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    Marie Claire
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    I discovered an interesting and inexpensive way to create cleveage: using the duct tape.

    It is much more fun to wear a bra when you appear to have something to fill it.

    I’m flat, but I have a small fat in the chest area that can turn into a good cleveage.


    With two pieces of duct tape you can get a good result.

    1. Attach the beginning of the first piece to the side of the left breast, and push the tape towards the right breast. Pull the right breast toward the left breast and attach the final segment of the tape to the left breast.

    2. Do the same procedure with the second tape, but in the opposite direction.

    (there are several tutorials on the internet explaining in detail how it is done)

    The tape can be fixed by covering the nipples or just below them. In the second situation, the breasts will be a little more separated.


    Then you can wear your bra and enjoy your new cleveage.

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     Heather Stevens 
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    Duct tape is rather harsh.  As an athlete I have discovered some marvelous tape.  KT Tape (Kinesiology Tape) which is available at all CVS stores.  It is quite elastic in nature.  Won’t pull off skin and is flexible as well.  Plus i t comes in a variety of colors too!

     BillieJo55 Smith 
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    I use a NuBra I purchased from the web, 2 sticky cups that have a draw string so I can pull them as close as I want, then use a normal bra to finish the look & poof, instant cleavage. Of course it helps that I fill a B cup anyway.

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     Edie Majeski 
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    Actually, darling, I’ve been doing that for many years, though I don’t use duck tape. I use Skin Tac Wipes to make the skin sticky and the medical tape the way you using duck tape. Anyway, you’re starting to learn the secrets. 🙂

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