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      Where is everyone buying swim suits/separate from? I’ve noticed torrid has some real nice pieces in their store. Some tank dress suits and tankinis ( super cute) and regular one piece suits. They also have sexy cover-ups in black, white and light blue. I’m dying to go and try some on! Only thing is I’m a size 5-6 and the pickings in those sizes are realllllll slim. I’d have to buy, ship to store and try on what I like. I’m not in a position to do that.

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      Gina, if you’re that small, you should probably go to a mainstream store. Try a department store, or a Target or Kohl’s store. If you’re self conscious about bringing in a swimsuit into the dressing room, just bring in an item or two of men’s clothes in with you. Once in the privacy of the dressing room, you can try on the swimsuit (or separates) and not the men’s clothes you brought in. Make sure to try on the bottoms over underwear.

      When I want to try on women’s clothing this way, I make sure to remember where I got it from so I can return it to the rack and not leave women’s clothes in the men’s dressing rooms.

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      Hi Gina,  I usually buy at the end of the season (keep this in mind for next year) and I tend to buy at thrift stores that have most of the clearance from larger stores at 90% off.  Otherwise like Alison mentioned Kohls, Target, Macys or even Walmart have many suits in both womens and juniors.  I usually get a larger suit (size 8, 9 or 10 in women’s) and then modify it down to fit me.  If you go to my profile and then look at my articles you will see one called Swimsuit Perfection which will give you some ideas on how to get a good fit. All of my swimsuit pictures show me wearing swimsuits that I have modified.  I wear both bikini and full suits regularly and often use just a super large blouse as a sunscreen if I’m out all day.  I hope this helps you enjoy an endless summer.  Marg

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      I bought mine on Super affordable, small sizes, sexy looks…not the greatest quality though. You get what you pay for but its a good starter and so cheap its not even worth returning lol.

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      I have a huge collection of women’s swimsuits, and over the years I’ve gotten to know swimsuit sizing well.

      Most of my collection have been purchased on line, as stores provide a size chart with measurements.

      Mind you, one thing to keep in mind in addition to sizing is the crotch area.   Some suits are rather slim in that area so that means for women no problem but for us it won’t hold the bits in very well or at all.

      I’ve purchased most of my suits from sporting goods stores.  I am more into the racing/training/competition style of one piece swim suits vs. the beach type swimwear.   I have purchased a few in store, but never tried on.  I know the size I am looking depending on brand of swimsuit.   For example, speedo ideally 42 but the largest I’ve seen is 14/40.   Nike is all over the map, 12/38 depending on model fits well, while others 14/40.

      Becomes trickier when they use sizing like L, XL, … rather than number sizes.

      My creme de la creme collection comes from Asia, countries like Japan, Korea, and China.  They have the sexiest suits I’ve seen and styles that fit my taste.   From Japan, I have a few Realise suits.  They are not cheap, but look amazing.  From Korea, jkuss and from China, Yingfa.  Please note they are on the smaller size of the spectrum, but if you are a smaller frame they may fit you well.  And the best part is I find all of them are wide in the crotch so they hold the bits in very well.

      Currently I am underdressed in a one piece amoresy from aliexpress.  It is made from a satin fabric so it feels soft and amazing against the skin.


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      I have a few swimsuits in my collection as well. I have found that I am a big fan of walmart swimwear, it is fairly priced and you can mix and match different tops and bottom if you plan on going the two piece route. I have also bought a few from Temu and had very good experiences with them. As someone else mentioned make sure if you are shopping online to look at sizing charts.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I bought my 1-piece swim suit at Kohls.

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      Hi Gina,

      If you are talking of Torrid’s size 5 – 6,  Lane Bryant carry’s  larger sizes in a one pice swim suit.  Your top may be a larger size than your bottom so you might want to consider a tankini style suit with a larger top and smaller bottom. carry’s  larger sizes too.  Have a look on line and you might find more options.


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      Valerie Kennedy

      Hi Gina,


      the one and only bathing suit I bought was a bikini  from Macy’s last February. I wore it at keystone at the hotel pool! I bought it while en femme but did not try it on in the store. Didn’t get a second look from anyone in the store. It ended up fitting well enough. The only thing I would have to work on is the crotch area. I might have to get a gaff or some better strategy to hold the parts in…have to figure that out for next time!


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        “The only thing I would have to work on is the crotch area.”

        The width of the gusset is critical to keeping the male bits contained. A narrow triangle just won’t cut it (so to speak), although I am trying to design my own gaff in the shape of a triangle.

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      Valerie Kennedy

      Also, the Venus catalogue looks like they have some nice things, including cover ups. I might check that out next. They also seem reasonably priced

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      I’m a Torrid 5 just down from a six. I am a Torrid gal. You’ve got to get in early if you really want something and don’t mind paying full price or the 35% discount that’s often on. Elsewise the advice to wait till end of season/final sales is best. I keep a lot of items in my Torrid wishlist and check the list often to see what’s on a good sale.

      I usually supplement a suit with swim bike shorts to help in the bits hiding department.

      Another shopping tactic is I have eBay searches for Torrid shoes, clothes, and swimwear in my sizes that come to my inbox every day. I’ve gotten two NWT suits (one 6, one 5) in the style I prefer at half the original Torrid price.

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      J J

      My favorite bikinis have come from surf wear companies and some even from surf shops which are common here in southern California. I like Roxy, Rip Curl and Hearly to name a few. Outlet shops work well and I have never had an issue trying them on to get the right size.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I’ve had pretty good luck at “Beach Sissi” they have a large selection in all sizes. As the seasons come and go, the styles go too. Without having much of any breast, you have to pay attention to top and side coverage. As well as covering up the bottom enough. Most suits want to show off the breast, so you have to choose carefully. I most always use adhesive, to keep mine in place throughout the day.

      “Unclockable” has an all-in-one tuck kit that works wonderfully, to keep the bits in place.

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      A number of people have mentioned potential problems in the crotch area. I found a solution from a company called Koalaswim based in California. They sell several gender bending panties. They have one called Sassy Lips which is a G-string panty. It acts like a gaff to control you in front, and has an extra piece of elastic which runs vertically. The panties will wrap around your package, and the extra elastic will create a pseudo-slit which gives you a feminine appearance. Instead of tucking, they make use of the male equipment to make you look feminine. These panties are also stated to be durable enough to wear under swimwear (I have worn them to the beach several times) or other tight fitting pants (leggings or jeans) to make you look feminine. They’re a bit expensive, but do the job without having to go to a latex prosthesis (particularly if you have latex allergies).

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      skippy1965 Cynthia

      Some from Walmart; some from Usually very reasonably priced and good selection.

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