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      No, not those tan lines.  I was wondering if any one has a solution for hiding the tan lines commonly known as a “farmers tan”.  I have a problem with anything either short sleeved or sleeveless, because, I can see that my arms nearly from the shoulders to my elbow, are a different color.

      Does anyone have this problem, and if so, what can be done.

      I realize that this is a strange post for February, but I have the problem now, so any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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      Self tanner maybe. But that’s why I avoid sleeveless. I have the same issue

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      This is extremely common so I wouldn’t fret toooo much about it.

      However, for pre-existing tan lines, not much you can do other than let it fade.  You can wear long sleeves for a while when you’re out so that the cor change doesn’t get worse while you’re waiting for the tan to fade.  You can apply high SPF to your entire arm to help the process for exposed parts.

      Other than that, it’s a really co.mon thing for both men and women.

      Once you reset by natural fading, you can be more conscious on limiting it through awareness of clothing choice, exposure, moving your sleeve up and down throughout periods of longer outdoor activities, etc.

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      This is even a bigger problem for me with my feet.  I golf a lot and I get the tanned legs white feet effect very noticeably.    I use self tanning spray to even things out a bit.  It’s not perfect but works good enough.



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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      How about this.  Wear more tank tops or bathing suits.

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      Without using makeup to blend, about all you can do is go long sleeve or muscle shirts, or do what I do and really make a mess by wearing a halter bathing suit one day and the next day, wear a bathing suit with straps. I got lines all over me front and back.

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      I have no tan lines as I go to nude or clothing optional beaches. If this isn’t for you then try sitting outside in just a bikini bottom.

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        I also have no tan lines because of going nude most of the time and I (and my wife) belong to a nudist club. Bikini tan lines would need a bit of explaining to my friends as
        I am in the closet as a CD. I find it a bit amusing that if I wore a bikini at my nudist club I would be considered strange but being completely nude is normal. Best, Marlene.

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        So do I Nikki! No tan lines! Best, Marlene.

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      Samantha R

      I normally wear sleeveless Tee Shirts when in drab working around the house. Also, shorts are common in my drab attire.

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      J J

      There are a lot of very good self tanners these days, so that is on option. It take forever for tan lines to fad, so that is not a great option, but it only a day or two to get a bit of tan, so go sit out in the sun and but a bit of block on your arms and allow your torso to catch up.

      If you haven’t put on a bikini and go to the beach, it is great fun.

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      I have that problem and it gets hot in the summer where I live. I have dressed a bit when it is hot and it is too hot upstairs where I keep Aprils things or when I have gone to Las Vegas in May to Wildside. It feels so hot temp wise when wearing a wig. The sleeveless help me feel better. Plus there are so many beautiful sleeveless tops. I will use a self tanner to help blend and or lighten the difference of farmers tan. This year I plan to wear tank tops and or sleeveless workout shirts in guy mode with sun block when I walk outside doin my 4 miles a day. I hope this helps create a more natural look. I will say the self tanners have done their job well enough on my upper arms the last few years but I am tired of dealing with then so I purchased a few the shirts in the early winter to try for this year as I do like to walk and be outside from April through October. Plus i just see so many women wearing sleeveless or extremely feminine short sleeve cuts and I do like to emulate those looks.

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      Get a right hand drive car. Park it at work and get a ride home. The next work day take your LHD car to work, drive your RHD car home and vice versa the next day. At least you’ll be even.

      Actually, all I have is empathy and a white space where my watch goes.

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        Samantha R

        The watch is a habit I can’t / don’t want to break.
        I have actually considered buying a feminine watch to compensate for the tan

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      Become a farmer.

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      I have the same issue. And I am a farmer. I work in tee shirts all the time. Wear tanks once in a while but that seems weird for someone my age. It is not too much of a issue because I always try to hide my upper arms anyway. They are not very feminine and a dead give away. I wish I could wear sleveless clothing but I just can’t.

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