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    I was wondering if anyone else has used swimwear as an alternative to lingerie (besides for swimming).

    I am collecting a few items and except for the bulk (of material), I am finding them just as comfortable as an underdress (though inconvenient without the snap-close bottom). They are usually very stretchy, soft inner material and slides well under clothes (or in bed as PJs). They almost always have pockets to stuff extra padding.

    My favourite are backless one-pieces. I have a couple of bikini sets. I can stuff them with silicone breast pads to get some weight. Being stretchy, you can get somewhat skimpy bikini tops and pad them for a decent look. With lingerie, you often have to use full-coverage bras because the thin material stretches unevenly. They are still stuffable, but not as much. I’m using 4-5 foam pads on each side (less than $5 on Amazon).

    Women’s swimwear is usually expensive, but there’s always some on clearance, no matter the season. I would like to get a one-piece rashguard swimsuit, but haven’t found a good quality one for under $20 yet. I used to have a knock-off rashguard that used the nylon blend in cheap leggings but they do not have uniform stretch. Top was tight while bottom was loose. Another piece I’m looking for is a women’s diving suit, but not the neoprene wetsuit. There’s a form-fitting diving suit that’s like a speedo but in a jumpsuit style and often with stirrups. Women sometimes use it for surfing (surf-boarding, surf-gliding, etc).

    Anyone who has access to a pool and can swim in it with a one-piece or bikini, I am envious. Can you share your experiences? My usual swimwear for the pool is women’s active shorts. Very stretchy, flat seams and thick enough to be appropriate in public pools.

    Has anyone else used swimwear as underwear?

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      Alexa Baxter
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      I love wearing swimsuits as an alternative to lingerie. There’s a real tight feeling to a good swimsuit that feels like its curving your body in the right places. Personally, I’m not a fan of the more skimpy stuff, instead preferring swimsuits with either exotic , complex designs or good old fashioned one piece swimsuits. Rather than rely on padding, I generally prefer to wear a padded bikini underneath my one piece suits if I’m interested in the shape. When I’m in bed, I often like to combine my swimsuit with long silky gloves or stockings for that extra sexy feeling.

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      I’ve been looking for a skirted swimsuit but it’s a 2-piece suit where the top is more like a dress and the bottom is simply a bikini. I’ve seen it once but can’t find it again. For what you are describing, that would be most ideal.

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      Simone C
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      Hi S,

      I love one piece swimsuits, they give such a great line especially between the legs if tucked well. I love swimming in them, and will pull a loose skirt over it at times.

      Having said that they are usually quite hot and firmer than good lingerie. I personally really love the soft, flowing style of silk and satin, and the coolness of a loose satin knicker/panty under a dress of skirt.


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      Stephanie Wright
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      Hi, I also use a thong bikini bottom as a gaff one size smaller holds everything in place very well.

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      Laura Lovett
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      I love swimsuits and bikinis, but not as underwear – and I understand the appeal, I tried, and it was very sweaty!

      Soft cotton with a 5% lycra blend is what I find most comfortable.

      For those days when you feel like being a little loose, you go up a size or even 2 sizes. Yes, it’s the grandma knickers look, but the comfort!

      Or, for a gaff alternative on those slinkier days when, maybe you want to wear shorts or a bodycon, then drop a couple of sizes and hey presto.

      The cotton is breathable and almost never sweaty – I prefer it by far to silky stuff or anything else for everyday use. It’s lovely to wear something silky under or instead of a nightie though.

      One day, this year, I will satisfy my inner 5 year-old’s desire to wear a pink and white skirted swimsuit – probably under a sun dress – but not instead of lingerie, rather to avoid changing on the beach.

      I fully intend to go into the sea, and blow kisses at anyone who has anything to say about it.

      The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about (Oscar Wilde).

      Love Laura

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      Ashlie Anderson
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      Yes I find one piece swimsuits very sensuous. I like the feeling of the tightness of lycra and love the way it makes my bulge look in the swimsuit. x

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I like walking in beach towns in my one piece with short shorts or jeans and sometimes a long cotton skirt. I do love the way swimwear is snug and holds everything in. I will wear my speedo to the gay beach where I feel comfy laying on the sand with my friends

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      Wendy Swift
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      What a wonderful topic !

      I am a huge women’s one piece swimsuit fan, and I have more one piece suits than anything else (110+).  Yes, I do use one piece swimsuits as a substitute for lingerie, in fact I find one piece suits more alluring than lingerie.  I don’t swim (trust me, I sink faster than the titanic), but I do sleep in them and it is heavenly.

      In the winter time, I often use one piece suits as underwear; due to the fact that you’re wearing a parka over your clothes, you can’t see the swimsuit’s outline anyways.

      I agree, they are stretchy, comfy, and hold things in well.

      My collection consists primarily of racer back or fast back suits (the ones where women wear in competition/racing).  I have a few knee suits and water polo suits as well.  I also have a few of those full swimsuits (one with the stirrups) you described (not neoprene, full spandex/lycra).  It feels like a rugged version of a zentai.   I had a few u backs/backless when I was younger, and I find the straps kept sliding off my shoulders, hence the reason for racer/fast back designs.

      Finding an affordable swimsuit is a challenge.  I’ve yet to find a decent suit for under $20.  Walmart used to sell the fast back style, and it was affordable (around $30).

      However, brands that do offer the best in crotch coverage are Speedo, Tyr, Nike, and Yingfa.  If you want affordability, Yingfa offers the best in price, fit, quality, and comfortness.  But be aware, Yingfa is a chinese brand so the fit is smaller than brands like Speedo.  My cream of the crop brand in my collection is Realise.  This brand is the priciest one in my collection, but the fit is amazing, and the material used feels like pure silk against the skin.  Realise is Japanese so again the fit is way smaller than the typical Speedo/Nike brands.


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      Amy Myers
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      I’ve used bikini bottoms as underwear, and actually really like them. Recently I’ve found some nice bikini underwear that has enough coverage for my guy stuff, but they are a micro fibre material, so they feel a lot like swimwear, only a bit lighter.

      Never used a bikini top, or a one piece (though I do own some of each) as lingerie.


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      patty williams
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      Hi surekini,

      I use black vs bikini bottoms as underwear sometimes.

      I like the fit and support and the fabrick is heavy and lined.

      Not to mention they look very sexy


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      Jin Crocker
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      I sometimes wear a bikini in lieu of panties and bra. And on a few occasions she has put me into lingerie as swimwear!

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      Katrina CD
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      I use bikini bottoms as a gaff to hold things into place.   I just picked up several pairs on sale for $1 each.   I buy them a little tight but they are soft and stretchy and way more affordable than buying a traditional gaff.



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      Not yet, but what a wonderful idea, Sutekina!  I will try it myself.

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      Ann Green
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      Hi Sutekina (you have a beautiful name), I don’t know why swimwear never occurred to me before reading your post, but I’m excited to try it out.  Thanks 🙂


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      K Swim
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      I wear swimwear as a swimwear alternative. Sometimes a swimsuit under my swimsuit.

      Okay, enough being senseless. In all my years of thinking I was a full crossdresser, I’ve tried other types of female clothing items but got no satisfaction. The few times I did, I came to realize that I only had such satisfaction because I was wearing a swimsuit under it. I agree with what you said in your original post about them being costly, but to me, they feel so good that I can’t walk away so easily.

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      Lanna Barton
      Registered On: May 25, 2017
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      I’ve used my black one piece as a body suit along with a black leather mini skirt. It looked killer along with some black stilettos!!



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