAT style. This seems to be a huge topic, because hey, what girl doesn’t like having that special spandex hug?

      Weight loss and exercise…Project bikini body has started for this year!

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      hello I Have 2 competiton one piece swimsuits are too sexy

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      Amy Myers

      I have both kinds, but I think more bikinis than one piece suits. Too many actually for the amount I get to wear them! Both types can be very sexy, though I were to go somewhere public I’d want one with the skirt on it to cover myself better, but out on my private deck love the bikinis!


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      Hi Syndee, I just have one swimsuit, a one piece but with a low cut back.Β  I had a bikini some time ago, but I never really liked it. I’ve found the one piece a little more ‘flattering’ for my tastes.Β  I have a picture of me in the one piece in my Private file which is, I think anyway, available to members here. If you can’t find it, maybe I’ll move it to the front file.Β  Before where I/we are now, I used to live in the country, on an acre with about 12 or so behind (lots of woods, swamp behind, sort of private) with a 20x40x8 pool, slide, board. When I was alone on warm summer nights I’d go out and swim. A few times I’d sun on our smallish upper deck above the pool, but I was always a little nervous then that someone might stop by. After 9PM, I was pretty sure I’d be alone in the pool for the evening. We still have a large lot now, almost an acre, but we’re in a subdivision with houses all around, and not enough foliage around for me to get, except very late at night…and no pool (sort of a blessing, as it needed intensive care most the summer).

      Hugs ChloΓ«C

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      J J

      Apparently a picture of a bikini is not appropriate for this site. I have no idea why, as it is normal outerwear, but the picture I posted was declined without any explanation. Yet another photo is perfectly acceptable…go figure.

      If a moderator wants to explain why, I am ready to listen.

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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        You might try posting it in the CDH Swimsuit Group. Thats where many others are posted.

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        J J

        A new pic is up if anybody is interested. The last on appears to have a bulge visible and that is taboo.

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      [postquote quote=717359]
      hello I cant see that group..


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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        Click on the “Group” tab above. select “All Groups”. I found the “CDH Swimsuit Group” on page 3.

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          J J

          You have to have a paid/upgraded membership to access any groups.

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            So that is why I keep on being sent back to the membership page where I am already registered as a “Lady”. They could have made it clear that you have to upgrade. Best, Marlene.

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      [postquote quote=717367]

      Hello I accept th echallenge..

      here in december is summer and then we have to post a bikini photo..!!!

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      I’ve got a couple of high cut one piece swimsuits from Bridgettewear. I have another on order in anticipation of warmer weather soon. Love the fit and feel for around the house and under jeans and a T shirt for quick trips to the store. For beach days we stick with bikinis or a thong to avoid the one piece tan lines.

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      I have a one piece swimdress but I have sadly put on too much weight in the middle to wear and need to purchase a larger one but the one I have they don’t make in any larger size, but I am going to soon purchase a bikini with a little skirt attached to the bottom.Β  I guess I am just a bit modest and don’t like my crotch area being easily viewable!

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      My homepage pretty well sums it up. I wear them all and have way too many really, probably thirty, can’t help myself. I bought a lot of my two piece for a buck a piece in Florida at a clearance store . I just couldn’t resist! I love a one piece with a frilly front that cascades or a tankini with matching skirt for the public beach and bikinis in our pool. Β I only wear coverups in public to the beach.

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